MATTIE, Gerritsen Beach, NY – 1966  The "MATTIE" was built 1946 by Peterson Boat Yard at Staten Island, NY as the "THERESA L."   Like the "BRONISLAW III", she also fished with groups of orphan children from Mount Loretto Orphanage, Staten Island, NY.   Notice the Nun standing in the center of the stern.   According to rumor, a Sister was assigned to each vessel and she was equipped with a ruler to measure the catch -- and maintain order.  Ouch!   Photo courtesy of Tom Whitford.  MISS REGNILLES II, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1966  Captain Ed Sellinger's "MISS REGNILLES II" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ circa 1966.   Gillikin Boat Works built her in 1961 at Harkers Island, NC.   In 1978, she was sold and became Captain Arnold 'Speedy' Hubert's  "SPEEDY VII" from Captree, NY.   The following year, she sailed from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn for one season as Captain Mike Scarpati's "RANGER". She later relocated to Sea Isle City, New Jersey as the "MISS SEA ISLE II" and then sailed as the "CHALLENGER" for a short period of time.   She last sailed as the "CAPT. COLLET" from Atlantic City, NJ.   Dropped from documentation in 2006, she was last seen in 2009 abandoned in a Virginia boatyard and her present fate is unknown.  NADA-JANE, Cape May, NJ – 1966  Captain Walter Schick's "NADA-JANE" from Cape May, NJ circa 1966.   The "NADA JANE" was built in 1957 by Price Boat Yard at Deltaville, VA.   She would later sail as the "VIKING DIVER" and has since been dismantled.  PALACE III, Hoboken, NJ and Manhattan, NY – 1966  Captain Edward Baletti Sr.'s "PALACE III" from Hoboken, NJ circa 1966.   After leaving Hoboken’s Pier 16 at 6:30 AM, she made a second stop at Manhattan’s Battery Pier 1 at 6:45 AM before heading off to the fishing grounds.   She was built in 1942 at East Greenwich, RI as the US Navy Submarine Chaser "SC-1322".   The US Navy gave her to the Baletti family after World War II as compensation for damages done to the converted steam yacht "PALACE", which was seized for the war effort.   She sailed from Hoboken, NJ until the late 1970’s when she was sold, relocated to Florida and renamed "THE LORDS MERCY".  SEA RANGER, Belmar, NJ – 1966  The "SEA RANGER" from Belmar, NJ circa 1966.   The vessel was built in 1944 at Bristol, RI as the US Navy air-sea rescue boat "C-77461".   After the end of World War II, the Navy transferred her to the US Coast Guard and she was renamed the "CG-63050".   In 1949, she was sold as surplus and converted to party boat fishing.   She originally sailed as Captain David Shinn’s "BOBBY II" and was later renamed the "SEA JET".   In 1966, she became Captain Joe Galluccio’s "SEA RANGER".  In April of 1955, she was sailing as the "BOBBY II" under the command of Captain David Shinn and while she was returning from a day of fishing at the Cholera Banks, the 7,652-ton freighter "SS PRESIDENT BUCHANAN" struck her.  The collision sheared off a 13-foot section of the bow of the 63-foot "BOBBY II".   Because of her military construction (which included double forward crash bulkheads), she did not sink and was even able to return to Belmar under her own power.   Hundreds of people flocked to the Belmar Marine Basin to get a first-hand look at this amazing vessel.   The "BOBBY II" was later repaired at Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ and renamed the "SEA JET".   Photo courtesy of Captain Joe Galluccio. 
SEA RANGER, Belmar, NJ – 1966  Captain Joe Galluccio's "SEA RANGER" is sitting high n' dry for her annual haulout at Zuber's Seacoast Basin, Brielle, NJ.   She was formerly the "BOBBY II" and "SEA JET".   Photo courtesy of Captain Joe Galluccio.  TAMPA III, Brooklyn, NY – 1966  Captain Rocky Becker’s "TAMPA III" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1966.   Stevenson Boat Works, Staten Island, NY built her in 1963 and she sailed from Pier 2 at Sheepshead Bay.   On July 4, 1970, the "TAMPA III" was heading home in a dense fog after a night of bluefishing, and was struck by the freighter "MORMACGLEN" and sank.   Her skipper that evening was Captain Norman Mordaunt; he was credited with averting a major tragedy by swerving away from the freighter moments before the collision.   Photo courtesy of Ken Ekberg.  VIKING II, Staten Island, NY – 1966  Captain Andy Kondracki's "VIKING II" from Shoals Dock at Great Kills, Staten Island, NY circa 1966.   She was built in 1943 at Miami, FL for the US Navy as the 63-foot air-sea rescue boat "ARB-9460".   At the conclusion of World War II, she was sold as surplus and began her party boat career sailing from Wildwood, NJ as Captain George Sinn's "MAROLYN".   Captain George Sinn later sold this vessel to Captain Kondracki.  WHITBY III, Brooklyn, NY – 1966  Captain 'Herbie' Hammer's "WHITBY III" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn circa 1966.   The "WHITBY III" was the last converted World War I Sub Chaser to sail from Sheepshead Bay.   She left from Pier 9 as the 'early boat' with a 5:00 AM departure time.  The Elco Boat Works, Bayonne, NJ built the boat in 1917 as the US Navy Sub Chaser "SC-101".   She was sold as surplus after the end of World War I and converted to a party fishing boat.   She first sailed as Captain Steve Wischerth's "FIDUS" from the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, and then as Captain Edward Baletti's "PALACE II" from Hoboken, New Jersey before becoming the "WHITBY III" in 1948.  On a side note… when Captain Tony 'Mo' Barbato was running night Bluefish trips on the "WHITBY III", he found the boat's original logbook and it contained entries indicating that the "SC-101" sailed completely around the world on three occasions.  MARLIN III, Montauk, NY – 1967  The "MARLIN III" from Montauk, NY and skippered by Captain Dick Rade circa 1967.   Full day Cod and Pollock trips only cost $8 bucks.   She was built in 1966 by Machine & Supply Co., Beaufort, NC.   She was later renamed the "CAPT. LEITCH IV" and then as the "MISS GREENPORT".   In 1998, she was sold to Captain Ed Beneducci and he remodeled and renamed her the "MARLIN VI" from Montauk, NY.   It then sailed as Captain Jeff Gutman's "ANGLER" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.   Since 2009, the boat has been sailing as Captain Dave Paris' "CAPT. DAVE II" from Sheepshead Bay, NY.   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr. 
MISS SHELTER HAVEN, Stone Harbor, NJ – 1967  The "MISS SHELTER HAVEN" sailed daily from Stone Harbor, NJ and was skippered by Captain Don Cramer.   Price Boat Yard of Deltaville, VA built her in 1965 and she originally sailed as the "MISS SEA ISLE".   She was later sold and she returned to Sea Isle City, NJ as the "MISS TOWNSENDS INLET".  MISS TAMBO, Brielle, NJ – 1967  The "MISS TAMBO" from Brielle, NJ circa 1967.   She was built in 1962 by Gillikin Boat Works, Harkers Island, NC for Captain Ed Keefe Sr. who sailed her from Harbor Inn Basin.   The "MISS TAMBO" was the replacement boat for the "TAMBO III".   She specialized in bottom fishing during the summers and late season Fluke fishing.   In 1984, she was sold and became the "VAMP IV" from Bower's Beach, DE.   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  REALM, Brielle, NJ – 1967  Captain Raymond Messemer's "REALM" from Brielle, New Jersey circa 1967.   She was built in 1928 at Chincoteague, VA and previously sailed from Point Pleasant, NJ as the party fishing boat "A.C. MEYERS".   Captain Messemer later sold this vessel and she became the "MISS SEASIDE" and sailed in Barnegat Bay, NJ.   Photo courtesy of Captain Raymond Messemer.  TEAL, Staten Island, NY – 1967  The "TEAL" sailed from Shoals Dock at Great Kills, Staten Island, NY and is seen here in 1967 as she returned to the water after completing her annual off-season visit to the boatyard for maintenance.   The "TEAL" was built by Gillikin Boat Works in 1961 and was powered by three GM 6-71 diesel engines.  CAPT. ROBBINS, Sea Isle City, NJ – 1968  Captain Frazier Robbins' "CAPT. ROBBINS" from Sea Isle City, NJ circa 1968.   Price Boat Yard, Deltaville, VA built her in 1959 and she specialized in wreck and bottom fishing.   Captain Robbins sold her when he purchased a new boat in 1973.   Her new owners relocated the boat to Morehead City, NC and renamed her the "OLYMPUS". 
CAPT. WAYNE, Captree, NY – 1968  Captain Wayne Westerlind’s "CAPT. WAYNE" from Captree, NY.   She is shown suspended from a gantry crane during a haulout at Rutherig Marine Service, Lindenhurst, NY in 1968.   Gillikin Boat Works, Harkers Island, NC built this 65-foot boat in 1964 as Captain Jay Porter’s "JESS-LU IV".   Today, she is sailing as Captain Ed Bunting's "SEA HORSE" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.   Photo courtesy of Lee Westerlind.  EFFORT, Brooklyn, NY – 1968  In this 1968 photo, Captain Charles VanDerVoort's "EFFORT" shown at her pier in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   Docked behind the "EFFORT" is Captain Irving Moss'  "SEA PIGEON II".   The "EFFORT" was a converted World War II US Navy Subchaser built in 1942 at Wickford, RI as the "SC-1300".   She was dismantled in 1970.  GRACE, Brooklyn, NY – 1968  Captain Joe La Gaipa's "GRACE" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1968.   Built in 1936 at Brooklyn, NY, she was originally owned by Captain Walter Montague.   Captain Joe La Gaipa later purchased her and continued to sail this vessel from Sheepshead Bay.   She is a typical 'Skipjack Class' party boat of the era.   Photo courtesy of Captain 'Butch' Rafi.  MAYFLOWER II, Atalntic City, NJ – 1968  Captain Bill Tildsley's  "MAYFLOWER II" sailed from Atlantic City, New Jersey.   She was built in 1963 by Deebold & Adams Boat Works at Atltantic City, New Jersey.   The boat is presently sailing from Barnegat Light, New Jersey as Captain Sam Rescigno's "MARY M III".   Photo courtesy of Don Nyce.  MS 12, Wildwood Crest, NJ – 1968  An advertisement for Captain George Sinn's Party Boat "MS 12" sailing from Wildwood Crest, New Jersey.   She was built in 1953 by Simms Brothers Boat Builders at Dorchester, MA as a US Navy Minesweeping Boat (MSB-12).   She was later sold as surplus and was converted by Captain Sinn into a party boat bearing her government designation.   She was sold in 1970 and relocated to Miami, FL as the "FLAMINGO".   She continued to sail from that port until she was removed from documentation in 1990 and her fate is unknown. 
PECONIC QUEEN, Montauk, NY – 1968  The "PECONIC QUEEN" sailed from Pier 1 at Montauk, NY under the command of Captain Lester Behan.   She specialized in offshore wreck fishing for Cod, Pollock, Hake, and Haddock off Block Island and at Cox's Ledge.   She was built in 1944 by Wheeler Yacht Company of Whitestone, New York as the US Navy Patrol Vessel "YP-648".  She was later relocated to California and sailed from Los Angeles as the sight-seeing vessel "INTREPID".   The vessel was removed from documentation in 2007 and her present fate is unknown.  QUEEN MARY 2, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1968  Captain Harvey Brown's "QUEEN MARY 2" from Point Pleasant, NJ circa 1968.   She was built in 1962 by Deebold Boatworks at Atlantic City, NJ as Captain Jack Endean's "HOLIDAY".   Captain Brown later purchased her and continued to sail her from Point Pleasant, NJ.   She later became the "VIKING SKIPPER II" from Montauk, NY and last sailed from New Jersey as Captain Tom Buban's "ATLANTIC STAR".   She relocated to Florida in 1996 and has since been dismantled.   Photo courtesy of Rich Johnson.  YANKEE SKIPPER, Brooklyn, NY – 1968  Captain Charlie Smallman's "YANKEE SKIPPER" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1968.   The "YANKEE SKIPPER" was built in 1942 at Brooklyn, NY as the 83-foot U.S. Coast Guard cutter "CG-83373".   She later became the "STARSTREAM" from Freeport, NY and after that, the "CLAIRE III" from the Bronx, NY.  ROCKET II, Boston, MA – 1969  Captain Matthew Hughes' "ROCKET II" at Boston Harbor Cruises, Boston, MA in May 1969.   She was built in 1942 at Atlantic City, NJ as the 104-foot US Navy Air-Sea Rescue Boat "P-106".   She sailed as the "SILVER STAR" before joining the Sheepshead Bay fleet in 1953 as Captain Dave 'Laddie' Martin's "ROCKET II".    She was sold in 1967 to Captain Matthew Hughes and joined his Boston Harbor Cruise Fleet at Boston, MA where she continued to sail under the same name before being relocated to the Bahamas in 1974.  TAMPA III, Brooklyn, NY – 1969  The "TAMPA III" is seen here returning to her pier at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1969.   At the helm is Captain Rocky Becker.   Charlie Becker is standing in the bow holding a mooring line in his hand, and holding the gaff on the port side is Victor Becker.   Stevenson Boat Works at Great Kills, Staten Island, NY built her in 1963.   Photo courtesy of the Becker family. 
TEX FLEET, Greenport, NY – 1969  The "TEX III" and "TEX" at Sterling Harbor Marina, Greenport, NY circa 1969.   Captain George Moore originally sailed the "TEX" from Montauk, NY before moving her to Greenport.   The "TEX" was built in1947 at Island Park, NY as the "PORPOISE" and the "TEX III" was built in 1959 at Greenport, NY.   The "TEX" sailed until being dropped from documentation in 1999.  The "TEX III" later became the "MISS HAMPTON BEACH" from Portsmouth, NH and last sailed as Captain Thomas Lukegord's "NICOLE RENEE" from Gloucester, MA.   She stopped sailing in 2000 and its dilapidated hulk was intentionally sunk in May 2005 offshore of Halibut Point, MA.  AMBERJACK IV, Brooklyn, NY – 1970  The "AMBERJACK IV" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1970.   Putnam Shipbuilding built the "AMBERJACK IV" at Palalka, FL in 1970 and the photo shows her shortly after arriving at Sheepshead Bay.   Captains Vincent and Fred Ardolino owned and operated The "AMBERJACK IV" and replaced her in 1978 with the "AMBERJACK V".   She was sold and relocated to Massachusetts where she was remodeled and became a commercial fishing vessel under the same name.  CAPT. COLLET, Atlantic City, NJ – 1970  Captain George Collet's "CAPT. COLLET" sailed from Starn's Pier at Atlantic City, New Jersey.   Charles H. Stowman & Sons built the boat in 1929 at Dorchester, New Jersey as the privately owned vessel "MALABAR".   In 1946, Captain Clarence Starn purchased the "MALABAR" at an estate sale and she joined the Starn's Fleet under the command of Captain Elwood Starn.   She became the "CAPT. COLLET" in 1969 and later became the commercial fishing dragger "DEFIANCE".   Photo courtesy of Don Nyce.  CAPTAIN STARN III, Atlantic City, NJ – 1970  The "CAPTAIN STARN III" was built in 1962 by Atlantic City Boat Works and was the sister ship of both the "CAPTAIN STARN IV" and "CAPTAIN STARN V".   Operated by Captain Ed Egnor, she did double duty by offering both sightseeing trips and fishing trips.  Purchased in 1974 by Captains Tony 'Mo' Barbato and Dan Kenny, they relocated her to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY as their charter boat "BIG MOHAWK II".   Sold again to Captains Marty Tave and Gary Fagan, she sailed from Belmar, NJ under the same "BIG MOHAWK II" name.  She later became the "ISLAND PRINCESS" from Captree, NY and has since found her way back to Belmar, NJ, where she is now sailing once again as the "BIG MOHAWK II" under the command of Captain Chris Hueth.   Photo courtesy of Don Nyce.  FLAMINGO II, Brooklyn, NY – 1970  Captain Walter Wiegand's "FLAMINGO II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1970.   She was a converted World War II 63-foot U.S. Navy Air-Sea Rescue Boat.