Charter Boats

Vintage Charter Boats from New Jersey & New York including Frank Mundus' CRICKET II from Montauk, NY
KATHRYN S, Reed’s Beach, NJ – 1940  The "KATHRYN S" from Reed's Beach, NJ circa 1940.   Built in 1920 at Sea Isle City, NJ, the charter boat "KATHRYN S" was owned and operated by Captain Edgar Robinson..  ELIZABETH A, Wildwood Crest, NJ – 1945  The "ELIZABETH A" from Wildwood Crest, NJ circa 1945.   Built in 1934 at Highlands, NJ, her wooden lapstrake or clinker-built hull construction was popular during the era.  BARRACUDA, Morgan, NJ – 1947  The "BARRACUDA" from Morgan, NJ circa 1947.   The "BARRACUDA" was built in 1919 at Bayonne, NJ and was owned and operated by Captain Harry Paulmenn.  JAY-ELL, Wildwood, NJ – 1947  Captain Frank Rehm's "JAY-ELL" from Wildwood, NJ circa 1947.   The "JAY-ELL was built in 1941 at Deltaville, VA.  BINGO III, Brielle, NJ – 1950  Captain Knute Lovgren's "BINGO III" from Brielle, NJ circa 1950.   The "BINGO III" was built in 1948 at Rockland, ME.   Photo courtesy of Tom Olsen. 
COUGAR, Belmar, NJ – 1950  In this 1950 photo, Captain John 'Harry' Dilman's charter boat "COUGAR" is shown entering Shark River Inlet.   Built in 1948 at Avon, NJ by Captain Dilman, the "COUGAR" sailed from Belmar, NJ.   Photo courtesy of Captain Joe Galluccio.  ADA MAY III, Wildwood, NJ – 1951  Captain Mike Kleban's "ADA MAY III" from Wildwood, NJ circa 1951.   Built in 1940 at Amburg, VA, she was originally owned by Captain Bill Schaudt.  MAR-BIL, Brielle, NJ – 1952  Captain William Frazier's charter boat "MAR-BIL" from Brielle, NJ circa 1952.  The "MAR-BIL" was built in 1948 at Wingate, MD and she was sold in 1953 and relocated to South Carolina.  HALCYON, Brielle, NJ – 1954  Captain Gus Gavales' 42-foot charter boat "HALCYON" from Brielle, NJ circa 1954.   Built in 1937 by Wheeler Yachts at Brooklyn, NY, she first sailed as the "LUCKY LEN".   Photo courtesy of Captain Joe Galluccio.  ROANE, Lindenhurst, NY – 1955  The "ROANE" from Lindenhurst, NY circa 1955.   She was built in 1947 at Lindenhurst, NY and was owned and operated by Captain Thomas 'Leroy' Dean.   Later sold to Captain Paul Hepler, she became his dive vessel "VENTURE" and sailed from Belmar, NJ. 
BINGO IV, Brielle, NJ – 1956  Captain Knute Lovgren's brand new "BINGO IV" is prepared for the journey to New Jersey after her construction was complete at Rockland, ME in 1956.   Photo courtesy of Tom Olsen.  MAGDALENA, Brielle, NJ – 1957  The "MAGDALENA" was built in 1936 by Adam Price at Parkertown, NJ for Captain Henry Hessler who operated it as a charter boat until 1955.   Captain Hessler then sold the "MAGDALENA" to Captain Raymond Messemer who ran it with his son until 1970.   Photo courtesy of Captain Raymond Messemer.  RED WING II, Freeport, NY – 1959  Captain David Frawley's "RED WING II" from Freeport, NY circa 1959.   Built in 1948 at Freeport, NY as the "ETHELYN", she was later sold to Captain David Frawley who renamed her "RED WING II".  SPORTSCASTER, Brielle, NJ – 1960  The "SPORTSCASTER" was owned by Jack Meyer and operated by Captains Jack and Joe Sherwood.   She was built in 1930 at Port Clinton, Ohio as the "NORTH STAR II".   She then sailed as the "WINDWARD III" and the "PHEASANT" before becoming the "SPORTSCASTER."   Photo courtesy of Captain Raymond Messemer.  PILOT, Gerritsen Beach NY – 1963  Captain Tony Barbato's charter boat "PILOT" from Gerritsen Beach, NY circa 1963.   The "PILOT" was Captain Tony's first vessel.   This vintage 'Six Pack' charter boat was built in 1936 at Brooklyn, NY.   Photo courtesy of Captain Tony 'Mo' Barbato. 
ANGLER – Freeport, NY – 1966  The charter fishing boat "ANGLER" was built in 1955 by Price Boat Yard at Deltaville, VA for Captain 'Artie' White.   The "ANGLER" sailed from Freeport, New York during the spring and summer seasons and sailed from Florida during the fall and winter.   She is presently sailing as a commercial fishing vessel from Verbena, Alabama under her original name.  CRICKET II, Montauk, NY – 1966  Captain Frank Mundus' "CRICKET II" from Montauk, NY circa 1966.   The "CRICKET II" was built in 1948 by Chesapeake bayman Tiffany Cockrell at Burgess Store, VA.   Captain Mundus originally sailed the "CRICKET II" from Brielle, NJ before relocating to Montauk, NY in July of 1951.   Although this photo depicts a large tuna on the vessel's gin pole, Captain Mundus was one of the most famous shark fishermen of his time.   The character 'Quint' in the 1975 Steven Spielberg movie 'Jaws' was based on the real life of Captain Mundus.   He was indeed the godfather of 'Jaws'.   Photo courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  SHY POKE, Belmar, NJ – 1967  The charter boat "SHY POKE" from Belmar, NJ circa 1967.   The 45-foot "SHY POKE" was built in 1956 at Rock Hall, MD and is seen at her slip at the Belmar Marine Basin prior to a charter trip in September 1967.    From left to right are Belmar Dockmaster Bob Hewitson (in blue shirt) and Captain Bill Guenther (in khakis).  In the background is the "OLD SALTY V", a 32-foot charter boat built in 1964 by Troth Boat Works at Tuckahoe, NJ.   It was operated by Les Taylor and its home port was Perth Amboy, NJ.   The photo is courtesy of Tim Easler.  MISS BRIELLE, Brielle, NJ – 1970  The "MISS BRIELLE" from Brielle, NJ circa 1970.   The "MISS BRIELLE" was built in 1937 at Oceanville, NJ and was owned and operated by Captain Clarence Lent.  LINESIDER, Staten Island, NY – 1987  The charter boat "LINESIDER" was operated by Captain Stephen Rhodes from 1981 to 1988 from Staten Island, NY.   Known on both the inshore and offshore fishing grounds, the "LINESIDER" was a 35-foot Bruno & Stillman Downeaster built in Newington, NH in 1979.   The boat roamed Raritan Bay for fluke, bluefish and striped bass, but also caught its share of giant tuna in the New Jersey Mudhole with the largest weighing 748 pounds.   The charter business closed in 1988, but Captain Stephen and his son Stephen III still fish the New York Bight on their 1999 35-foot Henriques Express called the "LEGACY".   In 1997, Captain Stephen caught the then NJ state record thresher shark weighing 587 pounds. 
SKYLARKER II, Belmar, NJ – 1990  Captain Tom Bryant's brand-new "SKYLARKER II" from Belmar, NJ circa 1990.   The "SKYLARKER II" was built in 1990 by Rose Craft at Harkers Island, NC.   She was supposed to be 60 feet in length, but wound up a 46-footer.   Other Rose boats have a narrowed and tucked in stern, but this one doesn't and it is a very wide 18 feet at the stern.   Pictured in the photo is Captain Kenny Namowitz along with his son and daughter who came over for a visit and check out the new boat.   Photo Courtesy of Captain Steve Spinelli.  EXCALIBUR, Belmar, NJ – 1992  Captain Christopher Huch's charter boat "EXCALIBUR" returns to Belmar, NJ in August of 1992.   She was built in 1958 by Norseman Yachts at Miami, FL and originally sailed as the "VENTURE" and later as the "ROMP" before being purchased by Captain Paul Huch, who relocated her to Belmar, NJ in 1974.   She continued to sail from Belmar until 2002 when she was dropped from documentation.   Her present fate is unknown.  FREESPOOL, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 1997  This wonderful aerial photograph taken from a helicopter during the 1997 Mako Mania Tournament shows the charter boat "FREESPOOL" underway.   A 33-foot Bertram Yacht built in 1980 at Miami, FL, she sailed from Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor, Atlantic Highlands, NJ from 1994 to 2006.   Operated by Captains Scotty Vigar and Danny Seich, the "FREESPOOL" primarily targeted Striped Bass in the New York Bight along with occasional offshore Shark and Tuna trips.   She also won the Mako Mania Tournament twice and placed in many other local shark tournaments.   The "FREESPOOL" was considered one of the area's premier Striped Bass boats and one of the pioneers of the modern-day Sandy Hook Striped Bass fishery.   Photo courtesy of Captain Scotty Vigar.  MISS MICHELE III, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 2010  Captain Ron Braen's "MISS MICHELE III" is seen here in the summer of 2010.   She was built in 1995 by Arro Yachts at Arundel, ME.   She continues to sail from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ where she offers larger group fishing and cruising charters.  SKYLARKER II, Belmar, NJ – 2010  Captain Steve Spinelli at the stern of his "SKYLARKER II" from Belmar, NJ in April 2010.   Captain Steve bought the boat in 1996 from Captain Tom Bryant.   The "SKYLARKER II" is considered a Gillikin-built boat; the builder, Mervin Rose of Rose Craft, previously worked for the Gillikin family for many years.   Captain Steve later took the boat back to Gillikin for repairs and removed the gin poles and about two feet of the cabin roof overhang.