MISS TAMBO Poster, Brielle, NJ – 1962  A poster for Captain Ed Keefe's "MISS TAMBO" from the Harbor Inn Basin, Brielle, NJ circa 1962.   Posters were a popular way of advertising at the time and you could find them lining the walls of every bait & tackle shop.   Picture courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  BOGAN'S BRIELLE BASIN Postcard, Brielle, NJ – 1962  An advertising postcard from "BOGAN'S BRIELLE BASIN", Brielle, NJ.   The postmark is dated 1962 and at the time, Captain Howard Bogan's Paramount Fleet included the "JAMAICA", "JAMAICA II", "COLUMBIA", "DIXIE", "REX" and "PENNSY".  COCK ROBIN Business Card, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1962  A 1962 business card for Captain Ralph Pennel's original "COCK ROBIN" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   This converted World War II US Navy Liberty launch would later become Captain Joe Gallucio's "HURRICANE" from Neptune, NJ and last sailed as Captain Frank Kirchner's "KING NEPTUNE" from Highlands, NJ.  BRONX QUEEN Fishing Pin, Brooklyn, NY – 1963  Advertising pins like this one were handed out to customers who sailed with Captain Henry Williams aboard his converted World War II sub chaser, the "BRONX QUEEN".   The boat was built in 1942 at Camden, NJ as the US Navy "SC-635".  JESS LU III Advertising Pin, Freeport, New York – 1963  This vintage 1963 advertising pin promotes Captain Jay Porter's "JESS LU III" sailing from Freeport, NY. 
PECONIC QUEEN Fishing Pin, Montauk, NY – 1964  This 1964 advertising pin is from Captains Lester and Jimmy Behan's "PECONIC QUEEN" from Montauk, NY.  KEN'S LANDING Advertisement, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1965  An advertising poster for "KEN'S LANDING", Point Pleasant Beach, NJ circa 1965.   The Landing was home port for the "NORMA-K II", the "MISS POINT PLEASANT", The "FLYING FISH" and the original "NORMA-K".   Ken’s Landing was established in 1934 and is one of the oldest party boat operations in New Jersey.  MONTAUK U-DRIVES, Highlands, NJ – 1965  Back in 1965, you could rent one of these 26' boats from MONTAUK U-DRIVES for $30 a day ($35 on weekends) plus gas for the 125 HP Chrysler Marine inboard.   Montauk Marine Basin, located at Highlands, NJ had fourteen of these boats plus a sixteen room motel, a full bar, food, bait, tackle, ice and fresh ground chum.   What more could you want?  PECONIC QUEEN Advertising Pin – 1965  This vintage 1965 advertising pin promotes Captains Lester and Jimmy Behan's "PECONIC QUEEN" sailing from Montauk, NY and the famous Cox's Ledge Cod fishing at the time.  EBB TIDE Fishing Pin, City Island, NY – 1966  A 1966 advertising pin for the charter boat "EBB TIDE" from City Island, NY. 
HIGHLANDER Advertising Card – 1966  This 1966 advertising card signified the Bluefish season was well underway aboard Captain Bill Petrasek's "HIGHLANDER" sailing from Johnny's Landing at Highlands, NJ.  MISS REGNILLES II $3 Advertisement, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1966  There is nothing as phony as a three-dollar bill, but in 1966, Captain Ed Sellinger thought this tongue-in-cheek version was a great eye catcher for the "MISS REGNILLES II" party boat advertisement on the reverse side.   President Jefferson is on the bill, but we'll bet you can think several other past presidents that would better 'fill the bill'.   This funny 'TWE' dollar advertisement comes courtesy of Tom Olsen.  MISS REGNILLES II Fishing Pin, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1966  Pins such as this one were handed out to customers aboard party boats such as Captain Ed Sellinger's "MISS REGNILLES II", 'The Original Bluefish Vessel'.   Pin courtesy of Tom Olsen.  ROCKET II Pool Winner Pin, Brooklyn, NY – 1966  Every daily pool winner aboard the "ROCKET II" was given this pin as a memento during the 1960s.   (We found this one tucked away in an old tackle box and unfortunately, it is a bit rusty.)   Captain Laddie Martin operated the "ROCKET II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   Built in 1942 as the 104-foot US Navy Air–Sea Rescue Boat "P-106", she became a party fishing boat after the end of World War II.  VIKING STARLITE Fishing Pin, Montauk, NY – 1966  This 1966 advertising pin is from Captain Paul Forsberg's "VIKING STARLITE" from Montauk, NY.   Captain Paul and his "VIKING STARLITE" were famous during this era for Cod fishing trips to 'Cox's Ledge'. 
ZARA'S BAIT SHOP Wooden Nickel, Atlantic City, NJ – 1966  This wooden nickel was a hand-out at Zara's Bait Shop at Atlantic City, NJ.   Buy some bait and get a wooden nickel, not a bad deal.  DAUNTLESS II Advertising Card, Point Pleasant, Beach, NJ – 1968  An advertising postcard for the "DAUNTLESS II" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ circa 1968.  HEL–CAT Pin – 1968  A vintage 1968 pin for Captain George Glas' "HEL-CAT" sailing from Montauk, NY.   The Twin Hull Boat Company at Little Ferry, NY, built the hull of the "HEL-CAT" in 1968, and the Glas family built the rest themselves.   Pin courtesy of Michael Solomon.  MAN O'WAR Advertising Postcard, Brielle, NJ – 1968  A 1968 advertising postcard for Captain Joe Burn's "MAN O'WAR" from Harbor Inn Basin, Brielle, NJ.   Captain Joe originally operated boats for the Bogan family in Brielle, NJ.   He later went on to own his own party boat named the "MOHAWK" and sailed from Broadway Basin in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   The "MAN O'WAR" replaced the "MOHAWK" and the business relocated to Brielle, NJ.  PERRY'S TACKLE SHOP Matchbook Cover, Brooklyn, NY – 1969  This vintage 1969 matchbook cover hails PERRY'S TACKLE SHOP located at 2213 Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY. 
MISS REGNILLES II Shirt Patch, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1969  This shirt patch was given to customers aboard Captain Ed Sellinger's "MISS REGNILLES II" when they purchased a 'boat rig' during their trip.   Patch courtesy of Tom Olsen.  PALACE FLEET Matchbook Cover, Hoboken, NJ – 1970  Got a match?   Not a problem if you went fishing aboard the Baletti Family's "PALACE II" and "PALACE III" from Hoboken, NJ circa 1970.  RHEINGOLD BEER Ruler and 'Church Key' – 1970  Like many local breweries, Rheingold Beer of Brooklyn, NY targeted the large saltwater fishing population in the greater New York area with promotional giveaways like this fishing ruler and can/bottle opener combo from 1970.  Schaefer Party Boat Award – 1970  From the mid-1950s through the 1970s, Schaefer Beer was the beer of choice and a major advertiser at most sports venues.   Schaefer Beer was also a big supporter of party boat fishing and provided the boats with a variety of awards to hand out to their fares – all you had to do was fill out this form.   The Circle of Sports was a popular radio and then a television show hosted by F M Schaefer Brewing Co.   Courtesy of Tom Olsen.  SHEEPSHEAD BAY TUNA CLUB SHIRT PATCH, Brooklyn, NY – 1970  After more than 40 years, this shirt patch is still like new.   It commemorated the 1970 tuna fishing tournament sponsored by the Brooklyn-based Sheepshead Bay Tuna Club. 
PARAMOUNT II Brochure, Brielle, NJ – 1971  This 1971 brochure advertised half day fishing on the "PARAMOUNT II" sailing from Bogan's Basin Brielle, NJ under the command of Captain Dennis Bogan.   Built in 1955 by Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ, she originally sailed as the "PARAMOUNT".   She had just finished a remodeling in this photo and her wheelhouse was relocated from the forward deck to the top of the deckhouse.  JAMAICA Pin, Brielle, NJ – 1972  A 1972 pin commemorating world record Cod and Pollack caught aboard the "JAMAICA" from Brielle, NJ.  SHAMROCK Fishing Pin, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1972  Captain Jack Bogan distributed these pins to his patrons, who wore them proudly while fishing aboard his "SHAMROCK" from Point Pleasant, NJ.   Photograph courtesy of Captain Jack Bogan.  PARAMOUNT Advertising Card, Brielle, NJ – 1973  An advertising postcard for the Bogan Family's "PARAMOUNT" from Brielle, NJ circa 1973.  CAPT. RED Fishing Pin, Brooklyn, NY – 1975  A 1975 pin from Captain Gerry Nappi's "CAPT. RED" sailing from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   Pin courtesy of Captain Gerald Nappi.