FLEUR DE LIS Advertising Sign – 1946  This vintage 1946 advertising sign is for the deep sea fishing vessel "FLEUR DE LIS" sailing from Wildwood Crest, NJ.   Her lapstrake planking and low profile hull are remnants of her "rumrunner" days prior to party boat fishing.  LONG BRANCH FISHING PIER Advertising Postcard, Long Branch, NJ – 1947  This 1947 advertising postcard from the LONG BRANCH FISHING PIER announces the 'spring run' of whiting and ling.   Alas, a spectacular, wind-driven fire on June 8, 1987 destroyed the pier, and the once populous whiting are now scarce.  NEW YORK JOURNAL AMERICAN Party Boat Ads – 1948  The NEW YORK JOURNAL AMERICAN was one of several New York City Newspapers that featured a fishing column and party boat advertisements.   These ads date from April 1948.  NEW YORK DAILY MIRROR Party Boat Ads – 1948  The NEW YORK DAILY MIRROR was yet another New York City newspaper that featured a fishing column and Party Boat advertisements.  These ads date from October 1948 and show the World War II sub chasers "ELMAR" and "EFFORT" have replaced the World War I sub chasers "ELMAR III" and "EFFORT III" (shown in the April 1948 NY Journal American ads.)  GULF Fuel Advertisement – 1949  This 1949 advertisement for Gulf Marine White Gasoline featured Captain James Bogan and the fleet of ten Bogan-owned party boats.   Say goodbye to landlubber gas! 
ESCORT Business Card, Brielle, NJ – 1950  A business card for the Bogan Family's party fishing boat "ESCORT" from Brielle, NJ circa 1950.   Ernest Fiedler built this 46’ boat in 1936 at Brooklyn NY.   At one time or another, Captains Stanley Williams, John Bogan III and Kurt Pretshnur operated the "ESCORT".  BOGAN'S BASIN Matchbook Cover – 1950  This vintage 1950 matchbook cover advertised the Paramount Fishing Fleet located at "BOGAN'S BRIELLE BASIN", Brielle, NJ.  ROCKET Maiden Voyage Ticket, Brooklyn, NY – 1950  This ticket announced the maiden voyage of Captain 'Laddie' Martin's "ROCKET" from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn on May 27 1950.   Captain Martin autographed this special ticket for his good friend and Mate Mike Scarpati.   The inscription on the card reads "To my right hand man and real mate Mike Scarpati – Laddie".   Card courtesy of Captain Mike Scarpati.  ROXY'S FLASH FLEET Matchbook Cover – 1950  This 1960 matchbook cover promotes "ROXY'S FLASH FLEET" sailing from Highlands, NJ.   The fleet at the time consisted of the "FLASH KING", "KING FLASH II" and "QUEEN FLASH II".  ATOMIC Advertising Card, Brooklyn NY – 1951  A 1951 advertising card for Captain Sparta 'Sparky' Telesca's "ATOMIC" from Sheepshead bay, Brooklyn, NY.   Built in 1923 at Brooklyn, NY, she previously sailed as the "EFFORT II". 
CHIEF Business Card, Brooklyn, NY – 1951  A 1951 business card for the "CHIEF" sailing from Pier 5, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.  SKIPJACK Advertising Poster, Waterford, CT – 1952  A 1952 advertising poster for Captain Leslie 'Les' Marsh's party boat "SKIPJACK".   This vessel was true to her name as she is a Skipjack-style party boat.   Built in 1937 by Ernest Fiedler at Brooklyn, NY as the "SEAFARER", she then sailed as the "FIDUS", the "WHITBY II" and the "THERESA L. II" before becoming the "SKIPJACK" in 1951.  TAMBO III Business Card, Brielle, NJ – 1952  A business card for Captain John 'Candy' Keefe's "TAMBO III" from the Brielle Yacht Basin, Brielle, NJ circa 1952.  SHAMROCK INVOICE, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1953  This 1953 invoice from the Stanley C. VanSant & Son Boatyard to Captain John Bogan Sr. is just one of several issued during the construction of the "SHAMROCK", but it illustrates the cost of labor and materials during the era.  The "SHAMROCK" was one of the earliest 65–footers built specifically for party boat fishing.   During the decade after her launch, she was the model for several other copycat creations from other boatyards that catered to the party fishing boat industry (such as Stowman Shipyards, Deebold Boat Works and AC Boat Works.)   Courtesy of Captain John Bogan Sr.  AMERICAN Advertising Card, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1954  A 1954 advertising card for Captain Lou Nyhammer's "AMERICAN" sailing from Broadway Basin in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   Captain Nyhammer was previously a captain for the Bogan family in Brielle, NJ.   He purchased the "AMERICAN" in 1953 from Captain Jack Bogan Sr., who had recently built a new vessel named the "SHAMROCK". 
PENNSY Charter Trip Ticket, Brielle, NJ – 1955  Those lucky guys from the Mobile Construction Co. paid ten bucks, went fishing on the Bogan Family's "PENNSY" from Brielle, NJ and then got a nice meal (including kegs of beer.)   'Food and fish' charter trips like this one were very popular at the time.  YANK Adverting Flyer, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1955  A 1955 advertising flyer for Captain Bud Tonks' "YANK" and "YANK JR." sailing from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   Flyer courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  ANGLER Pin, Captree, NY – 1956  An advertising pin for Captain John Gutman's party boat "ANGLER" sailing from Captree, New York.  Postcard for DODD'S OPTIMIST FLEET – 1958  An advertising postcard from "DODD'S OPTIMIST FLEET" from Belmar, NJ circa 1958.   The check marks show which fish were running at the time the postcard was mailed.  EFFORT ADVERTISING SIGN, Brooklyn, NY – 1958  Framed advertising signs like this one for the party fishing boat "EFFORT" promoted deep sea fishing boats at sporting goods stores and other local businesses in Brooklyn, NY circa 1958.   Captain Charles VanDerVoort was at the helm of the "EFFORT" at the time and would later take over operation of the business when captain Fred Wrege passed away in 1961.   Courtesy of the Captain Fred Wrege and Captain Charles VanDerVoort families. 
ELKAY Advertising Sign, Gerritsen Beach, NY – 1958  A vintage advertising sign for the deep sea fishing boat "ELKAY" sailing from the Tamaqua fishing station at Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY.   The "ELKAY" was one of several smaller party boats (compared to those from Sheepshead Bay) that sailed from this port during the 1950s and 1960s.   Sign courtesy of Tom Whitford.  PIPER Advertising Card, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1959  An advertising postcard for Captain Jay Flores' "PIPER" circa 1959.   She sailed from Spike's Fishery Dock in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.  CAPT. APPLEGATE Advertising Poster – 1960  This vintage 1960 advertising poster publicized Captain Andy Applegate's brand new "CAPT. APPLEGATE" sailing from Atlantic City, NJ.  Ed McFall's Little Tackle Shop, Cape May, New Jersey – 1960  Ed McFall's Bait and Tackle Shop in Cape May, NJ circa 1960.   Ed's tackle shop was on Route 9 opposite Cape May Marina, now known as South Jersey Fishing Center.   The shop was so small that customers had to stand outside to be waited on across the glass-fronted show cases.   But small as it was, Ed sold a complete line of fishing tackle and bait for trolling and bottom fishing, repaired fishing rods, made and sold custom fishing rods, sold custom-tied rigs, and was an agent for taxidermist A.J. Pfleuger.   As Ed described it, the shop was so small you had to go outside to change your mind.  A personable but salty Irishman with a good sense of humor, Ed was no stranger to long hours and hard work.   Along with a job as a machinist, Ed operated his shop on weekends and in the summers from 1949 until a stroke felled him in 1969 and he was forced to sell the business.   Ed McFall was 86 when he passed away in 1989.  FISHER BOY II Advertising Card, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1960  A 1960 advertising card for Captain Charlie Coe's "FISHER BOY II" sailing from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   This vessel would eventually 'grow up' and become Captain Ron Santee's original "FISHERMEN" sailing from Atlantic Highlands, NJ. 
HARNELL ROD Advertisement, Venice, CA – 1960  This advertisement for Harnell fiberglass fishing rods appeared in 1960 and they were the preeminent fishing rod of the day.  These spun fiberglass tubular rods with their signature black color and red wrappings are prized collector items today.  SHEEPSHEAD BAY TUNA CLUB Pin – 1960  A 1960 contestant pin commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Sheepshead Bay Tuna Club, Brooklyn, NY.  BUCKY Fishing Advertisement, Bayonne, NJ – 1961  This 1961 newspaper ad from the Bayonne Times for Captain Mike Buban’s "BUCKY" advertises a $10 fare for cod fishing.   Advertisement courtesy of Captain Tom Buban.  Postcard for Captain William Zuber's E–Z FLEET, Brielle, NJ – 1961  An advertising postcard from Captain William Zuber's "E–Z FLEET" (the "E–Z", "E–Z II" and "E–Z III") sailing from Zuber's Seacoast Basin, Brielle, NJ circa 1961.  HOLIDAY Advertising Card, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1962  An advertising card for Captain Jack Endean's "HOLIDAY" from Spike's Fishery Dock, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ circa 1962.   This type of card was either posted on bulletin boards in bait & tackle shops or mailed to your home by the captain.   Oh boy!   $2.50 gets you aboard for either a day or night fishing trip.