LONG BRANCH FISHING PIER, Long Branch, NJ – 1950  A postcard of the Long Branch, NJ Fishing Pier circa 1950.   A spectacular fire on June 8, 1987 destroyed the pier and its skeleton was finally demolished ten years later.  WHITEY'S LANDING, Bayville, NJ – 1950  Whitey's Landing as it appeared circa 1950.   Although they no longer offer boat rentals, Whitey's continues to operate as a full-service marina with dockage and marine repairs.  BELMAR MARINE BASIN, Belmar, NJ – 1951  hown in this 1951 photo of the BELMAR MARINE BASIN at Belmar, NJ are the charter boat "COUGAR" and the party boat "CAPT. WALT". : Belmar  TAMAQUA MARINA, Gerritsen Beach, NY – 1951  Owned by three generations of the Sarubbi Family, the Tamaqua Bar and Marina continues today  to serve the Brooklyn community of Gerritsen Beach.   The Tamaqua was home to several smaller open party boats and charter vessels.   Photo courtesy of Tom Whitford.  SHEEPSHEAD BAY, Brooklyn, NY – 1952  This view from Pier 6 looking west (the piers were numbered East to West, 1 thru 9 respectively) shows the large number of vessels that once sailed from Sheepshead Bay.   For may years captains wishing to relocate their party boats to Sheepshead Bay had to purchase an existing vessel from this port just to get the berth. 
MARIE-S DOCK, Avon, NJ – 1953  Captain Walter Siegler's MARIE-S fleet circa 1953.   Seen in this vintage view are the "MARIE-S" and the "MARIE-S II".   The "MARIE-S" was built in 1929 at Keyport, NJ.   The "MARIE-S II" was built in 1938 by Ernest Fiedler of Bergen Beach Boat Works as the "CHAPPIE II".   She later sailed as the "CAPT. WALT" from Belmar, NJ, and last sailed as the "JOLLY ROGER" from Virginia.   Both vessels have since been dismantled.  PIER 9 at SHEEPSHEAD BAY, Brooklyn, NY – 1953  A 1953 photograph of Pier 9 looking eastward.   Visible in the foreground are the "HELEN H", and the "ATOMIC".  Behind them, from left to right, are the "EFFORT", the "ELMAR", and the "WHITBY III".   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  SHARK RIVER YACHT BASIN, Belmar, NJ – 1953  The Shark River Yacht Basin, Belmar, NJ in 1953.  At their moorings are the "OPTIMIST", the "OPTIMIST II", the "OPTIMIST III", the "RANGER", the "SKIPPER", the "JACE", and the "CHIEF" party fishing boats.  Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY – 1953  A few of the thousands of pleasure boats and fishing craft concentrated at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY, one of the largest seaports on the Atlantic coast.   This photo was taken circa 1953 from the eastern end of Voorhies Ave near the Brooklyn Yacht Club.   The view is across Shell Bank Creek and Gerritsen Beach is in the background.   Photograph by Cecil Clovelly.  TONY'S U-DRIVE BOATS, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 1953  Tony's U-Drive Boats were very popular at the time since most marinas and landings only offered small rental skiffs with outboard motors.   At 26 feet in length, the U-Drive boats were much larger and were powered by 125 HP inline 6-cylinder Chrysler Marine engines.   They offered the speed and roominess that only boat owners had previously enjoyed. 
CAPTREE STATE PARK MARINA, Captree, NY – 1956  Captree State Park Marina opened on June 12, 1954 and in just a few years grew to be the largest party boat fleet on Long Island.   From the early 1960s until the mid-1990s, Captree was home to some of the most beautiful wooden party boats ever built.   These boats docked bow first and proudly displayed their fine furniture-like varnished woodwork.  MANASQUAN, NJ FISHING FLEET – 1956  The Manasquan, NJ fishing fleet circa 1956.   Visible are the "PARAMOUNT" and the "REX".  ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ MUNICIPAL LAUNCH RAMP – 1957  Weekend activity at the municipal launch ramp at Atlantic Highlands, NJ during the summer of 1957.   Back then, most ramps were just sand that was bulldozed out into the water.  Boat trailers were all float-on models and you had to get your car very wet to launch the family 'yacht'.   The bigger the boat, the further out in the water you went with your car and trailer.   You got wet too; there were no floating docks and a bathing suit or shorts were necessary attire.   The family autos in the photo include a 1953 Hudson Hornet and 1952 Dodge Meadowbrook in the background, and a 1954 Pontiac Star Chief and a shiny new 1957 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman in the foreground.  Aerial View of SHEEPSHEAD BAY, Brooklyn, NY – 1957  This 1957 aerial view of Emmons Avenue looking to the east puts a nice perspective on the overall size of Sheepshead Bay at the time.  BRIELLE FLEET, Brielle, NJ – 1958  A vantage point on the Route 35 Memorial Bridge gives this view of the Brielle, NJ fishing fleet circa 1958.   At the time, the Brielle party fishing boat fleet consisted of the "ESCORT", the "REX", the "FRISCO", the "COLUMBIA", the "PARAMOUNT II", the BAR-Q", the TAMBO V, the "TERESA", the "TAMBO III, the "CHAPPIE", the "CHAPPIE II" and the "CAPT. STAN". 
BROADWAY BASIN, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1958  Broadway Basin at Point Pleasant, NJ circa 1958.   The Basin was the homeport for the "REGNILLES", the "AMERICAN", the "ROAMER II" and the first "SHAMROCK".   The black-hulled boat in the background is the "YANK", a converted World War II submarine chaser that later became the ill-fated "BRONX QUEEN".  DODD'S BASIN, Shark River, NJ – 1959  Captain Charlie Dodd was the owner of both the Optimist Fleet and Dodd's Basin.   The Optimist Fleet was a fixture at Shark River for more that four decades under the command of Captain Dodd.   Shown in this photo are the party boats "RAMBLER", "RANGER" and "SKIPPER" that docked at Dodd's Basin (they originally sailed from Belmar Marina and later relocated back.)  REITER'S FISHING STATION, Southhold, NY – 1959  Located on the northeast coast of long Island in Suffolk County, Reiter's Fishing Station was one of many places where anglers could rent small skiffs for fishing on the back waters of Southhold Bay and Little Peconic Bay.  SURVIVOR FISHING STATION, Island Park, NY – 1959  Captain Tom Griffenberg's "SURVIVOR Fleet" from Island Park, NY circa 1959.   Photo courtesy of Captain Nick Manzari.  BARNEGAT LIGHT MARINA, Barnegat Light, NJ – 1960  Barnegat Light Marina at Barnegat Light, NJ circa 1960.   The "MISS BARNEGAT LIGHT" shown in the picture is one of the earliest Price-built party fishing boats. 
CAPTREE STATE PARK MARINA, Captree, NY – 1960  The Captree State Park Marina at Captree, NY circa 1960.  MONTAUK, NY – 1960  This photo shows the Montauk, NY party boat fleet circa 1960.  WILLS HOLE THORO, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1961  Party boats at the docks along Wills Hole Thoro at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ circa 1961.   Pictured from left to right are the "YANK", the "RANGER", the "DREAM" and the "PIPER".  Long Branch Fishing Pier Admission Tickets, Long Branch, New Jersey – 1966  Long Branch Fishing Pier, Long Branch, New Jersey – 1970  An aerial view of the Long Branch Fishing Pier circa 1970.    Built in the 1930s, the Long Branch Fishing Pier was a popular destination for local anglers and produced significant catches all year long until the demise of the whiting fishery.   The area of the pier that extended to the north was referred to as “Hog Island”.   A spectacular fire on June 8, 1987 destroyed the pier and its skeleton was finally demolished during the summer of 2001. 
BRIELLE BOAT BASIN, Brielle, NJ – 1962  The Brielle Boat Basin at Brielle, NJ circa 1962.   The Bogan family's party fishing boats "REX" and "FRISCO" are in the foreground.  CAPE ISLAND MARINA, Cape May, NJ – 1963  The Cape Island Marina at Cape May, NJ circa 1963.   In the foreground are Captain Ed Reilly's FIESTA, Captain Walter Schick's  "NADA JANE" and Captain Ed Reilly's "PORGY III".  CHRIS' LANDING, Sea Bright, NJ – 1963  Chris' Landing at Sea Bright, New Jersey circa 1963.   Chris' was very popular due to the large and sturdy wooden skiffs they rented, and its ideal location for accessing both the Shrewsbury and Navesink rivers as well as Sandy Hook Bay.     For decades, Chris' was "the" place to go crabbing during the fall months of October, November and even early December, when the blue claw crabs in the rivers were huge sized.   Multiple-bushel crab catches were the norm during this late season run.   Like many fishing and crabbing locations, Chris' was purchased in the early 1980s to make way for condominiums which are located along Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright and still named Chris' Landing.  SHOALS DOCK, Great Kills, NY – 1964  Brrr!   Iced in at Shoals Dock, Great Kills, Staten Island, NY during the winter of 1964.   Shown are Captain Freddie Moore's "TEAL", Captain Ed Mikelson's "BETTY L", Captain Cliff Stonier’s "SEA KING" and Captain Everett 'Eve' Moore's "MISS MOORE".   The Dockmaster at Shoals Dock was George Steadman.   Photo courtesy of Ken Ekberg.  TAMAQUA MARINA Fishing Fleet, Gerritsen Beach, NY – 1966  The Tamaqua Marina fishing fleet circa 1968.   From left to right are the "ELKAY", the "ELVIRA", the "REX", the "JEANETTIE B" an unknown boat, and the "PASTIME".   Photo courtesy of Tom Whitford.