CAPTREE STATE PARK MARINA, Captree, NY – 1968  "Varnish is mandatory".   For many years, the trademarks of the Captree party boat fleet were to dock bow first and have plenty of vanished woodwork on display.   Photo courtesy of Captain 'Jack' Bogan Sr. (also seen in the photo checking out the competition.)  WOODCLEFT CANAL, Freeport, NY – 1973  The Freeport, NY charter boat fleet docked along Woodcleft Canal in Freeport, NY is shown in this 1973 photo.   Shown from left to right are the "BLUE FIN" owned by Sy Karlin, the "EMPIRE" owned by John Abbaticchio, and the "GLADYS B II" owned by Mike Fay.   Photo courtesy of Captain Mike Abbaticchio.  SHEEPSHEAD BAY, Brooklyn, NY – 1976  This July 4, 1976 photo shows a view of the Sheepshead Bay party boat fleet awaiting departure to view the parade of worldwide tall sailing ships that were in New York Harbor to commemorate the Bi-centennial Celebration of the United States of America.   In the foreground are Captain Kevin Bradshaw's "DOROTHY B" and the "ROCKET" from Sheepshead Bay, along with the "NORTH STAR" from City Island, NY.  Piers 5 and 6 at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY – 1976  Shown in this 1976 photo are the "BROOKLYN IV" and the "CHIEF" at Pier 6 and the "RANGER V" at Pier 5.   The "BROOKLYN IV" originally sailed as the "BOBBY II" and was later renamed the "SEA JET".    She then sailed as "SEA RANGER" and then the "BLUE FIN III" and last sailed as the "FRIENDSHIP".  Aerial View of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY – 1977  This 1977 aerial view of Sheepshead Bay shows Piers 9 through 6 from left to right.   Seen on Pier 9 is the "HELEN H", the "HI-HOOK", the "JET", and the "EAGLE".   On Pier 8 are the "CAPT. RED", the "BLUE SEA III" and the "AMERICA".   Seen on Pier 7 is the "PILOT II" the "HOLIDAY" the "OIL KING" the "JOVIAL" and the "FURY", and on Pier 6 is the "DOROTHY B." the "VICTORY" and a brand new "BROOKLYN V". 
BELMAR MARINA, Belmar, NJ – 1981  At the time, New Jersey's largest party fishing boat fleet was located at Belmar NJ.   The Belmar Marina was the homeport for sixteen party fishing boats.  BRIELLE BASIN, Brielle NJ – 1983  This photo shows the charter boat fleet at the Brielle Basin, Brielle, NJ circa 1983.   Shown in the foreground is the Gillikin-built "ATLANTIS" that was operated by Captain Francis Bogan.  BRIELLE BASIN, Brielle NJ – 1986  This view of the Brielle Basin fleet at Brielle, NJ shows the party boat "PARAMOUNT" and the clam/bait boat "CLAUDIA-JO".   Captain Dave Bogan Sr. owned both vessels (and rumor has it that he really enjoyed operating the "CLAUDIA-JO".)  BELMAR MARINA, Belmar, NJ – 1989  The party boat fleet at the Belmar Marine Basin is shown in this 1989 photo.   At the dock are the "SUPER-SHY-POKE", "SKIPPER", "GOLDEN EAGLE", "SPRAY III", "OPTIMIST QUEEN", "SEA KING", "CATHERINE", "MISS BELMAR II", and "SS MISS BELMAR".  ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ FISHING FLEET – 1991  Party boat row at the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor, Atlantic Highlands, NJ in 1991.   Included in the lineup are the "SEA TIGER", the "PROWLER", the "OASIS", the "SEA FOX" and the "FISHERMEN". 
ICEBOUND ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ FISHING FLEET – 1992  The Atlantic Highlands, NJ party boat fleet was iced in at the dock during January 1992.  BELMAR MARINE BASIN, Belmar, NJ – 1991  Party boat row at Belmar Marine Basin, Belmar, NJ in 1991.   Present at the docks are the "MISS BELMAR II", the "CATHERINE II", the "CAPTAIN KERN", the "OLD SALTY", the "BIG MOHAWK III", the "SAND SHARK II", the "BIG MARIE–S II", the "OPTIMIST SHOOTING STAR" the "GOLDEN EAGLE", the "NIGHTHAWK" and the "SUPER SHY POKE".  DICK'S LANDING, Holly Park, NJ – 1994  Richard Baumgardt's Dick's Landing was located in the Holly Park section of Bayville, New Jersey.   Sadly, Dick's Landing closed in 2004 when Mr. Baumgardt sold the property to developers.   Two estate-sized homes now occupy the site.  KEN'S LANDING, Point Pleasant, NJ – 2000  Ken's Landing at Point Pleasant, NJ circa 2000.   The Landing is the homeport for the "MISS POINT PLEASANT II", the "NORMA K II", the "TAMPA VII" and the "MISS JENNIFER".  TRIXIE'S LANDING, Bayville, NJ – 2006  Located in Bayville, New Jersey, this family owned and operated marina has catered to local crabbers and fishermen for over 60 years.   Founded in 1948 by Victor 'Trixie' Bergstedt Jr., the landing is currently operated by Bob and Ann Bergstedt. 
TRIXIE'S LANDING, Bayville, NJ – 2006  Trixie's Landing is very family and kid friendly with clean and safe wooden rental boats.  ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS MUNICIPAL HARBOR, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2007  With all of its hustle and bustle, Party Boat Row at the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor is one of the few local ports that still resembles the 'good ole days' of party boat fishing.   Stationed near each vessel, Captains and crew are speaking with 'regulars' and eagerly attempting to entice other anglers walking by to board their vessel.