ATLANTIC CITY YACHTSMEN'S ASSOCIATION PIER, Atlantic City, NJ – 1898  The Atlantic City Yachtsmen's Association Pier was built in 1883 and offered a selection of nearly 100 vessels for daily fishing trips and sailing excursions.   The vessels of this era were primarily catboats and sailing sloops as seen in this vintage photo.   Garb for fishing or excursions was dressy and consisted of full dresses and large hats for the ladies, and suits, ties and straw 'Skimmer' hats for the men.   Many of the larger catboats carried ads on their sails, such as the vessel at the end of the pier advertising "Eisenlohr's Cinco Cigars".   The pier was later reduced to half its original size and eventually become the famous "Starn's Pier".   Photo courtesy of Don Nyce.  MACE'S WHARF, Anglesea, NJ – 1904  "Returning from the Fishing Banks at Mace's Wharf".   This vintage 1904 photo depicts a group of anglers and a large catch of what appears to be baskets of bluefish.   In the background, a group of sailing sloops are visible.   In 1906, Anglesea, New Jersey changed its name to North Wildwood Boro.  MACE'S LANDING, Anglesea, NJ – 1905  Another glimpse of the great catches to be had during this era.   This 1905 postcard from Mace's Landing at Anglesea, NJ shows a huge catch of Fluke, Weakfish, Porgies and Black Sea Bass being sold from a wheeled cart.   Bowler hats for the gents and Ostrich feather hats for the ladies were the norm.  PEARCE'S LANDING, Brielle, NJ – 1905  Pearce's Landing was located in Brielle, New Jersey along the banks of the Manasquan River.   Owned by S. Bartley Pearce, this small marina offered boat and canoe rentals.   Pearce's built all of their boats and continued to build quality wooden skiffs for many years after they stopped their boat rental operation in the mid-1950s.  ASBURY PARK FISHING PIER, Asbury Park, NJ – 1906  The Asbury Park, NJ Fishing Pier in 1906.   Complete with fishermen in suits and fedora hats. 
R.A. Donnelly Hotel, Waretown, NJ – 1906  Our April photo additions are just the thing to put a little spring in your step.   While you're anxiously waiting to make your first fishing trip of the year, you can enjoy our collection of fifteen wonderful photos of party fishing boats and other memorabilia dating from 1906 through 2017.   Over the years we have posted more than 1,700 vintage photos for all to enjoy and the captions on our photos add to the rich and interesting history that is our fishing heritage – enjoy and celebrate it!   Thank you for taking the time to view our fishing trip down memory lane.    God Bless You and God Bless America!  This 1906 postcard depicts the R.A. Donnelly Hotel located in Waretown, NJ.   Many of the shore towns located on the west side of Barnegat Bay were ideal locations for offering accommodations to sportsmen who wished to partake in the great fishing and crabbing along the sheltered waters of the Bay.  MARTIN BROS. DOCK, Brooklyn, NY – 1909  The Martin brothers (Dave and Jacob) operated "Martin Bros. Dock" where anglers could rent skiffs, sailboats and canoes, and buy bait and tackle.   In 1911, the Martin's purchased their first party boats, the "SPRAY" and the "ATHENE", which began a family operation that would last more than fifty years in Sheepshead Bay.   Photo courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  ANGELSEA, NJ FISHING FLEET – 1910  The Angelsea, NJ fishing fleet in 1910.   Sunday fishing on the "THOMAS MARTINDALE" in Angelsea, NJ (now called Wildwood, NJ).   Notice the fine fishing garb worn by the anglers.  MORSON'S DOCK, Brooklyn, NY – 1913  Established in 1908 and owned by John Morson, "Morson's Dock" berthed the first open party boats in Sheepshead Bay.   Shown in this 1913 photograph are the party boats "HELENE", "SIBIL" and "NEW YORKER".  BAHRS' LANDING, Highlands, NJ – 1918  John and Florence Bahrs founded Bahrs' Landing in 1917 when they purchased a beached houseboat being used as sport fisherman's motel and a rowboat rental business along banks of the Shrewsbury River in Highlands, New Jersey.   Jack and Flo soon started serving meals to the fisherman staying aboard the boathouse motel and also offered bait & tackle, a lunch shop, sold cigars, and had a river taxi service.   A large dance hall is on the shore at the right in the photo.   It was the beginning of what would eventually evolve into the now famous Bahrs' Landing Seafood Restaurant. 
SEA BREEZE FISHING STATION, Freeport, NY – 1918  Fishing stations like the Sea Breeze were very popular along the North and South shores of Long Island during the early part of the twentieth century.   The Sea Breeze offered a bed and breakfast style of lodging combined with small party boats for hire along with skiff rentals.   It was a popular destination for many anglers and fishing clubs.  STAHLE'S DIAMOND POINT HOTEL & PIER, Brooklyn, NY – 1918  Located on East 92nd Street in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, NY, Stahle's Pier was the home to many of the party boats in the Canarsie fishing fleet during the early part of the 20th century.  CLARK'S LANDING, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1925  Clark's Landing was established in 1872 by Roderick A. Clark, who started the business as a boat builder.   Clark's Landing gradually evolved into a popular boating and fishing spot along the Manasquan River.   In the early part of the twentieth century, Clark's Landing became a popular shore destination for its many attractions, from picnicking and dances to sailboat races, fishing and crabbing.   At the time, Clark's Landing boasted a dance floor, a carousel, and even a steam organ.   In the mid-1970s, condominiums were built that took up a large portion of the original property and today, Clarks Landing is operating as a modern marina and restaurant.  BAYSIDE DOCK, Brooklyn, NY – 1927  A 1927 photograph of Bayside Dock at Sheepshead Bay (the dock was also called Pier 2.)   Sailing daily from Bayside Dock were Captain John Knuth's "FLYING D", Captain Frank Baumann's "VELOCITY", Captain George Jensen's "PERRY BELMONT", Captain Joe Ecock's "ELMAR", Captain Steve Onody's "SEA PIGEON", and the "SPRAY".   The pilothouse of the "ELMAR" is just visible behind the dock.  Birdseye View of SHEEPSHEAD BAY, Brooklyn, NY – 1928  This view depicts the hustle and bustle present along Emmons Avenue during this era.   Several restaurants were located on the piers, directly alongside the party boats.   The converted steam yachts required the captain to 'ring the engine room' for reverse gear.   If the engineer did not respond quickly enough, the bowsprit of the vessels would sometimes go crashing into through the restaurant windows.  (Yikes!)   During 1936 and 1937, the Works Projects Administration (WPA) replaced these piers and docks.   The new piers were modern and made it easy for anglers to locate their favorite party boat, but the 'mystique' of Sheepshead Bay would be forever lost. 
LUNDY BROS. PIER & RESTAURANT, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY – 1931  This 1931 photo of Sheepshead Bay shows the Lundy Brothers Pier and Restaurant, and from left to right, the fishing boats "NAUTILUS", "EFFORT", and "EFFORT III".   In the early 1900s, Irving Lundy started selling clams from a pushcart.   In 1907, he opened a clam bar built on stilts over Sheepshead Bay, and in 1926 opened his first restaurant (the one in this photo.)   He closed it when the WPA started renovating the Sheepshead Bay waterfront in the early 1930s.   In 1934, Lundy, along with family members, built the restaurant located at 1901 Emmons Avenue.  The clam bar and the restaurant were decorated with the letters "F.W.I.L.", standing for "Frederick William Irving Lundy".   That was his full name, but he preferred to be called Irving.   His brothers Clayton and Stanley died in January 1920 in a boating accident while tending the family's Jamaica Bay clam beds.   Another brother, Allen, survived and helped Irving manage the restaurant. : 2010 MMM vintage boats  PARTY BOAT PIER, Atlantic City, NJ – 1935  Party Boat Pier at Atlantic City, New Jersey circa 1935.   Shown in the foreground is Captain Charles Conover's gas powered sloop "OLGA".   Built in 1898 at Atlantic City, NJ, the "OLGA" was one of the first vessels to offer fishing trips from Atlantic City.  Sheepshead Bay Frozen Over, Brooklyn, NY – 1936  Brr!   Sheepshead Bay at Brooklyn, NY frozen over on February 2, 1936.   Seen in the photo are the party fishing boats "FIDUS", "DOROTHY B", "TAMBO III" and the "FLYING D II". Captain John 'Candy' Keefe can be seen aboard his "TAMBO III" and the "Lundy Bros. Restaurant" is in the background.  EIGHTH AVENUE FISHING PIER, Belmar, NJ – 1937  The Eighth Avenue Fishing Pier at Belmar, NJ circa 1937.  FORT POND BEACH PIER, Montauk, NY – 1938  This vintage 1938 photo was taken just after the party boat fleet returned to port, and it shows the passengers disembarking after a day of fishing.   My, how fishing attire has changed over the years.   Notice the suits, hats and neckties worn by many of the men and the women in dresses. 
SHEEPSHEAD BAY PIERS, Brooklyn, NY – 1939  In 1939, the piers at Sheepshead Bay were often jam-packed with anglers and onlookers.   Visible in this photo are the party fishing boats "EFFORT III", "PILOT II", "AMERICA", "RC LUNDY" and "GLORY".   Photo Courtesy of Charles VanDerVoort and Fred Wrege families.  Clark's Landing Pavilion, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1940  This 1940 postcard depicts Clark's Landing Pavilion located in Point Pleasant, NJ.  Located at the foot of Arnold Avenue along the Manasquan River, Clark's Landing was established in 1873 and originally was a boat and yacht building yard.   It later evolved into a fishing and boating location before becoming a waterfront resort in 1894, and was the first of its kind in the area.   Today, Clark's Landing continues to operate as a fishing and boating marina, as well as a popular restaurant destination.  MANASQUAN RIVER YACHT BASIN, Brielle, NJ – 1941  The "Manasquan River Yacht Basin" at Manasquan, NJ circa 1941.   The basin was owned by Max Scheibel and featured several of the Bogan family boats.   Moored at the dock in the foreground is Captain Bob Zeigler's "DIANA" and moored at the dock in the background is the Bogan family's original "PARAMOUNT" (the yellowish hull shown stern to) and the "DIXIE" (at the end of the dock.)   The State Highway 35 Bridge now stands where the "DIANA" was moored.  STARN'S PIER, Atlantic City, NJ – 1945  The hustle and bustle on "Starn's Pier" at Atlantic City, NJ is shown in this 1945 photo. Captain Elwood Starn's fleet was the cornerstone of the Atlantic City fishing fleet.   Captain Starn offered fishing and sightseeing trips, as well as being the proprietor of one of Atlantic City's finest seafood restaurants, "CAPT. STARN'S".  BOGAN'S BASIN FISHING FLEET, Brielle, NJ – 1947  In 1947, Bogan's Basin fishing fleet consisted of ten party and charter boats.   Shown here are the "MARAMBO", "COLUMBIA", "PARAMOUNT III", "DIXIE", "PARAMOUNT V", "DAUNTLESS", "ESCORT", "PARAMOUNT II", "PARAMOUNT I" and "FRISCO".   Notice the collapsed NJ Route 35 Bridge in the background (the bridge spans on the right have dropped into the water.)   The State replaced the old bridge in 1951 and this forced the Bogan Family to reconfigure their boat basin.   Photo courtesy of Captain Dave Bogan Sr. 
BELMAR MARINE BASIN, Belmar, NJ – 1948  This 1948 photo shows the early days of the Belmar party boat fleet.   Shown from front to back are the party fishing boats "OPTIMIST I", "BOBBY", "OPTIMIST II", "RANGER", "SKIPPER", "OPTIMIST III", "LENNY", "JACE", "BABE" and "GERTRUDE H".   Photo courtesy of Captain 'Jack' Bogan Sr.  BEACON LIGHT BOAT RENTALS, Seaside, NJ – 1949  Beacon Light Boat Rentals, Seaside, New Jersey.   Check out the old cars and $2 boat rentals!  LEONARDO HARBOR, Leonardo, NJ – 1949  The Leonardo Harbor at Leonardo, NJ circa 1949.  Barely visible in the center of the picture is the original "HAPPY" (she later moved to Atlantic Highlands, NJ.)  BRIELLE, NJ FISHING FLEET – 1950  The Brielle, NJ fishing fleet circa 1950.  A collection of party fishing boats including the "DAUNTLESS", the "PARAMOUNT I", the "PARAMOUNT II", the "FRISCO", the "AMERICAN", the "LADY ANN", the "TAMBO III, the "TAMBO V", the "FLAMINGO II", the "CHAPPIE I", the "CHAPPIE II", the "CHAPPIE III", the "ESCORT", the "TEEPEE", the "SEA LADY", the "GOODY II", the "BAR Q", the "SEA FOAM", the "ELEGANCE", the "DOLPHIN I", the "DOLPHIN II", the "ALBATROSS", the "SEA HAWK", the "CHICKEN II", the "MR. BILL II", the "EVELYN", and Gulf and ESSO fuel docks.  KEN'S ANCHORAGE, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1950  This 1950 photo shows "Ken's Anchorage" at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   It later became "Ken's Landing" and it is still in operation today.