RANGER, Belmar, NJ – 1947  Captain John Kocsik's "RANGER" from Belmar Marine Basin, Belmar, NJ circa 1947.   The "RANGER" was built in 1938 at Brooklyn, NY and she originally sailed from Perth Amboy, NJ before Captain Kocsik relocated her to Belmar, NJ.   Notice the elegant lines of this vessel, and the artistry used in creating the bow flare.   When you consider the tools and limited technology available during the era, the skilled marine carpenters of this generation were truly amazing.   Photo Courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  SKIPPER, Belmar, NJ – 1947  Captain John Zeigler's "SKIPPER" from Belmar, NJ circa 1947.   Like his brother’s vessel, the "DIANA", Captain John Zeigler built the "SKIPPER" on the banks of the Raritan River in New Brunswick, NJ in 1941.   He built her with full–length planking that ran from the stem to the stern in one piece.  The "SKIPPER" sailed from Belmar, NJ and she fished primarily for Blackfish.   The US Navy appropriated the boat during World War II and operated her as a US Coast Guard coastal patrol boat (Captain Zeigler got the boat back at the end of the war.)   Captain Dom Vitolo Sr. purchased the "SKIPPER" when Captain Zeigler retired and she became one of the premier Blackfish boats on the coast.   Captain John Connell then bought the boat and sailed her from Viking Marina, Staten Island, NY.   Finally, Captain John Potter purchased the "SKIPPER" and she now sails from Martha's Vineyard, MA.   After sailing for more than 65 years, she has earned the designation as the oldest party boat currently in operation.  BONITO, Atlantic City, NJ – 1948  Captain Lloyd Reeves' "BONITO" was built in 1931 at Forked River, New Jersey and she was the first boat to ferry tourists from Beach Haven, New Jersey to Starn's Pier at Atlantic City.   Once the crowds became too large for this small vessel to carry, she joined the party boat fleet.   Taken out of service in 1952, she was later scuttled off the coast of Atlantic City, and became what is known as the 'Lost Wreck'.   Photo courtesy of Don Nyce.  BUCKY, Cape May, NJ – 1948  The "BUCKY" was built in 1948 by F. W. Smith Boatyard at Bena, VA for Captain Lavallette Buck and originally sailed from Cape May, NJ.   Captain Michael Buban later purchased the "BUCKY".   He relocated the boat to Elizabeth, New Jersey and sailed her from there until 1997.  She last sailed the Great Lakes as the excursion vessel "PHILOMENA D" until she was dropped from documentation in 2005.  FLYING CLOUD II, Brooklyn, NY – 1948  The "FLYING CLOUD II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1948.   Built in 1901, she sailed from Sheepshead Bay under the command of Captain Henry Gunther Jr.   She was powered by a four-cylinder Atlas diesel engine that produced her trademark 'chugging' sound.   In 1960, Captain Fred Bird purchased the boat and moved her to Montauk, NY. 
LADY HILDA II, Brooklyn, NY – 1948  Captain Anthony 'Tony' Serio's "LADY HILDA II" from Pier 4 at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1948.   She was built in 1913 at Brooklyn, NY and in 1927 she sailed from Bronx, NY.  Later that year, she was purchased by Captain Petrie and moved to Manhattan where she sailed from the East River at East 91st Street until 1936.   However, it is unclear exactly when the "LADY HILDA II" joined the Sheepshead Bay party boat fleet.   She continued to sail from Sheepshead Bay until 1959 when she was replaced by the "LADY HILDA III" and became a commercial fishing vessel.   She was lost to an unknown cause in 1962.  LITTLE BOLO, Atlantic City, NJ – 1948  The "LITTLE BOLO" sailed from Starn's pier in Atlantic City, NJ.   Owned by Captain Frank DeBold Jr., she was operated by Captain 'Whitey' Conover.   The "LITTLE BOLO" was built in 1934 at Arverne, New York.   Photo courtesy of Don Nyce.  MALABAR, Atlantic City, NJ – 1948  Captain Elwood Starn's "MALABAR" sailed from Atlantic City, NJ during the late 1940s and 1950s, and she was one of many boats in "Captain Starn's Fishing and Sightseeing Fleet".   Charles H. Stowman & Sons of Dorchester, NJ built the "MALABAR" in 1929.   She later became the commercial fishing dragger "DEFIANCE".  SAND BAY II, Montauk, NY – 1948  The "SAND BAY II" returning to Montauk, NY with a catch of Sea Bass and Fluke circa 1948.   The "SAND BAY II" was built in 1930 by Ernest Fielder of Bergen Beach Boat Works and sailed from Montauk, NY under the command of Captain Fred Schoenwandt.   The "SAND BAY II" was later sold to Captain John Polley and the boat continued to sail from Montauk, NY until 1967 when she was dropped from documentation.  SURVIVOR II, Island Park, NY – 1948  Captain Tom Griffenberg's "SURVIVOR II" from Island Park, NY circa 1948.   Built in 1946 by Peterson Boatyard at Great Kills, Staten Island, NY, she sailed from the "Survivor Fishing Station" located on Empire Boulevard.   She was sold in 1969 and relocated to Key West, FL where she sailed as the "MOTHER OCEAN".   Photo courtesy of Captain Nick Manzari. 
TEAL, Perth Amboy, NJ – 1948  Captains Freddie and Eve Moore's original "TEAL" from Perth Amboy, New Jersey circa 1948.   Built in 1928 at New Haven, CT, for George Bradley, the "TEAL" first sailed from Long Island, NY.   In 1941, Charles Moore (Freddie and Eve Moore's father) purchased the "TEAL" and relocated her to Perth Amboy, NJ.   The Moore family later relocated their business to Great Kills Harbor at Staten Island, NY, where the "TEAL" continued to sail.   She became the first of a long list of "TEAL" named vessels owned by the Moore family during the next sixty plus years.   Photo courtesy of Ken Ekberg.  AMERICA, Brooklyn, NY – 1949  The "AMERICA" was owned and operated by Captain John 'Jackie' Michael and sailed from Pier 8 at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   Built in 1927 at Brooklyn, NY, she first sailed from Sheepshead Bay as Captain Frank Schwarzbach's party fishing boat "FISHER".   In 1962, she was sold and sailed from Sheepshead Bay as the "BROOKLYN".   After that, she sailed as the "CAPT. RED" from Sheepshead Bay.  DOLORES II, Brooklyn, NY – 1949  Captain Patrick 'Patsie' Zucco's "DOLORES II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1949.   This is a very rare postcard of the "DOLORES II" and little is known about the boat.   Built in 1922 at Astoria, NY as Captain Max Pollak's "IDA II", she sailed from Stahle's Pier at Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY.   She became the "DOLORES II" in 1949, and was removed from documentation and dismantled in 1966.   Postcard courtesy of Captain Tony 'Mo' Barbato.  ELMAR, Brooklyn, NY – 1949  Captain Frank Rau's newly converted "ELMAR" from Pier 9, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1949.   She was a World War II Subchaser built in 1943 at Dorchester, MA, as the "SC-1329".   The "ELMAR" made her maiden voyage from Sheepshead Bay on July 3, 1949 along with her sister ship, Captain Fred Wrege's "EFFORT".   A third World War II Subchaser, the "CHIEF", was also supposed to make its debut on this day, but was delayed until August, due to the unavailability of parts needed for her conversion.   Photo courtesy of the Captain Fred Wrege and Captain Charles VanDerVoort families.  ELMAR, Brooklyn, NY – 1949  The "ELMAR" from Pier 9, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY and skippered by Captain Frank Rau circa 1949.   She was a converted World War II subchaser, the "SC-1329".   Captain Frank is the son of Captain Gus Rau of the "ELMAR III".   The Captain's message on the back of the picture says "The mackerel are here, so come down and get your share before the codfishing season starts." 
LENNY, Belmar, New Jersey – 1949  Captain Hank Leonard Sr.'s original "LENNY" from Belmar, NJ circa 1946.   Built in 1926 at Point Pleasant, NJ as the "BESSIE C", she became the "LENNY" in 1945.   She then sailed as Captain Charlie Coe's "FISHERBOY" from Point Pleasant, NJ.   In 1960, Captain Ron Santee purchased the boat and she became his original "FISHERMEN" from Highlands, New Jersey.  PALACE III, Hoboken, NJ – 1949  Captain Edward Baletti Sr.'s "PALACE III" from Hoboken, NJ circa 1949.   She was built in 1942 at East Greenwich, RI, as the US Navy Submarine Chaser "SC-1322".   The US Navy gave her to the Baletti family after World War II as compensation for damages done to the converted steam yacht "PALACE", which was seized for the war effort.   She sailed from Hoboken until the late 1970’s when she was sold, relocated to Florida and renamed "THE LORDS MERCY".  PILOT II, Brooklyn, NY – 1949  Captain Harry Phillips' "PILOT II" and Captain Otto Behensky's "SWANEE" at Pier 7, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1949.   Ernest Fiedler built the "PILOT II" in 1937, and the "SWANEE" was built in 1938 at Patchogue, NY.   The "SWANEE" would later be owned by Captain Fred Ardolino.   Captain Ardolino later sold her to Captain Charlie Roth who relocated her to Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY where she sailed as the "WOODEN SHOE II".   Notice the chevrons painted on the wheelhouse of the "PILOT II".   The government appropriated many local party boats during World War II for service as costal patrol boats and each chevron represents a year of military service.   Also, the "PILOT II" was a member of the Sheepshead Bay Boat Owners Association as indicated by the "S.B.B.O.A." painted on her overhang.  TAMPA, Brooklyn, NY – 1949  Captain Rocco 'Rocky' Becker's "TAMPA" sailed from Pier 2 at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   She was built in 1943 at Algonac, MI and originally sailed as the US Army "J-711".   The Becker Family would continue to sail party boats for the next fifty years and continues the family business and tradition with Captain Gene Becker's "TAMPA VII" from Point Pleasant, NJ.   Postcard courtesy of Captain Tony 'Mo' Barbato.  AMERICAN, Brielle, NJ – 1950  The "AMERICAN" from Brielle, NJ circa 1950.   Johnson Brothers Boatworks, Bay Head, NJ built this 45' boat in 1945 as the "PARAMOUNT V".   She was renamed the "AMERICAN" and later purchased and operated by Captain Jack Bogan.   He relocated the "AMERICAN" to Broadway Basin, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ and later sold her to Captain Lou Nyhammer, who also ran her from Broadway Basin.   Photo courtesy of Captain Jack Bogan. 
DAISY-MAY, Forked River, NJ – 1950  Captain Michael Kertes' "DAISY-MAY" from Forked River, NJ circa 1950.   The "DAISY-MAY" was built in 1941 by Ernest Fiedler at Brooklyn, NY.   She later sailed from Newark, NJ as the passenger vessel "DENISE LOUISE".   In 1977, she was relocated to Hilton Head, SC as the charter boat "CALIBOGUE".   Her Coast Guard documentation expired in 1990 and her fate is unknown.  EFFORT, Brooklyn, NY – 1950  The "EFFORT" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1950.   She was a converted World War II Subchaser built in 1942 at Wickford, RI as the "SC–1300".   The "EFFORT" was operated by Captain Fred Wrege and like the "ELMAR", she made her maiden voyage on July 3, 1949.   Captain Wrege passed away in 1961 and his son-in-law, Charles VanDerVoort, took over the operation of the "EFFORT".   She was finally dismantled in 1970.   Photo courtesy of the Captain Fred Wrege and Captain Charles VanDerVoort families.  FLEUR DE LIS, Wildwood Crest – 1950  The "FLEUR DE LIS" from Wildwood Crest, NJ circa 1950.   At the time, she was one of the fastest boats in the Cape May – Wildwood Party Boat Association.   She was built in 1930 by the Kofoed Boat Works, Keyport, NJ as a prohibition-era rumrunner boat.   After her days of "delivering the goods" were over, Harry Sinn purchased her.   He moved the boat to Wildwood, NJ and converted her for party boat fishing.   (Now you know why she was a fast boat.)  MAROLYN II, Wildwood Crest, NJ – 1950  Captains George and Harry Sinn's "MAROLYN II" from Wildwood Crest, NJ circa 1950.   She was one of many similarly named vessels that sailed from "Sinn's Dock" throughout the years.   She was built in 1938 at Bowers Beach, DE and later sailed from Cape May, NJ as the commercial lobster boat "GANNET".  OLD PAL, Brooklyn, NY – 1950  The "OLD PAL" from the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, NY circa 1950.   The boat was built in 1946 for Captain Kaspar Bonsignore by the Scott J. McBurney Boatyard at Flatbush Ave and Avenue U in Brooklyn, NY.   The "OLD PAL" was later operated by his son, Frank Bonsignore, who continued to sail her until 1982 when she was dropped from documentation. 
ROCKET, Brooklyn, NY – 1950  Captain 'Laddie' Martin's original "ROCKET" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1950.   The "ROCKET" was built in 1932 at Southwest Harbor, Maine as the private motor yacht "MAYBE".   She was replaced by the larger "ROCKET II" and became the "LADDY III".   Photo courtesy of Tom Whitford.  ROXY'S FLASH FISHING FLEET, Highlands, NJ – 1950  Roxy's famous "FLASH FISHING FLEET" circa 1950.   Sailing from Highlands, NJ.   Fishing is always good from early spring till late fall.   Flounders, Porgies, Flukes, Blacks, Sea Bass, Weaks, Blues, Whitings, Ling, Cod, and Big Game Tuna.   Just a few minutes to the "Big Tuna Mud Hole"   Phone for reservations...  just call Highlands 1061.  TAMBO III, Brielle, NJ – 1950  The "TAMBO III" at Harbor Inn Basin, Brielle, NJ circa 1950.   She was owned and operated by Captain John 'Candy' Keefe who ran her from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY from 1930 to 1936 and then from Brielle, NJ from 1936 to 1956.   Captain 'Candy' also owned the "TAMBO" during the 1920's and ran it from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY (Captain John earned his nickname 'Candy' when he started his maritime career as a candy vendor aboard the triple-decker party boat "TAURUS" in 1904.)   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  VICTORY, Brooklyn, NY – 1950  The "VICTORY" was one of four World War II sub chasers to sail from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY during the 1950s.   Built 1943 at Detroit, MI as the US Navy vessel "AIR LAPWING", she was a prototype that never saw wartime action.   At the conclusion of the war, the vessel was sold as surplus and converted as a party fishing boat.   She was first owned by Captain Edward Clair and then by Captain Tred Abrams who later moved the boat from Sheepshead Bay to Montauk, NY.   She returned to Sheepshead Bay in 1975 and briefly sailed as Captain Mike Scarpati's "RANGER IV".   She ended her fishing career sailing as the "ROCKET" from Sheepshead Bay.   Photo courtesy of John Cairns.  FRISCO, Brielle, NJ – 1951  The "FRISCO" from Brielle, NJ circa 1951.   The Bogan family owned the "FRISCO" and she served as a charter boat in their fleet.   Captain Jack Endean (who was 22 years old at the time) operated her.   The "FRISCO" was was a converted fireboat built in 1938 as the "MAUDE B" at Friendship, ME for the Boston, MA Fire Department.  In the late–1960s, the Bogan family sold the "FRISCO" to a gentleman from North Carolina.   As the man was preparing to leave Brielle, NJ and take the "FRISCO" back to North Carolina, Captains John Bogan Sr. and Jr. advised him to postpone his trip since they sensed that a Nor’easter storm was brewing.   The man decided to leave anyway since the weather was still nice and set off for North Carolina.   The Nor’easter arrived later that evening and neither the gentlemen nor the "FRISCO" were ever seen again.   Photo Courtesy of Captain Jack Endean.