MISS ELIZABETH, Elizabeth, NJ – 1993  The "MISS ELIZABETH" from Elizabeth, NJ circa 1993.   She was built in 1958 by Rice Boatworks in Virginia as the "JIB IV" and first sailed from Captree, NY.   She later became the "GLORY II" from Sheepshead Bay, NY and eventually sank off Jones Inlet, NY.   She was salvaged by Captain Joseph Peplowski and rebuilt to sail as his "MISS ELIZABETH".   She finally lost her US Coast Guard certificate in 1998 and was dismantled.  NORMA K III, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1993  Captain Ken Keller's "NORMA K III" from Ken's Landing, Point Pleasant, NJ  circa 1993.   She was built in 1975 by Gulf Craft, Patterson, LA and is meticulously maintained.   This is one heck of a boat.  PORT JEFF ACE, Port Jefferson, NY – 1993  The "PORT JEFF ACE" from Port Jefferson, NY circa 1993.   Lydia Yachts, Stuart, FL built her in 1974 as Captain Jack Endean’s "HOLIDAY".   She later became Captain Bill Van Wetering’s "CAPT. BILL VAN" from Belmar, NJ.   She is shown here in Keyport, NJ shortly before becoming the "CAPTAIN JOHN".  PROWLER, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 1993  Captain Al Hilliard's new, fiberglass-hulled "PROWLER" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ circa 1993.  SEA FOX, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 1993  Captain Don Hager's "SEA FOX" from Atlantic Highlands circa 1993.   This aluminum vessel was built for the Hager family  in 1973 by Depend-A-Craft at Pierre Port, LA.   In 2009, she changed hands and is now sailing as Captain Jeff Gutman's "ANGLER" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ. 
SEA HUNTER, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 1993  The "SEA HUNTER" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ and skippered by Captain Bob Semkewyc circa 1993.   She was built in 1957 by Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ as the "BIG JIM II" from Cape May, NJ.   She later became the "MISS POINT LOOKOUT" from Point Lookout, NY; the "WHITE EAGLE III" from Sheepshead Bay, NY; and the "CAPT. MIKE" from Howard Beach, NY before becoming the "SEA HUNTER".   She was sold in 2005 and relocated to Delaware where she now sails in Delaware Bay as the "TRADEWINDS III" from Bowers Beach, DE.  SEA QUEEN, Brooklyn, NY – 1993  The "SEA QUEEN" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1993.   She was built in 1962 at Stevenson Boat Works, Great Kills, Staten Island, NY as the "COCK ROBIN" from Point Pleasant, NJ.   The boat was later renamed the "BIG–2" and then sailed as the "RANGER II" before becoming the "SEA QUEEN".   She is shown here sailing along Sandy Hook Channel in the summer of 1993.  SUPER SHY POKE, Belmar, NJ – 1993  The "SUPER SHY POKE" operated as a charter boat from Belmar, New Jersey.   She was built in 1979 by Robbins Boat Builders at Cambridge, MD.   Later sold and relocated to Wilmington, CA, she operated as a commercial fishing vessel until lost at sea in November 2007. : Belmar  BIG MOHAWK III, Belmar, NJ – 1994  Captain Gary Fagan's  "BIG MOHAWK III" from Belmar, New Jersey.   She was built in 1977 by Yank Boat Works at Tucahoe, NJ as Captains Fred Ardolino and Jim Crispino's "ENTERPRISE" and sailed from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, NY.   She later sailed as the "SUPER BLUE SEAS" before becoming Captain 'Speedy' Arnold's "SPEEDY VII".   She was purchased by Captain Gary Fagan in 1990 who then relocated the boat to Belmar, NJ and later sold her to Captain Chris Hueth.   She is presently sailing from Captree, NY as Captain Robert Andresen's "CAPTREE PRINCESS". : Belmar  BLACK WHALE II, Beach Haven, NJ – 1994  Built in 1976 by Blount Marine for Captain Arnold "Speedy" Hubert who sailed her as the "SPEEDY VI" from Captree, NY, she was later sold and became the "BLACK WHALE II" and operated as a commuter vessel between Beach Haven and Atlantic City, New Jersey.   After that, she returned to party boat fishing as Captain George Aswad's "SEA QUEEN IV" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   Sold once again and relocated to Panama City, FL, she is presently sailing as the "CAPT. ANDERSON". 
BLUE WATER, Highlands, NJ – 1994  The "BLUE WATER" hauled out at Belford Marine Railway, Belford, NJ in 1994.  The boatyard's slogan at the time was… "No Cash, No Splash".  CAPT. LEITCH IV, Captree, NY – 1994  The "CAPT. LEITCH IV" from Captree, NY circa 1994.   Yet another beautiful example of a Gillikin boat with woodwork comparable to fine furniture.   Machine & Supply Co. (James Gillikin) built the boat at Beaufort, NC in 1966 as the "MARLIN VI".   After that, it sailed as the "CAPT. LIETCH IV".   It then sailed as the "MISS GREENPORT" from Greenport, NY.   The boat was then remodeled and sailed as Captain Ed Beneduci's "MARLIN VI" from Montauk, NY.   After that, it sailed as Captain Jeff Gutman's "ANGLER" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.   Since 2009, the boat has been sailing as Captain Dave Paris' "CAPT. DAVE II" from Sheepshead Bay at Brooklyn, NY.  CAPT. ROD, Captree, NY – 1994  Captain George Bartenback's "CAPT. ROD" is seen drifting for Fluke along the Robert Moses Causeway circa 1994.   Built in 1968 by Harkers Island Boat Works at Harkers Island, NC, she was originally owned by Captain Rod Westerlind.  CAPT. RUDY, Captree, NY – 1994  The party boat "CAPT. RUDY" from Captree, NY circa 1994.   She was built in 1964 by Gillikin Boat Works, Harkers Island, NC as the "GULF STREAM II".   She was later renamed the "BLUE SEAS V" before becoming the "CAPT. RUDY" and is now sailing as the "CAPT. HOOK" from Hilton Head, SC.  CAPT. SCOTTY 3, Captree, NY – 1994  The "CAPT. SCOTTY 3" was built in1983 by Babylon Open Boats.   She has since been sold and joined the Frances Fleet at Point Judith, RI and now sails as the "ADMIRAL FRANCES". 
CAPTREE STAR, Captree, NY – 1994  The "CAPTREE STAR" from Captree, NY circa 1994.   Notice the school kids neatly seated at the start of a class fishing trip.   You can just imagine the chaos later on in the day.  DORIS MAE IV, Barnegat Light, NJ – 1994  The "DORIS MAE IV" from Barnegat Light, NJ circa 1994.   This fast and heavily built boat was built by Gulf Craft, Patterson, LA.   She is on her third set of engines and is still one of the best offshore party fishing vessels in New Jersey.   Captains Charles and Ron Eble owned and operated this boat since she was launched in 1975 through 2014.   She is now sailing as Captain Jeff Gutman's "VOYAGER" from Point Pleasant, NJ.  FLAMINGO III, Brooklyn, NY – 1994  Captain Bob Wiegand's "FLAMINGO III" from Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY circa 1994.   Built in 1973, she is one of the earliest party boats made by Lydia Yachts, Stuart, FL.   She was formerly the "BLUE HERON" from Riviera Beach, FL.  JIB VI, Captree, NY – 1994  The party boat "JIB VI" from Captree, NY circa 1994.   She was built in 1972 by Gillikin Craft Inc., Beaufort, NC.  MISS TOWNSENDS INLET II, Sea Isle City, NJ – 1994  The "MISS TOWNSENDS INLET II" from Sea Isle City, NJ circa 1994.   Built in 1977 by Breaux's Bay Craft at Loreauville, LA, this aluminum vessel first sailed as the "BLUE HERON III" from Riviera Beach, FL.   Sold in 1995, she became the ferryboat "FREEDOM" and sailed from Martha's Vineyard, MA.   She is presently sailing as the party fishing boat "SEA QUEEN II" from Hyannis, MA. 
PASTIME II, Brooklyn, NY – 1994  Captain George Richford's "PASTIME II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY is seen here drifting for fluke near the tip of Sandy Hook during the summer of 1994.   Built in 1963 by Stowman Shipyard at Dorchester, NJ, she first sailed as the "CAPTAIN JOHN II" from Plymouth, MA.   She was later sold and sailed as the "MISS NEL" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY, and later as the "WHITE EAGLE III" from the same port.   In 2001, she moved to Solomons, Maryland and sailed as the "VANESSA MARIE" until she failed to pass inspection in 2006 and was dismantled.  PIONEER II Jersey City, NJ – 1994  Captain Gerry De Toro's "PIONEER II" sailed from Jersey City, NJ.   Yank Boat Works built her in 1981 at Tuckahoe, NJ as Captain Marty Tave's "RENEGADE".   She is presently sailing as Captain John McGivney's "LUCKY CHARM" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.  SAND SHARK II, Belmar, NJ – 1994  Captain Lou Faccendia's "SAND SHARK II" from Belmar, NJ circa 1994.   Price Boat Yard, Deltaville, VA built her in 1956 as the “FLYING FISH” from Point Pleasant, NJ.   She was previously Captain Al Hilliard's "PROWLER" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.   She was remodeled and later sailed as Captain Ray Burke’s "CAPT. SLAUGHTER" and lastly as Captain Scott Gould’s "BANDIT".   She was lost to a fire at her pier. : Belmar  SEA HORSE, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 1994  The "SEA HORSE" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ and skippered by Captains Ed Bunting Sr. and Jr. circa 1994.   Gillikin Boat Works, Harkers Island, NC, built her in 1964 as the "JESS-LU IV" from Freeport, NY and she later became the "CAPT. WAYNE" from Captree, NY.   She then became Captain Ed Bunting's "SEA HORSE" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.   In 1992, Captain Bunting took her back to Gillikin for a complete refurbishing.   She returned to New Jersey with a new look and still sails from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.  SEA QUEEN, Hyannis, MA – 1994  The "SEA QUEEN" from Hyannis, MA circa 1994.   She was built in 1971 by Machine & Supply Co., Beaufort, NC as the "BLUE HERON IV".   She later became Captain Tommy Marconi's "PILOT II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY. 
SEA STAR, Cape May, NJ – 1994  The "SEA STAR II" was built in 1957 by Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ as the "JAMIACA" and sailed from Bogan's Basin at Brielle, New Jersey.   She later sailed as the "DAUNTLESS" and then as Captain Francis Bogan's "ATLANTIS".   After that, she was sold, remodeled and became the "SEA STAR II".   She was last seen in 2007 tied to a pier at Barnegat Light, New Jersey and was in a rundown state.   Her present fate is unknown.  SPEEDY EXPRESS, Captree, NY – 1994  Captain Arnold 'Speedy' Hubert's party boat "SPEEDY EXPRESS" from Captree, NY circa 1994.   She was built in 1984 by Lydia Yachts as the "HURRICANE" and later sailed as the "MISS POINT LOOKOUT III".   She is currently sailing as the "MISS AVALON" from Avalon, NJ.  ST. ANTHONY, Captree, NY – 1994  The "ST. ANTHONY" from Captree, NY circa 1994.   Launched in 1970 by Outer Banks Boatworks as the "CAPT. JOSEPH IV", she was renamed the "CAPT. JOSEPH II" and renamed again as the "ST. ANTHONY".   She later became the "RANGER" and finally, the "CAP'N ANDY II".   This boat was the first one launched by Outer Banks and at 85 feet, she is also one of the larger party boats built by James Gillikin.  SUPER RANGER, Brooklyn, NY – 1994  Captain Mike Scarpati's "SUPER RANGER" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1994.   Gulf Craft Inc. at Patterson, LA built her in 1988 and she is currently sailing as the whale watch vessel "PRIVATEER IV" from Gloucester, MA.   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  AMERICAN EAGLE, Belmar, NJ – 1995  The "AMERICAN EAGLE" was another of the party fishing boats built by Deebold Boat Works at Atlantic City, NJ.   Deebold boats were typically very heavy, but a pair of GM 12-71 diesel engines made the "AMERICAN EAGLE" a speedy boat.   Launched in 1965 as the "JO ANN IV", she sailed from Bahr's Landing at Highlands, NJ.    She then sailed as the "BIG-MARIE-S" from Belmar, NJ before becoming Captain Hank Leonard's AMERICAN EAGLE.   Captain Leonard later sold the vessel to Mark Campbell, who continued to operate her from Belmar, NJ as a charter boat.  On February 29, 2004, the "AMERICAN EAGLE" entered Manasquan Inlet and lost her steering.  She struck the jetty inside the inlet and began taking on water.   She was towed to shallow water where she later sank; the vessel was dismantled a few days later.   Photo courtesy of Captain Greg Markert. : Belmar