DAUNTLESS II, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1977  The "DAUNTLESS II" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ circa 1977.   She was built in 1958 by Stowman Shipyards at Dorchester, NJ as Captain James Bogan Sr.'s fourth "PARAMOUNT".    She then sailed as the "DAUNTLESS II" before becoming Francis Bogan's "ATLANTIS" from Brielle, NJ, and then as Jack Endean's fifth "HOLIDAY" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, and then as Rudy Frenville Jr.'s "DUCHESS" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, and then as Marc Brent's "FRIENDSHIP II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   Alas, the boat burned at the dock in 1986 and was a total loss.  RANGER V, Brooklyn, NY – 1977  The "RANGER V" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1977.   Built in 1975 by Derecktor Shipyards at Mamaroneck, NY, she was owned and operated by Captain Mike Scarpati.   The "RANGER V" was the largest party boat to sail from Sheepshead Bay at the time.   She was sold in 1981 and relocated to Texas, and later sailed from Madeira Beach, Florida.   She is currently operating in the Caribbean Islands near the Turks and Caicos region.   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  SEA FOAM IV, Atlantic City, NJ – 1977  Captains Al and Don Brown's "SEA FOAM IV" from Atlantic City, New Jersey.   Stowman Shipyards built her in 1956 at Dorchester, New Jersey.   Sold in 1980, she became Captain Mike Danon's "CAPT. LOU III" from Freeport, New York.   She later sailed as the "CAPT. BOB II" and then as the "PHILOMENA".   She has since been dismantled.   Photo courtesy of Don Nyce.  YANKEE SWORD, Belmar, NJ – 1977  Captain William Hammarstrom built this vessel in 1967 at Waretown, NJ as his "CAROLYN ANN II".   He later sold the boat to Captain Arnold Boardman, who sailed her from Belmar, NJ as the "YANKEE SWORD".   Captain Boardman then sold the boat to Captain Hank Leonard who continued to sail her under the "YANKEE SWORD" name.   She was later sold and became Captain Bob Nash's "OUTLAW" from Belmar, NJ.   Photo Courtesy of Ken Boardman.  ATLANTIS, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1978  The "ATLANTIS" sailed from Broadway Basin at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ and she was owned by the Bogan Family.   Stowman Shipyards of Dorchester, NJ built her in 1957, and she originally sailed as the "JAMAICA".   Over the next 20 years, she would skip around the Bogan Fleet sailing as the "DAUNTLESS" and then as Captain Francis Bogan's "ATLANTIS".    She was later sold and remodeled and is presently sailing as the "SEA STAR II" from Cape May, NJ. 
CAPT. CRAMER, Stone Harbor, New Jersey – 1978  Captain Don Cramer's "CAPT. CRAMER" was built in 1973 by Miller's Marine Railway at Deltaville, VA as Captain Charles Shaffer's second "STARFISH" from Sea Isle City, NJ.   (Mr. Miller was the son-in-law of noted boat builder Linwood Price.)  The boat then sailed as Captain Don Cramer's fourth boat named "CAPT. CRAMER" from Stone Harbor, NJ.   Captain Don operated the boat as a half-day party fishing boat, but he is noted for taking local dive clubs on trips to the many wrecks in the area.  After that, the boat sailed as Captain Bob Schumann's MISS CAPE MAY II from Cape May, NJ and is presently sailing as Captain Charles 'Chuck' Hackett's SEA STAR III from Cape May, NJ.  (Mr. Hackett was Bob Shumann's mate for many years.)  CAPT. JOSEPH II, Captree, NY – 1978  The "CAPT. JOSEPH II" was built in 1970 by Outer Banks Boatworks and originally sailed as the "CAPT. JOSEPH IV", before Captain Bob Joseph renamed her the "CAPT. JOSEPH II". She is the second largest party boat built by James Gillikin.   Afterwards, she sailed as the "ST. ANTHONY", the "RANGER", the "CAP'N ANDY II", and is presently sailing as Captain Captain Paul Risi's "TRADEWINDS II".  DIXIE, Brooklyn, NY – 1978  Captain Irving Moss' party boat "DIXIE" circa 1978.   Built in 1934 by the Scott McBurney Boat Yard at Brooklyn, NY as the "SEA PIGEON II", she was later sold in 1945 to William 'Willy' Sutherland, and then to 'Heckey' Sakstein.   In 1967, Captain Sakstein sold her to Captain Moss who remodeled her and renamed her the "DIXIE" (you can still see her skipjack-style hull and shear.)   In 1982, Captain Ed Laske purchased the "DIXIE" and brought her to Captree, NY as a charter boat.   He ran the boat for a few years until his business outgrew the boat and sold it.   Afterwards, Captain Laske purchased what was the last "CHOPPER" and named it the "DIXIE II".   Photo Courtesy of Captain Ron Moss.  QUEEN MARY, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1978  The "QUEEN MARY" from Point Pleasant, NJ circa 1978.   James Gillikin at Gillikin Craft Inc., Beaufort, NC built her in 1972 as the "DEEP BLUE".   Captain Harvey Brown purchased the boat in 1973 and renamed her the "QUEEN MARY".   She sailed from Spike's Fishery Dock, Point Pleasant, NJ until sold again and renamed the "STARLIGHT" from Wildwood, NJ.   On May 5, 1992, she was returning to Wildwood, NJ after spending the winter in the Florida Keys, encountered very rough weather, and sank off the coast of Maryland.   Photo courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  RAINBOW, Brooklyn, NY – 1978  Captain Tony Franklin's "RAINBOW" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1978.  The "Rainbow" was one of several converted World War II military surplus vessels that operated as party boats for several decades.   Built in 1942 as the Air-Sea Rescue vessel "AVR-C-9442" at Miami, FL, she was sold as surplus in 1949 and soon after, sailed as the "SEA WOLF" from Bedford, MA.   In 1952, Captain Franklin purchased the boat and began sailing from Sheepshead Bay. 
SHAMROCK, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1978  Captain Jack Bogan's and Captain John Bogan Jr's "SHAMROCK" from Point Pleasant, NJ circa 1978.   The "SHAMROCK" specialized in drifting along the Jersey shore for jumbo Fluke during the summer months and bottom fished during the off-season.   Sutton Boat Works built this steel hulled vessel in 1966 at Tarpon Springs, FL as the "CAPT. BILL II".   She later sailed from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY under the same name.   The "SHAMROCK" was confiscated by the federal government in 1985 and sold at auction.   Photo Courtesy of Captain Jack Bogan.  SEA WOLF, Brooklyn, NY – 1978  Captain Ed Moraski's "SEA WOLF" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1978.   She was built in 1949 at North Wildwood, NJ and was originally owned by Captain John Heiser.   The "SEA WOLF" specialized in bottom fishing during her fishing career, which ended in1988 when she was dismantled.  TRAVELER, Brooklyn, NY – 1978  This 1978 photo shows Captain Gerry Nappi's "TRAVELER" just before being launched at Yank Boat Works, Tuckahoe, NJ.   Captain Nappi sailed the "TRAVELER" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY until he sold her and she became the "CAPT. BOB JOSEPH" from Captree, NY.   She was sold again and became Captain Joe Miller's "ATOMIC III" from Sheepshead Bay.  The boat later became Captain Al Coley's "BETTY W" from Sheepshead Bay and then moved back to Captree, NY as Captain Patrick Gillen's "CAPT. GILLEN III".   She then sailed as Captain Charlie Buser's "CAPTREE STAR II" from Captree, NY, and is currently sailing as Captain Des O'Sullivan's "CELTIC QUEST IV" from Port Jefferson, NY.   Photo courtesy of Captain Gerry Nappi.  WHITE STAR III, Barnegat Light, NJ – 1978  The port bow section of Captain Ray Ettel's "WHITE STAR III" takes shape in 1978 at East Bay Boat Works, Harkers Island, NC.   The "WHITE STAR III" sailed from Barnegat Light, NJ and later sailed as Captain Ray Burke's "OPTIMIST STAR", from Belmar, NJ.   She now sails as the "MAGNUM FORCE" from Monterey, CA.   Photo courtesy of Captain Ray Ettel.  AMBERJACK V, Brooklyn, NY – 1979  Captain Fred Ardolino's "AMBERJACK V" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1979.   She was one of several 'Supercruisers' to join the Sheepshead Bay fleet during the 1970s.   Like her predecessor, Putnam Shipbuilding in Palatka, FL built her (in 1978).   She made her last fishing trip on January 17, 1988, but has continued to operate from Sheepshead Bay as a dinner cruise vessel. 
AVENGER, Brooklyn, NY – 1979  Captain Bill Eisenberg's "AVENGER" is shown shortly after arriving in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY in April 1979.   Built by Putnam Shipbuilding in Palatka, FL, she had a steel hull with an aluminum superstructure.   She was sold and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii where she last sailed as the "CAPT. COOK VIII".   Damaged during in a storm in 1992, she was dismantled shortly thereafter.  EAGLE, Brooklyn, NY – 1979  Captain Larry Krim's "EAGLE" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1979.   Built in 1971 by Blount Marine at Warren, RI as Captain Rocky Becker's "TAMPA IV", the steel hulled boat was purchased by one-time "TAMPA IV" deckhand Larry Krim.   Captain Krim operated the "EAGLE" from Pier 9 at Sheepshead Bay for four years along with Captains 'Red' Tanfield and Andrew Nazzaruolo.   The "EAGLE" then operated as a standby boat for Texaco when they drilled for oil off Atlantic City, NJ.   After that, Captain Krim sold the "EAGLE" and she is currently operating as the cruise vessel "GOODTIME I" and sails on Lake Erie from Sandusky, OH.  HI HOOK, Brooklyn, NY – 1979  Captains Jim and 'Vinnie' Macaluso's "HI-HOOK" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1979.   Built in 1938 at College Point, NY for Captain Harry Shultz, the "HI-HOOK" was one of the last 'old time' forty-five foot party boats to sail from Sheepshead Bay.   Her dismantling in 1987 closed a chapter in party boat history.  NORMA-K II, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1979  Captain Ken Keller's "NORMA-K II" takes a pounding in the surf along the beach at Belmar, NJ in this 1979 photo.   Deebold Boat Works of Atlantic City, NJ built this sturdy party fishing boat in 1964.   The "NORMA-K II" continues to sail from Ken's Landing at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   Photo courtesy of Captain 'Jack' Bogan.  PARABLE, Brooklyn, NY – 1979  The "PARABLE" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1979.   Captain Vinnie Mennella operated her.   She was built in 1945 at Whitestone, NY and originally sailed from Sheepshead Bay as Captain Henry 'Pop' Mayer's "LADY LOU II".   Photo courtesy of Captain Andrew Nazzaruolo. 
TAMPA VI, Brooklyn, NY – 1979  Captain Charlie Becker's "TAMPA VI" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1979.   She was built in 1977 by Gulf Craft, Patterson, LA and first sailed from Pier 2 at Sheepshead Bay.   In 1986, the Becker family converted her into a dinner cruise boat.  She is now a charter dive boat in the Galapagos Islands.   Photo courtesy of Captain Gene Becker.  TEAL, Great Kills, NY – 1979  Captain Fred Moore's "TEAL" is shown hosting the Steamship Historical Society of America's annual sightseeing cruise to New York Harbor.   Built in 1961 by Gillikin Boat Works at Harkers Island, North Carolina, the "TEAL" sailed from Shoal's Dock at Great Kills Harbor, Staten Island, NY.  ANNA M III, Captree, NY – 1980  Captain George Mahr Jr.'s "ANNA M III" is shown here at her berth at Captree State Park circa 1980.   Like many of the vessels sailing from Captree during this era, she is trimmed with finely varnished woodwork.   Built in 1962 by Stevenson's Boat Works at Great Kills, Staten Island, NY, her wheelhouse was originally located on the forward deck, but was later moved topside.   Photo Courtesy of George Mahr III.  APACHE IV, Brooklyn, NY – 1980  The "APACHE IV" from Pier 3, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY and skippered by Captain Tommy Owens circa 1980.   She lost her USCG certificate and her whereabouts are unknown.   Photo courtesy of Steve Kawalek.  AMERICA, Brooklyn, NY – 1980  Captain Jackie Michaels' "AMERICA" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1980.   She was built in 1942 at the Electric Boat Company, Bayonne, NJ as the World War II US Navy patrol torpedo boat "PT-314".   Captain Michaels purchased the vessel in 1961 and converted her for party boat fishing.   She started fishing from Sheepshead Bay in 1962 and was the third vessel to bear the "AMERICA" name.   When she was sold in 1990 and became the "SEA STAR" from Sheepshead Bay, one of the oldest names in Sheepshead Bay came to an end (the "AMERICA" name dated back to 1914.)   She last sailed as the "SENECA DREAMER" and fished on the Great Lakes until she was dismantled in 1996. 
ATOMIC III / TRAVELER, Brooklyn, NY – 1980  During the winter of 1980, Captain Joe Miller's "ATOMIC II" was under contract with Texaco and was operating as a standby vessel at one of their oil rigs off the coast of New Jersey.   During this time an agreement between Captain Joe Miller and Captain Gerry Nappi resulted in Captain Gerry's "TRAVELER" sailing the "ATOMIC II"s schedule, departing at 9 AM from Captain Joe's berth at Sheepshead Bay.   Hence the boat with two names!  Once the contract with Texaco ended, the "ATOMIC II" returned to Sheepshead Bay.   In the spring of 1981, Captain Nappi sold the "TRAVELER" to Penny Joseph and she became the "CAPT. BOB JOSEPH" from Captree, NY.   In 1983, she was purchased by Captain Joe Miller and she returned to Sheepshead Bay as the "ATOMIC III".   The boat later sailed as the "BETTY W" from Sheepshead Bay and operated by Captain Al Coley.   She then returned to Captree, NY as Captain Patrick Gillen's "CAPT. GILLEN III" and later sailed as Captain Charlie Buser's "CAPTREE STAR II".   She is currently sailing as Captain Des O'Sullivan's "CELTIC QUEST IV" from Port Jefferson, NY.  BROOKLYN V, Brooklyn, NY – 1980  Captain Bob Sapanara's "BROOKLYN V" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1980.   Her construction began in 1977 at AlumaShip Corp., Jeanerette, LA, but due to financial difficulties, the shipyard was unable to finish construction.   The unfinished hull was then transported to Gulf Craft at Patterson, LA where she was completed and delivered to Captain Bob Sapanara later in 1977.   She was one of the fastest party boats in the region and later sailed from Sheepshead Bay as Captain Kevin Bradshaw's "DOROTHY B VIII" and then from Calabash, NC as Captain Larry Horowitz's "SUPER VOYAGER II".   The vessel is now sailing as the "DOLPHIN EXPRESS" from Port Aransas, TX.  CAPT. GILLEN, Captree, NY – 1980  Captain John Gillen's orginal "CAPT. GILLEN" from Captree, NY circa July, 1980.   The "CAPT. GILLEN" was built in 1959 at Rice Marine, Reedville, VA and sailed in the Captree fleet from 1959 to 1992.   She was later sold and relocated to Florida and sailed as the "SOUTHERN STAR".   She is currently sailing as the "AMERICAN STAR", Sandestin, FL.   Photo courtesy of Jim and Patrick Gillen.  CAPT. JOE II, Belmar, NJ – 1980  The "CAPT. JOE II" is seen here drift fishing off the Jersey Shore in 1980.   She was built in 1964 by Gillikin Boatworks at Harkers Island, NC.   Captain Joe Vassallo and his son Captain Mickey Vassallo skippered the "CAPT. JOE II".   Captain Mickey was the first captain in the New Jersey/New York party boat fleet to introduce winter "Magic Hours" fishing (4:00 PM to 9:00 PM) for Whiting (Silver Hake).   The boat later sailed as the "VIKING KING", the "STARFISH", the "SEAHORSE", and is presently sailing as Captain Eddie Shaw's "CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   Photo courtesy of Vassallo family.  JIB V, Captree, New York – 1980  Captain Bert Blum's "JIB V" and from Captree, NY circa 1980.  The "JIB V" was built in 1970 by James Gillikin's Machine & Supply Co. at Beaufort, NC and was launched in June of that year.   She later operated from Montauk, NY as the whale watch boat "FINBACK I" before returning to Captree, NY where she continues to sail as the "LAURA LEE".   Photo courtesy of Joan Richards.