TRAVELER, Brooklyn, NY – 1959  The "TRAVELER" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1959.   Captain Billy Tuveri was at the helm.   Built in 1947 by the Scott McBurney Boat Yard at Brooklyn, NY, she was originally Captain Charlie Smallman's  "YANKEE SKIPPER".   Note the oval portholes; they are a signature characteristic of the McBurney boats built during this era.   Photo courtesy of Captain Andrew Nazzaruolo.  CAPTAIN CRAMER, Sea Isle City, NJ – 1960  The "CAPTAIN CRAMER" with Captain Don Cramer circa 1960.   While the boat berthed in Sea Isle City, NJ, the path to the ocean is via Townsend Inlet.  CHIEF II, Belmar, NJ – 1960  Captain Ralph Mertineit's "CHIEF II" from Belmar, NJ circa 1960.   Price Boat Yard, Deltaville, VA built the "CHIEF II" in 1959.   Photo courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  Many Belmar, NJ party fishing boats had neon advertising signs in the 1950’s up until the late 1960’s including the "CHIEF II" (it’s on the rear cabin roof in the picture), the "BOBBY II",  the "GERTRUDE H", the "LENNY", the "MISS BELMAR", the "OPTIMIST", the "SEA JET" and the "SPRAY II".   The docks at Belmar must have been a remarkable sight at night back then.  CIRCLE LINE V, New York, NY – 1960  The "CIRCLE LINE V" is shown heading up New York City's East River circa 1960.   In her earlier years, she sailed as the famous Sheepshead Bay party fishing boat "SACHEM".   She joined the Circle Line fleet at the conclusion of World War II as the "SIGHTSEER", and was later named the "CIRCLE LINE SIGHTSEER" before becoming the "CIRCLE LINE V''.   This vessel has a long and fascinating history from her construction in 1902 as a luxury yacht, serving as an experimental vessel for early radio transmissions for inventor Thomas A. Edison, serving as a Coastal Patrol Vessel in both World Wars, and finally as a sightseeing vessel and focal point for Jeremiah Timothy Driscoll's 1980 book, "Crime Circles Manhattan".   (Recommended reading for the New York waterfront enthusiast.)  FLEUR-DE-LIS II, Wildwood Crest, NJ – 1960  The "FLEUR-DE-LIS II" was built 1958 at Atlantic City, NJ for Captain Budd Sinn.   She sailed from Wildwood Crest, NJ.   She was later sold and sailed as the "CANDIE KIDD III". 
JAMAICA, Brielle, NJ – 1960  The "JAMAICA" from Brielle, NJ circa 1960.   She was operated by Captain Howard Bogan Sr. and later by Captain Dave Bogan Sr.   She was built in 1957 by Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ and powered by two GM 110 diesel engines.   She later sailed as the "DAUNTLESS" and then as Captain Francis Bogan's "ATLANTIS".   She was remodeled and is presently sailing as the "SEA STAR II" from Cape May, NJ.  JET and EFFORT, Brooklyn, NY – 1960  The party fishing boats "JET" and "EFFORT" sailing from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1960.   Captain Billy Doll of the "JET" always displayed 'extra' fish for sale on the cabin roof.   The "EFFORT" was operated by Captain Fred Wrege.  JOAN R, Brooklyn, NY – 1960  Captain Len Miller's party and charter fishing boat the "JOAN R." from Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY circa 1960.  OPTIMIST QUEEN, Belmar, NJ – 1960  The party fishing boat "OPTIMIST QUEEN" leaving Shark River Inlet, NJ in 1960.   She sailed from Dodd's Basin in Belmar, NJ and was skippered by Captain Charlie Dodd.   The "OPTIMIST QUEEN" was built in 1959 by Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ.   In the background is the old Belmar Fishing Club pier.   The pier was partially destroyed by a hurricane in the 1980's and eventually torn down.  RAINBOW, TONE B and WHITESTONE, Brooklyn, NY – 1960  This is a 1960 photo of Sheepshead Bay’s Pier 3.   Berthed at this location were Captain Jim Stamos' "RAINBOW", Captain Tony Blanken's "TONE B" and Captain Phillip Basco's "WHITESTONE".   Photo courtesy of Captain Andrew Nazzaruolo. 
REBEL II, Brooklyn, NY – 1960  The "REBEL II" from Pier 1, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY and skippered by Captain Joe Pontillo circa 1960.   Built in 1940 at Forked River, NJ, she originally sailed as Capt. Joe Pettingil's "SEA FOAM III" from Atlantic City, NJ.  Captain Pontillo later renamed the boat "LADY ROSE" after his deceased wife, and in 1975, Captain "Butch" Rafi purchased the boat and renamed her "ZEPHYR".   She ended her party boat career as the "MISS FREEPORT".  SKIPPER, Stone Harbor, NJ – 1960  Owned and operated by Captain William Stiles, the "SKIPPER" was built in 1941 at Stone Harbor, NJ and specialized in 'Ocean Bottom Fishing'.   She was sold in 1963 and relocated to Massachusetts.  STARDUST, Perth Amboy, NJ – 1960  Captain Chuck Eckerson's party boat "STARDUST" at the dock in Perth Amboy, NJ circa 1960.   She was built for the US Coast Guard in 1938 at Jacksonville, FL as the "CG–80300".  VIKING STAR, Montauk, NY – 1960  Captain Carl Forsberg's "VIKING STAR" from Montauk, NY circa 1960.   Built in 1957 by Price Boat Yard, Deltaville, VA, she was the only 65-foot party boat Price ever built.   (They specialized in smaller vessels like the current "JET" and "ELAINE-B II".   The "VIKING STAR" was the first vessel in the Montauk fleet to specialize in offshore wreck fishing.   She ran aground in the winter of 1963.   (She was dismantled because of the extensive damage from the grounding.)  WHITBY III, Brooklyn, NY – 1960  The party boat "WHITBY III" sailing from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY with Captain Herbie Hammer circa 1960.   Set your alarm clock… she sailed at 5:00 AM daily!   The Elco Boat Works, Bayonne, NJ built the boat in 1917 as the US Navy Subchaser "SC-101".   She was sold as surplus after World War I ended and converted to a party fishing boat; she first sailed as Captain Steve Wischerth’s "FIDUS" from Canarsie, Brooklyn and then as Captain Edward Baletti’s "PALACE II" before becoming the "WHITBY III".     Just as an aside... Captain Hammer also had an alter ego.   He was one of the "Masked Marvels" pool players during the 1950s.   These popular pool sharks wore disguises to hide their identities and big corporations such as Coca-Cola sponsored some of them.   Pass me the cue chalk.  Another interesting note is that when Captain Tony 'Mo' Barbato was running night bluefishing trips on the "WHITBY III", he found the boat's logbook and it contained entries dating back to when she was the "SC-101".   According to the log, the "SC-101" sailed completely around the world three times! 
SEA PIGEON II, Perth Amboy, NJ – 1960  The party boat "SEA PIGEON II" drifting for Whiting (Silver Hake) in the early winter circa 1960.   She was built in 1954 by Van Sant Boat Yard, Rock Hall, MD.   The "SEA PIGEON II" sailed from Perth Amboy, NJ and was skippered by Captain Marty Haines Sr.   In the background is the "SPORTSMAN" from Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY and an unidentified passenger liner.   She was sold in 1961 and became Captain Harry Lagrasse's "CALVIN B" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.  VIKING, Barnegat Light, NJ – 1960  The "VIKING" from Barnegat Light, NJ circa 1960.   She was built in 1960 by Gillikin Boat Works, Harkers Island, NC and she has changed owners and names many times.   First, she was the "VIKING" and then the "GAMBLER" from Point Pleasant, NJ.   And then she became the "SEA DEVIL" (1976) followed by the "OASIS" (1979) and the "TWILIGHT".   She is now sailing as the "CAPT. DAVE" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   Not surprisingly, she has the nickname, the 'Used-To-Be'.   Photo courtesy of Captain Jack Bogan.  YANK, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1960  Captain 'Harry' Tonks' "YANK" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ circa 1960.   The boat was built in 1943 by Higgins Industries at New Orleans, LA as the US Navy Patrol Torpedo boat "PT-451".   After WWII ended the "PT-451" was sold as surplus and became the commercial fishing boat "MARY K".  She was later converted to a party fishing boat by Captain Tonks on the banks of the Raritan River at Keasbey, NJ.   She later became the "SEA PIGEON III" from Sheepshead Bay and then sailed as the "SEA FOX" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.   She later sailed from Belmar, NJ as the "MARIE-S TOO" and lastly from Brooklyn as the "GRENADIER".   The photo is courtesy of Skip Tonks.  CAPT. APPLEGATE, Atlantic City, NJ – 1961  The "CAPT. APPLEGATE" sailed from the Atlantic City State Marina.   Atlantic City Boat Works in Atlantic City, New Jersey built her in 1960 for Captain Andy Applegate III.   She was sold in 1974 and relocated to Atlantic Highlands, NJ as Captain Kevin Black's "RELIABLE".   She later sailed from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY as the "OCEAN EAGLE" and then as the "ELIZABETH S".   Presently dropped from USCG documentation, her fate is unknown.   Photo courtesy of Don Nyce.  CAPT. WAYNE, Captree, NY – 1961  The "CAPT. WAYNE" from Captree, NY circa 1961.   This 50-footer was built in 1955 at Deltaville, VA as the "CAPT. GEO. ROMAN".   Later, Captain Wayne Westerlind purchased the 'Little Red Boat' and operated her until 1966.   She then became the "CAPT. SWANSON" from Captree, NY and after that, was Captain Bill Butler’s "CAPT. WILLIE" from Montauk, NY.   From 1985 to 1997, she sailed as Captain Mike Vegessi’s "LAZY BONES" from Montauk, NY.   Today, she sails as Captain Bill Russo's "ORIENT STAR II" from Orient Point, NY.   Photo courtesy of Lee Westerlind. 
CHAPPIE, Brielle, NJ – 1961  The "CHAPPIE" from Brielle, NJ circa 1961.   The "CHAPPIE" was operated by Captain George Chapman Sr. and Captain John Chapman.   Ernest Fiedler built the "CHAPPIE" in 1937 at Brooklyn, NY and she later became the "MISS MANASQUAN".   Photo Courtesy of Hank Wurzburger.  FISHERMEN, Highlands, NJ – 1961  Captain Ron Santee's original "FISHERMEN" from Highlands, NJ circa 1961.   Built in 1926 at Point Pleasant, NJ as the "BESSIE C", she later sailed as the "LENNY" from Belmar, NJ and then sailed as Captain Charlie Coe's "FISHERBOY" from Point Pleasant, NJ.   Captain Ron Santee then purchased the boat in 1960 and moved her to Highlands, NJ.   Photo Courtesy of Hank Wurzburger.  MISS REGNILLES II, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1961  Captain Ed Sellinger's "MISS REGNILLES II" is shown at Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey prior to her maiden voyage in 1961.   The Gillikin Boat Works of Harkers Island, North Carolina built her in 1961.   She later became Captain Arnold 'Speedy' Hubert's "SPEEDY VII" from Captree, New York and later returned to New Jersey waters as the "CAPT. COLLET" from Atlantic City, New Jersey.  In 2007, she was listed for sale on the Internet auction site eBay for $5,000 and was in a decrepit state.   Her present fate is unknown.  PENNSY, Brielle, NJ – 1961  The "PENNSY" from Bogan's Basin, Brielle, NJ circa 1961.   Higgins Industries Inc. built her in 1944 at New Orleans, LA as the World War II PT Boat "PT-457".   The Bogan family converted the boat and operated her as the party boat "PENNSY".   She later became Captain Al Wirth's "FALCON" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.   After being stored at a Staten Island, NY boat yard for a few years, she was dismantled in 1991.   Photo courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  RANGER II, Brooklyn, NY – 1961  Captain Mike Scarpati's "RANGER II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1961.   She was built in 1959 at the Scott McBurney Boat Yard, Brooklyn, NY.   Replaced by a larger vessel in 1963, she was sold to Captain Billy Tuveri who renamed her "TRAVELER II" and sailed from Pier 1 at Sheepshead Bay.   She last sailed as the "DELMAR IV" before being dismantled.   Photo courtesy of John Cairns. 
ROYAL FLUSH, Wildwood, NJ – 1961  Captain Edward Royles' "ROYAL FLUSH" is seen here underway as she heads out for a daily deep sea fishing trip from Wildwood, New Jersey.  The "ROYAL FLUSH" was built 1954 by the W. H. Sable Boatyard at Ruark, VA.  She was later sold to Captain George Sinn and become one of the many vessels named "FLAMINGO" that he operated.  SEA PIGEON III, Perth Amboy, NJ – 1961  The brand–new party boat "SEA PIGEON III" in 1961.   She sailed from Perth Amboy, NJ under Captains Marty Haines Sr. and Jr.   The "SEA PIGEON III" was built in 1961 at Stevenson Boat Works, Staten Island, NY and sunk at its berth during Hurricane David in September, 1979.   After re-fitting, she continued to sail from Perth Amboy until 1986 when she was replaced by the "SEA PIGEON IV" (Captain Al Coley's "BETTY W III" from Sheepshead Bay, NY.)   The "SEA PIGEON III" was sold to Captain Al Hilliard and became the party boat "PROWLER" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.  SPRAY II, Belmar, NJ – 1961  The "SPRAY II" from Belmar, NJ and skippered by Captain Pete Saro Sr. circa 1961.   She is shown passing under the Route 35 lift bridge on her way back to her slip at the Belmar Marina.   She was built in 1914 and sailed as Captain John Michaels' "AMERICA" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.  STARFISH, Sea Isle City, NJ – 1961  The "STARFISH" from Sea Isle City, NJ circa 1961.   Built in 1960 by Price Boatyard, Deltaville, VA, she was owned and operated by Captain Charles Schaffer.   She later relocated to Fortescue, NJ where she became the "BONANZA", and than sailed as the "FORTESCUE QUEEN".   She was remodeled and is currently sailing from Fortescue as the "SALT TALK".  ZUBER'S E–Z FLEET, Brielle, NJ – 1961  Captain William Zuber's "E-Z FLEET" from Brielle, NJ circa 1961.   The picture shows the party boats "E-Z", the "E-Z II" and the "E-Z III" berthed at Zuber's Seacoast Basin.   All three of these vessels were built at Burgess, VA.