ROCKET II, Brooklyn, NY – 1957  Captain Dave 'Laddie' Martin's "ROCKET II" was built in 1942 at Atlantic City, NJ as the 104-foot US Navy Air-Sea Rescue Boat "P-106".   She sailed as the "SILVER STAR" before joining the Sheepshead Bay fleet in 1953.   She was sold in 1967 to Captain Matthew Hughes and joined his Boston Harbor Cruise Fleet at Boston, MA where she continued to sail as a party fishing boat until relocated to the Bahamas in 1974.  BIG BOLO, Atlantic City, NJ – 1957  The "BIG BOLO" was a converted US Navy Liberty Launch.   Built in 1940 at Bremerton, WA, she originally sailed as the "USN-14652".   She was owned and operated by Captain Frank Deebold Jr., who sailed her from Starn's Pier at Atlantic City, NJ.  CHIEF, Belmar, NJ – 1957  Captain Ralph Mertineit's "CHIEF" from Belmar, NJ circa 1957.   Built in 1930 at Essex, CT, she originally sailed as the "RUBY".   Captain Mertineit specialized in Jersey shore Fluke fishing.   In 1959, he replaced her with the Price-built "CHIEF II".  DIXIE Charter Boat, Brooklyn, NY – 1957  This 1957 photo shows Captain Irving Moss' charter boat "DIXIE" from Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY.   Captain Moss became a party boat operator in 1967 when he purchased the "SEA PIGEON II" and relocated to Sheepshead Bay.   Photo Courtesy of Captain Ron Moss.  JAMAICA, Brielle, NJ – 1957  The original "JAMAICA", from Bogan’s Brielle Basin, Brielle, NJ circa 1957.   Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ built this 65 foot boat in 1957 and two GM 110 diesels provided the power.   Captain Howard Bogan Sr. initially operated the "JAMAICA" and was later followed by Captain Dave Bogan Sr.   This particularly nice picture was taken before a dodger was built around the pilothouse.   She later became Captain William Egerter Jr's "DAUNTLESS" and sailed from Broadway Basin, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   In 1974, she became the "ATLANTIS".   Afterwards, she was sold, remodeled, re-powered, relocated to Cape May and renamed the "SEA STAR II".   Photo courtesy of Captain Dave Bogan Sr.   [This is Mel's favorite picture... What a beauty!] 
LITTLE CHAMP, Barnegat Light, NJ – 1957  The "LITTLE CHAMP" was built in 1932 at Dorchester, NJ.   She originally operated as a party boat under the command of Captain Horace Davis who sailed her from Fortescue, NJ.   She was later sold to Captain Anthony 'Tony' Garbacki who sailed her from Barnegat Light, NJ.   After that, Captain Frank Rehm purchased the boat and continued to sail her from that port.  LYNN J., Wildwood, NJ – 1957  Captain Otto Duhrkoff's "LYNN J" sailed from the Ship Ahoy Dock at Rio Grande Bridge at Wildwood, NJ.   The dock's location at the foot of the Rio Grande Bridge is where the Wildwood Party Boat fleet continues to sail from today.   Built in 1930 at Reeds Beach, NJ, the boat originally sailed as the "SALLIE II".  MAJESTIC, Brooklyn, NY – 1957  The "MAJESTIC" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1957.  Captain Joe Majestic operated the boat and John Majestic built her in 1946 at Brooklyn, NY.   Captain Marty Haines Jr. bought the "MAJESTIC" in 1967 and sailed it from Perth Amboy, NJ until 1972.  It was on this boat that Captain Marty earned his nickname "Captain Midnight" because of his late night returns from 'Football' Bluefin tuna fishing at the Mud Hole.  PIPER, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1957  Captain George 'Blacky' Walsh's "PIPER" sailing from Spike's Fishery, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ circa 1957.   Built in 1942 at Brooklyn, NY as the US Navy Bomb Target Boat "USN C-1997", she was purchased by the Bogan family in 1951 and was converted into a party boat.   She sailed as the "DAUNTLESS" from Brielle, NJ before Captain Walsh purchased her.   The "PIPER" was one of the first party boats to offer half day fishing as her painted hull advertises.   Photo Courtesy of Cathy and 'Blacky' Walsh.  RANGER, Brooklyn, NY – 1957  Captain Mike Scarpati's original party boat "RANGER" from Pier 6 at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1957.   She is a converted 1940 U.S. Army Bomb Target Boat, a vessel that towed targets used for open water bombing practice.   In 1959, Captain Scarpati bought a replacement boat and sold the original boat to Captain Jack Endean who moved her to Point Pleasant, NJ.   Captain Scarpati told Captain Endean that since the two boats were located in different states, he could continue sailing her as the "RANGER".   She later briefly sailed as Captain Norman Mordaunt's "FURY" from Belmar, NJ and lastly as Captain Charles Shirley's BLACK HAWK from Belmar, NJ. 
REGNILLES, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1957  Captain Ed Sellinger's "REGNILLES" (Sellinger spelled backwards) from Point Pleasant, NJ circa 1957.   Captain Sellinger was an expert welder and personally built this steel hulled vessel in 1951 at Newark, NJ.   In 1960, Captain Sellinger replaced her with the "MISS REGNILLES".  SAINT THERESA, Atlantic City, NJ – 1957  The "SAINT THERESA" was built in 1956 at Van Sant Boat Yard, Rock Hall, MD.   She was owned by Captain John Hale and operated by Captain Andrew 'Andy' Applegate Jr.   After only one season, she was sold to Captain Walter Siegler and became his "MARIE S I" sailing from Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ.   She later sailed as the "LAZY BONES" from Highlands, NJ and is presently sailing as Captain Clem Kacergis' "YANKEE" from Harwich Port, MA.   Photo courtesy of Don Nyce.  SEA JET, Belmar, NJ – 1957  The "SEA JET" was built in 1944 at Bristol, RI as the US Navy Air Sea Rescue Boat "C-77461".   After the end of World War II, the Navy transferred her to the US Coast Guard and she was renamed the "CG-63050".   In 1949, she was declared a surplus vessel and sold to Captain David Shinn.   He converted the boat to party boat fishing, named her the "BOBBY II" and operated the boat from Belmar, NJ.  In April of 1955, as she was returning from a day of fishing at the 'Cholera Banks', the 7,652-ton freighter "SS PRESIDENT BUCHANAN" struck her.   The collision sheared off a 13-foot section of the bow of the 63-foot "BOBBY II".   Because of her military construction (which included double forward crash bulkheads), she did not sink and was even able to return to Belmar under her own power.   Hundreds of people flocked to the Belmar Marine Basin to get a first-hand look at this amazing vessel.  The "BOBBY II" was repaired at Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ and Captain Shinn renamed the boat as the "SEA JET".   In 1966, she became Captain Joe Galluccio's "SEA RANGER".   Photo courtesy of Captain Norman Mordaunt.  AMBERJACK II, Brooklyn, NY – 1958  Captain James Ardolino's "AMBERJACK II" sailing from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1958.  BIG JIM II, Cape May, NJ – 1958  Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ built the "BIG JIM II" in 1957 for Captain Albert Dulinski.   She later sailed as the "MISS POINT LOOKOUT", the "WHITE EAGLE III", the "CAPT. MIKE", the "SEA HUNTER" and is currently sailing as the "TRADEWINDS III" from Bowers Beach, DE.   Photo courtesy of Captain 'Jack' Bogan. 
CARRIE D II, Brooklyn, NY – 1958  Captain Sal Dragonetti's party boat "CARRIE D II" sailing from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1958.   She was built in 1920 as Captain Harry Rigby’s "BROOKLYN".  CARRIE D II, Brooklyn, NY – 1966  The "CARRIE D II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1966.   In this picture, the mast has been removed and a forward cabin and overhang on the rear of the wheelhouse have been added.  BUCKY II, Cape May, NJ – 1958  Captain Lavallette Buck's "BUCKY II" from "Buck's Landing" in Cape May, NJ circa 1958.   She was built in 1955 at Ruark, VA and originally sailed as the "CAPT. STETSER".   The "BUCKY II" was later sold and relocated to New Hampshire and sailed as the "LADY ANN".  COLUMBIA, Brielle, NJ – 1958  The "COLUMBIA" from Bogan's Basin, Brielle, NJ circa 1958.   She was a 45-footer built in 1940 by the Johnson Brothers Boat Works, Bay Head, NJ for the Bogan family.   She was operated by Captains Jack Bogan and Fred Lamb.   Photo courtesy of Brielle Bait & Tackle.  OLD PAL, Brooklyn, NY – 1958  The "OLD PAL" from Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY and operated by Captain Kaspar Bonsignore circa 1958.   Built in 1946 by the Scott McBurney Boat Yard at Brooklyn, NY, she was later operated by his son, Frank Bonsignore. 
LADY JESS, Babylon, NY – 1958  Built in 1951 at Bayshore, NY the "LADY JESS" was operated by Captain George Benson.   With her varnished topsides, she is a good example of the fine woodwork found aboard many vessels of the era.   Photo courtesy of Tom Whitford.  NADA JANE, Wildwood, NJ – 1958  The new "NADA-JANE" from Cape May, NJ circa 1958.   The "NADA JANE" was built in 1957 for Captain Walter Schick by the Price Boat Yard at Deltaville, VA.  She later sailed as the "VIKING DIVER" and has since been dismantled.   Photo courtesy of Jerry O’Flynn.  PARAMOUNT, Brielle, NJ – 1958  The "PARAMOUNT" from Brielle, NJ circa 1958.   Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ built the "PARAMOUNT" in 1958 and Captain James Bogan Sr. manned the helm.   She later became the "HOLIDAY", then the "DUTCHESS" and then the "FRIENDSHIP II" from Sheepshead Bay.   Photo courtesy of Dave Bogan Sr.  PORGY II, Cape May, NJ – 1958  The "PORGY II" from Cape May Marina, Cape May, NJ circa 1958.   She was operated by Captain Ed Reilly and the First Mate was Paul Thompson.   The "PORGY II" specialized in bottom fishing during the spring and summer, and went Cod fishing during the off-season.   The "PORGY III" replaced her in 1962.   Captain Reilly then renamed the "PORGY II" as the "FIESTA" and it was the first boat from Cape May that made 4-hour fishing trips.  RAMBLER, Belmar, NJ – 1958  The party boat "RAMBLER" from Belmar, NJ and skippered by Captain Frank Cline circa 1958.   The "RAMBLER" was built in 1950 at Bordentown, NJ.   She was replaced in 1963 by the Price built "RAMBLER II" and became the "LITTLE RED". 
ROCKET II, Brooklyn, NY – 1958  The party boat "ROCKET II" sailing from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY in 1958.   Captain Laddie Martin operated the "ROCKET II".   He was the son of Captain Dave Martin (the operator of the "GIRALDA".)   Built in 1942 as the 104-foot US Navy Air–Sea Rescue Boat "P-106", she was converted for party boat fishing after the end of World War II.   She was named the "SILVER STAR" before becoming the "ROCKET II".  SEA FOAM III, Atlantic City, NJ – 1958  The "SEA FOAM III" sailed from Starn's Pier at Atlantic City.   She was built in 1952 at Bena, Virginia and was owned by Captain 'Archie' Brown and operated by Captain Joe Pettingill.   She would later sail as the "SEA QUEEN" and last sailed as the commercial dragger "SONNIE W".   Her present fate is unknown.   Photo courtesy of Don Nyce.  SPRAY II, Belmar, NJ – 1958  Captain Pete Saro's "SPRAY II" getting ready for another season of fishing for those "Jersey Shore Jumbo Fluke".   She was built in 1914 at Brooklyn, NY as Captain John Michaels' "AMERICA" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   In 1948, Captain Pete Saro Sr. purchased her and moved her to Belmar, NJ.  TAMBO II, Brooklyn, NY – 1958  The "TAMBO II" circa 1958 was skippered by Captain Anillo 'Neil' Perillo and sailed from Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY.   Check out those single safety rails!   She was built in 1922 at Brooklyn, NY and was originally owned by Captain Bill Cronan; he later sold her to Captain Perillo.  TAMPA II, Brooklyn, NY – 1958  Captain Rocky Becker's "TAMPA II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1958.   The boat was built in 1929 at Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY and originally sailed from the Canarsie section of Brooklyn and then from Sheepshead Bay as Captain Jack Weidner's "PIONEER II".   In 1963, Captain Becker replaced her with the larger "TAMPA III" and she became Captain Joe Vialotti's "JOVIAL II".   She lost her certificate of inspection in 1979 and her fate in unknown.