EFFORT Cod, Brooklyn, NY – 1954  A nice pair of cod caught aboard the "EFFORT" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY in 1954.   The Sheepshead Bay party boats that specialized in cod fishing during this era had large weekly pools that were for the largest fish caught among the participating vessels and a season-long pool that often topped $10,000.   On the left in the photo is Al Wridings, the boat's engineer and on the right is Duke, also known as "Frenchie" who ran the galley aboard the boat.   Photo Courtesy of the Captain Fred Wrege and Charles VanDerVoort families.  Fishing Tackle – 1954  State-of-the-art fishing tackle in the Fall of 1954.   Angler Ray Grey from Fords, NJ shows off his brand new Penn Squidder reel and fiberglass boat rod.  IDEAL I Fluke Catch – 1954  Hold 'em high!   A fine mess of Fluke caught aboard Captain Doug Macintosh’s "IDEAL I" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ in 1954.   She was built in 1946 at Brooklyn, NY as Charlie Dodd's "OPTIMIST I" and later purchased by Captain Macintosh, a noted Fluke specialist.  Family Fishing Fun – 1955  Fluke fishing aboard the "SEA PIGEON II" from Perth Amboy, NJ in July 1955.   'Mom' happily shows off her pool-winning Fluke (Summer Flounder) to her son.  IDEAL I Fluke, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1955  True to her name, there were many "IDEAL" days for Fluke fishermen who sailed with Captain Doug Macintosh as this 1955 photo depicts.   Photo courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr. 
Sheepshead Bay Blackfish Catch – 1955  Quality and quantity… A group of happy anglers shows off their impressive Blackfish catch at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1955.   Since the wily Blackfish is difficult to catch, these guys obviously knew what they were doing.  Sheepshead Bay Cod Catch – 1955  Heigh-ho, heigh-ho.   It's home from work we go.   Instead of swinging a seabag over his shoulder, this Sheepshead Bay, NY party boat mate is lugging home a nice Cod for dinner circa 1955.  Sheepshead Bay Porgy Catch – 1955  Typical of the dockside scene at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY in 1955, this salty mate is displaying his catch of very large Porgies for sale to passerby.  Charter Boat COUGAR Bluefish, Belmar, NJ – 1956  This fine mess of Bluefish was taken aboard Captain John 'Harry' Dilman's charter boat "COUGAR" sailing out of Belmar, NJ in 1956.    Mate Joe Galluccio is shown standing on the far right.   Photo Courtesy of Captain Joe Galluccio.  MISS POINT PLEASANT Cod, Point Pleasant, NJ – 1956  Captain Jack Endean was another veteran wreck fisherman whose 45-footer produced plenty of great Cod catches.  Photo courtesy of the Jack Endean Family. 
EFFORT Sea Bass, Brooklyn, NY – 1957  Captain Charles VanDerVoort poses with a few of his regular customers and a nice catch of 'Knucklehead' Black Sea Bass aboard the "EFFORT" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY in 1957.   During the 1950s, the wrecks off Fire Island produced large catches during the summer months.   Captains Fred Wrege and Charles VanDerVoort made it a point to never over fish any of their wrecks.   If you didn't leave a few fish, the wreck would not replenish itself with new resident fish.   Photo courtesy of the Captain Fred Wrege and Charles VanDerVoort families.  Sheepshead Bay Bluefin Tuna Catch – 1957  We don't know the name of this Sheepshead Bay, NY angler, but the back of this 1957 photo says the Bluefin tuna he caught aboard a charter boat weighed a whopping 647 pounds.   My, how times have changed… and so has the fishing tackle.   The 'widow-maker' fishing rod he used could also be used for Olympic pole vaulting.  Fare, Fish and Feline – 1958  A young lady holding the doormat Fluke that she caught on July 9, 1958 aboard Captain Jack Bogan's "SHAMROCK" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   You just know the evil dock cat is hungrily waiting for opportunity to knock... and for the string holding the fish to break!   Photo courtesy of Captain John Bogan Sr.  YANK Cod and Pollack Catch – 1958  Cod and Pollack line the dock in March 1958 after a 'crew trip' aboard the "YANK" to the wreck of the "LILLIAN".   In the lineup are, from left to right, Captain John 'Candy' Keefe, "YANK" Captain Harry Tonks, "YANK" Mate 'Whitey' Savage, "YANK" Captain Russ Tonks, long-time "TAMBO" and "TAMBO III" Mate Artie Stehle and "TAMBO III" Captain Ed Keefe Sr.   The "YANK" sailed from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  TAMBO III Fluke Catch – 1959  The "TAMBO III" returned from a fabulous day of 'Jumbo Jersey Fluke Fishing' on August 30, 1959.   It looks like most anglers had at least one Fluke in the six to seven pound range and there is a guy standing near the bow with a real monster.   (Check out the next picture and you'll see what we mean.)   Veteran Fluke specialist, Captain Ed Keefe Sr. operated the "TAMBO III" from Harbor Inn Basin, Brielle, NJ for many years.   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr. 
TAMBO III Pool Fish – 1959  Captain Ed Keefe Sr. congratulates angler Marvin Schaffel, who landed a 16½-pound doormat Fluke aboard the "TAMBO III" from Harbor Inn Basin, Brielle, NJ on August 30, 1959.   The monster Fluke was the largest caught on the "TAMBO III" that year and it was taken while drifting over a wreck located four miles from Manasquan Inlet.   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  MISS MOORE Tuna, Great Kills, NY – 1960  This catch of school Bluefin Tuna was taken aboard the original "MISS MOORE" during the summer of 1960.  During the following years, Captains Freddie and Eve Moore would go on to pioneer Tuna fishing from party boats.   First Mate Ken Ekberg is shown looking on at the far left.   Visible in the background is Captain Jimmy Carves' "BELBOY".   Photo courtesy of Ken Ekberg.  TAMBO III Fluke, Brielle, NJ – 1960  "Start 'em young" was the motto in the Keefe family.   A young Ed Keefe Jr. is shown with regular customer Ira Ingram holding a few "Jersey Fluke" caught aboard his Dad's "TAMBO III".   Captain Ed Keefe Sr. was another local boatman who specialized in locating jumbo Fluke along the rocks, wrecks, reefs, ledges and drop-offs off the Jersey shore.   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  Weighing the pool winning codfish in Perth Amboy, NJ – 1960  Weighing the pool winning codfish on the dock by the "SEA PIGEON" at Perth Amboy, NJ in 1960.   By the way people are dressed, the picture was probably taken on a Sunday evening.  TEAL Tuna Catch – 1963  Shoal’s Dock in Great Kills, Staten Island, NY was hopping in 1963 at the end of a very successful day of 'Mud Hole' tuna fishing aboard Captain Freddie Moore's "TEAL".   These big bluefin tuna weighed between 250 and 300 pounds!   Not bad for a bunch of guys fishing on a party boat with single-speed Penn reels and 8-foot 'widow maker' rods.   Ouch, pass me the Ben-Gay liniment!   Photo courtesy of Ken Ekberg. 
JAMAICA Cod Catch – 1963  The elated anglers aboard the 90-foot steel-hulled "JAMAICA" hold their catches of Cod and Pollack along the rail after an offshore trip in 1963 to fish the wreck called 'Bogan's Mountain'.   The wreck held tons of big Cod, Pollack and White Hake, many weighing more than fifty pounds.  Captains Howard Bogan Sr. and Dave Bogan Sr. and Mate George Clevenger went wreck hunting aboard the "JAMAICA" in 1962.   They went to check out Loran A numbers of snags where local draggers had lost their nets with the hopes of finding new wrecks to fish.   The "JAMAICA" was equipped with the best electronics of the day, which included an expensive, Kelvin-Hughes ASDIC (an acronym for a side-scanning sonar named after the WWII Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee.)  On the two-day wreck hunt, the trio discovered three wrecks and they named the first one they found 'Bogan's Mountain'.   This wreck was in 230 feet of water about 60 miles east of the Manasquan Inlet and at the time, no one knew what the wreck was.   29 years later in 1991, divers finally located it and what they found was a WWII German submarine.   At first, the divers couldn't determine its name, so they called it the "U-WHO".   In 1998, its identity was confirmed to be the 252-foot IX Class submarine "U-869" (you may have seen the story on a Nova television program a few years ago.)   The photo is courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  TEAL Shark, Great Kills, NY – 1963  Captain Freddie Moore (far left) and Mate Ken Ekberg (center) pose with a few regulars and this nice Shark that was hoisted back at Shoals Dock.   Photo courtesy of Ken Ekberg.  TEAL Cod Catch – 1964  First Mate Ken Ekberg wrestles with two large Cod on the pool scale as the rest of the anglers gleefully wait their turn.   Captain Freddie Moore's "TEAL" from Great Kills, Staten Island, NY was returning from a from a fishing trip to the 'Cholera Bank' when this picture was taken in 1964.   Photo courtesy of Ken Ekberg.  SHAMROCK Mackerel Catch – 1965  A young Captain John Bogan Jr. displays his catch of Boston mackerel.   He caught this mess of mackerel in 1965 while fishing aboard the "SHAMROCK" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   Photo courtesy of Captain John Bogan Sr.  SEA RANGER Porgies, Belmar, NJ – 1966  Mates Rodney 'Sparky' Pilot and Terry Clancy pose at Belmar Marina with a nice mess of Porgies taken aboard Captain Joe Galluccio's "SEA RANGER" in 1966.   Photo Courtesy of Captain Joe Galluccio. 
Rocco Zara and his Record Sea Bass, Brielle, NJ – 1985  On December 7, 1985 Rocco Zara of Freehold, New Jersey landed this 8-pound Sea Bass while fishing aboard the "JAMAICA" on an offshore Cod and Pollock trip.   The giant Sea Bass held the 30-pound line IGFA world record and the New Jersey state record until it was bested by an 8-pound 2-ounce fish in 1992.  Look out!  Get outta da way! – 1992  Look out!   Get outta da way!   The anglers on Captain Bob Semkewyc's "SEA HUNTER" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ got a cheap thrill while drifting for Fluke along the edge of the Raritan Reach shipping channel on an oh–so–special day in 1992.  QUALITY FISH CLEANING service truck – 1992  The QUALITY FISH CLEANING service truck circa 1992.   A couple of mates, a beat–up truck... voila!   These guys were a common site in the marina parking lots in Cape May and Wildwood, NJ.