CAPT. GILLEN III, Captree, NY – 1997  The "CAPT. GILLEN III" from Captree, NY circa 1997.   This wooden vessel was built in 1978 at Yank Boat Works, Tuckahoe, NJ as the "TRAVELER".   She was the "ATOMIC III" and the "BETTY W" (both from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY) before becoming the "CAPT. GILLEN III".   She is now sailing as the "CAPTREE STAR II" from Captree, NY.  CAPT. SLAUGHTER, Belmar – 1997  Captain Ray Burke's "CAPT. SLAUGHTER" from Belmar, New Jersey circa 1997.   She was built in 1956 by Price Boat Yard, Deltaville, VA as the "FLYING FISH" from Point Pleasant, NJ.   She previously sailed as Captain Al Hilliard's "PROWLER" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ and as the "SAND SHARK II" from Brielle, NJ and Belmar, NJ.   A topside wheelhouse was added when she became the "CAPT. SLAUGHTER".   She last sailed as Captain Scotty Gould's "BANDIT" from Belmar, NJ and was later lost to a fire at her dock.  MISS BARNEGAT LIGHT, Barnegat Light, NJ – 1997  The aluminum catamaran "MISS BARNEGAT LIGHT" circa 1997.   She sails from Barnegat Light, NJ and is skippered by Captain John Larson.   Affectionately known as the 'Red Sled', she does an honest 26 Knots and is arguably one of the best canyon tuna boats in New Jersey.   She was built in 1974 at Breaux’s Bay Craft, Loreauville, LA.  PRINCESS MARIE, Point lookout, NY – 1997  The "PRINCESS MARIE" is shown here drifting for fluke all the way into Sandy Hook Bay, New Jersey.   She was built in 1976 by Lydia Yachts at Stuart, FL and continues to sail from Point Lookout, NY.  YANKEE III, Captree, NY – 1997  Built in 1965 by Gillikin Boat Works at Harkers Island, NC as Captain Ted Bower's "BLUE SEA I" from Riviera Beach, FL, she later sailed as the "CAPT. SANDY II" and then as the "STARLIGHT" from Wildwood, NJ.   Afterwards, she was sold to Captain Fred Roberts who remodeled her (the wheelhouse was moved from the forward deck to topside) and renamed her "YANKEE III". 
ELAINE–B II, Highlands, NJ – 1998  The "ELAINE-B II" from Highlands, NJ and skippered by Captains Stan Zagleski Sr. and Jr. circa 1998.   This Price-built boat was launched in 1965 as Captain Al Gable’s "DELMAR" and later became Captain Clem Esposito's "COMMODORE" from Island Park, NY.   In 1986, she was sold again and became the "ELAINE-B II".  LADY J V, Point Lookout, NY – 1998  The party boat "LADY J V" from Point Lookout, NY and skippered by Captain Pat Focazio circa 1998.   She was built in 1989 by Panhandle Custom Marine, Panama City, FL.  MISS NEL, Brooklyn, NY – 1998  The "MISS NEL" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1998.   Built in 1963 by Stowman Shipyard at Dorchester, NJ, she first sailed as the "CAPTAIN JOHN II" from Plymouth, MA.   Later sold, she became Captain George Richford's "PASTIME II" from Sheepshead Bay before sailing as the "MISS NEL".   After that, she sailed as the "WHITE EAGLE III" also from Sheepshead Bay.  MISS POINT LOOKOUT III, Point Lookout, NY – 1998  The "MISS POINT LOOKOUT III" from Point Lookout, NY and skippered by Captain Walter Specht circa 1998.   She is shown here on one of her weekly "Jersey Shore Fluke Special" trips.   She was built in 1984 by Lydia Yachts as the "HURRICANE" and sailed from Captree, NY as the "SPEEDY EXPRESS".   She later became the "SUPER SPORT" and is currently sailing as the "MISS AVALON" from Avalon, NJ.  PASTIME PRINCESS, Brooklyn, NY – 1998  Captain George Richford's "PASTIME PRINCESS" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1998.   Camcraft, Inc. built this vessel as a crew boat in 1972 at Crown Point, LA.   She later sailed as the whale watching vessel "DIXIE" from Wildwood, NJ before Captain Richford purchased and relocated her to Sheepshead Bay. 
RIPTIDE III, City Island, NY – 1998  The "RIPTIDE III" from City Island, NY circa 1998.   This photo was taken while she was on one of her weekly 'Jersey Shore Fluke Special' trips.   She was built in 1985.  TEAL, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 1998  The "TEAL" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ circa 1998 and skippered by Captains Jeff Gutman, Dan Seich, George Bachert and Richie Moore.   She was built in 1995 by Lydia Boats, Fort Pierce, FL and is now sailing as Captain James Palladino's "CAPT. JIM III" from Freeport, NY.  WHITE STAR IV, Barnegat Light, NJ – 1998  The "WHITE STAR IV" from Barnegat Light, NJ circa 1998.   She was operated by Captain Ray Ettel.  Lydia Yachts, Stuart, FL built her in 1982 as Captain Mike Scarpati’s "RANGER VII" and she was sold to Captain Ettel in 1987.   She is currently sailing as Capt. 'Speedy' Hubert's "SUPER SPEEDY EXPRESS".   Photo Courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  CAROLYN ANN III, Barnegat Light, NJ – 1999  The "CAROLYN ANN III" was built and operated by Captain William Hammarstrom in 1972.   She has been owned and operated by the Hammarstrom Family ever since and continues to sail from Barnegat Light, NJ.   Rack card courtesy of Captain Bob Moro.  EMERALD TIDE, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 1999  The "EMERALD TIDE" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ circa 1999.   She is shown here heading along the beach during a summer fluke fishing trip.   Captain Bob Semkewyc purchased the boat in the spring of 2005 and she is now sailing as his "SEA HUNTER" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ. 
APPLEJACK, Atlantic City, NJ – 2000  Captain Andrew Applegate III "APPLEJACK" from Atlantic City, NJ circa 2000.   Built in 1975 by Gulf Craft at Patterson, LA, she was formerly the "CAPT. STARN VI".   She has since been relocated to Gloucester, MA and is presently sailing as Captain Bill Cunningham's whale watch vessel, the "MISS CAPE ANN".  DOROTHY B VIII, Brooklyn, NY – 2000  Captain Kevin Bradshaw's "DOROTHY B VIII" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 2000.   She was built in 1977 by Gulf Craft at Patterson, LA and previously sailed as Captain Bob Sapanara's "BROOKLYN V" also from Sheepshead Bay.  The boat is presently sailing as the "DOLPHIN EXPRESS" from Port Aransas, TX.  LAURA LEE, Captree, NY – 2000  Captain Neil Delanoy’s very well maintained "LAURA LEE" from Captree, NY circa 2000.   The boat was built in 1970 by James Gillikin's Machine & Supply Co., Beaufort, NC as Captain Bert Blum's "JIB V" and sailed from Captree, NY.   She then operated from Montauk, NY as the whale watch boat "FINBACK I" before returning to Captree, NY as the "LAURA LEE".   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  ROSIE R, Belmar, NJ – 2000  Captain Jim Hull's charter boat "ROSIE R" from Belmar, NJ circa 2000.   Yank Marine at Tuckahoe, NJ, built her in 1985.   Photo postcard courtesy of Captain Bob Moro.  SEA PIGEON IV, Perth Amboy, NJ – 2000  Captain Marty Haines' newly refurbished "SEA PIGEON IV" from Perth Amboy, NJ circa 2000. 
ATLANTIS PRINCESS, Staten Island, NY – 2001  The "ATLANTIS PRINCESS" was built in 1994 by Yank Marine at Tuckahoe, NJ and originally sailed as the "MISS BELMAR PRINCESS".   She presently sails from Great Kills Harbor and specializes in Fluke fishing in Raritan Bay during the summer months and offshore tuna trips in the fall.  BONANZA II, Fortesque, NJ – 2001  The father and son team of Captains Joseph Ronketty Sr. and Jr. operate the "BONANZA II" from Fortesque, NJ.   She is yet another boat built by the Gillikin family and was constructed in 1985 at East Bay Boat Works, Harkers Island, NC.   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  MISS CHRIS II, Cape May, NJ – 2001  Captain Fred Ascoli's "MISS CHRIS II" from Cape May, NJ circa 2001.   Built in 1977 by East Bay Boat Works at Harkers Island, NC, she continues to sail under her original name.   Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.  ORIENT STAR II, Orient, NY – 2001  Captain Bill Russo's "ORIENT STAR II" from Orient, NY circa 2001.   This 50-footer was built in 1955 by Price Boat Yard at Deltaville, VA as the "CAPT. GEO. ROMAN".   Later, Captain Wayne Westerlind purchased the boat and renamed her as the "CAPT. WAYNE" and operated her from Captree, NY until 1966.   She then became the "CAPT. SWANSON" from Captree, NY and after that, was Captain Bill Butler's "CAPT. WILLIE" from Montauk, NY.   From 1985 to 1997, she sailed as Captain Mike Vegessi's "LAZY BONES" from Montauk, NY.  SEA DEVIL, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 2001  Captain Bob Pennington took his "SEA DEVIL" back to North Palm Beach, Florida on her 10th birthday for a fresh coat of paint.   Traveling to Florida was necessary to have the job 'done right' in the ideal climate. 
AMERICAN EAGLE, Belmar, NJ – 2002  The "AMERICAN EAGLE" from Belmar, NJ circa 2002.   She was built by Deebold Boatworks, Atlantic City, NJ in 1965 as the "JO ANN IV" and sailed from Bahr's Landing, Highlands, NJ.   She was the "BIG-MARIE-S" from Belmar, NJ before becoming the "AMERICAN EAGLE".  On February 29, 2004, the "American Eagle" entered Manasquan Inlet and lost her steering.   She struck the jetty inside the inlet and began taking on water.   She was towed to shallow water where she later sank.   The vessel was dismantled a few days later.  ATLANTIC STAR, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2002  The "ATLANTIC STAR" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ circa 2002 and skippered by Captain Tom Buban.   Lydia Yachts of Stuart, FL built her in 1977 and she previously sailed as the "PRIVATEER II".   Photo courtesy of Captain Tom Buban.  CAPT. GILLEN II, Captree, NY – 2002  The "CAPT. GILLEN II" from Captree, NY and skippered by Captain Patrick Gillen circa 2002.   This 70' wooden vessel was built in 1976 by Gillikin Craft Inc., Beaufort, NC (another James Gillikin company) as the "MARLIN IV".   She later became the "CAPT. DAN II" before finally becoming the "CAPT. GILLEN II".   Picture courtesy of Captain Patrick Gillen.  MISS L.B.I., Barnegat Light, NJ – 2002  Captain Ken Nutt's "MISS L.B.I." from Barnegat Light, NJ circa 2002.   Built in 1986 by Lydia Yachts of Stuart, FL, she originally sailed as the "CAPTAINS LADY III".   Captain Nutt sold her in 2005 and she is now sailing as Captain John Connel's "CAPTAIN JOHN" from Keyport, NJ.   Flyer photo courtesy of Captain Bob Moro.  CAPT. DAVE, Brooklyn, NY – 2003  The "CAPT. DAVE" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 2003.   She was built in 1960 at Harkers Island, NC by Gillikin Boat Works and originally sailed as the "VIKING" from Barnegat Light, NJ.   She has changed owners and names many times; she later sailed as the "GAMBLER" from Point Pleasant, NJ (1966), the "SEA DEVIL" (1976), the "OASIS" (1979), the "TWILIGHT" (1992) and presently as the "CAPT. DAVE" (2000).