Captain Dave Bogan Sr., PARAMOUNT, Brielle, NJ – 1981  Captain Dave Bogan Sr. at the helm of the "PARAMOUNT" circa 1981.   Captain Dave operated many of the Bogan family boats at Brielle, New Jersey at one time or another.   He is one of the few captains that successfully mastered the gamut of party boat fishing, commercial clamming and commercial bait fishing.   Captain Dave retired and moved to Sebastian, Florida in 1996, but alas, he passed away on December 7, 2014 after a long battle with cancer and his favorite pipe is nowhere to be found.  We considered Captain Dave a friend and mentor and we miss him dearly.   He graciously contributed many of the fine vintage photos found on Mike's Maritime Memorabilia.   This photo of Captain Dave and the rest of the photos in his memorial all came from him.  A funeral mass for Captain Dave will be held at St. Sebastian Catholic Church on December 27.   In lieu of flowers, the Bogan family requests donations to the Visiting Nurse Association of The Treasure Coast, 1110 35th Lane, Vero Beach, FL 32960 or to the Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation, PO Box 23827, Tampa, FL 33623.  Swimmimg with Grandpa – 1949  Grandpa says "Okay kids, you can have a five minute swim and then it's back to work you go!"   Left to right are Maude D'Amato, Tom Bogan, Dave Bogan Sr., William Egerter Jr., Howard Bogan Sr., family patriarch and Grandpa John Bogan Sr. and James Bogan Jr.   In the water is John Bogan III.  COLUMBIA fishing trip – 1950  The results of a fishing trip aboard Captain Jack Bogan's "COLUMBIA" in August 1950.   Like any young lads, they were out fishing on a boat with their pals and happy as clams.   Shown left to right are Jackie McGuire, a 10-year old Dave Bogan Sr. and Bob Bogan Sr.  PENNSY, Brielle, NJ – 1956  The "PENNSY" from Brielle, NJ circa 1956.   She was owned by the Bogan family and operated by Captain Roy Skillman.   The "PENNSY" was a converted World War II PT Boat, "PT-457" built in 1944 by Higgins Industries Inc. New Orleans, LA.  US Coast Guard regulations at the time she was converted to party boat fishing required vessels longer than 65-feet to have an on-board engineer (along with a captain.)   Since she was originally 78 feet in length, the Bogan family shortened her to 64-feet 11-inches to circumvent the requirement.  In 1957, Captain Dave Bogan Sr. took over the helm of the "PENNSY".   (He is seen in this photo walking towards the cabin with his back to the camera.)   The Bogan family later sold her and she became Captain Al Wirth's "FALCON" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.   Lastly, she was later stored at a Staten Island, NY boat yard for a few years and was finally dismantled in 1991.  JAMAICA, Brielle, NJ – 1957  The original "JAMAICA", from Bogan's Brielle Basin, Brielle, NJ circa 1957.   Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ built this 65 foot boat in 1957 and two GM 110 diesels provided the power.   Captain Howard Bogan Sr. initially operated the "JAMAICA" and was later followed by Captain Dave Bogan Sr.   This particularly nice picture was taken before a dodger was built around the pilothouse.   She later became Captain William Egerter Jr's "DAUNTLESS" and sailed from Broadway Basin, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   In 1974, she became the "ATLANTIS".   Afterwards, she was sold, remodeled, re-powered, relocated to Cape May and renamed the "SEA STAR II".   She is still in service, but as a recreational vessel. 
PARAMOUNT, Brielle, NJ – 1958  The "PARAMOUNT" from Brielle, NJ circa 1958.   Stowman Shipyards, Dorchester, NJ built the "PARAMOUNT" in 1958 and Captain James Bogan Sr. manned the helm.   He was followed by Captain Dave Bogan Sr. who operated the boat until 1972.   She later became the "HOLIDAY", then the "DUTCHESS" and last sailed as the "FRIENDSHIP II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   She caught fire at her pier in 1986 and was a total loss.  JAMAICA, Brielle, NJ – 1961  Built in 1961 by James Coppedge & Sons at Diesel Shipbuilding Co., Jacksonville FL, this "JAMAICA" was the first steel vessel in the Bogan fleet.   The boat was originally operated by Captain Howard Bogan Sr. who started their offshore Cod and Pollack trips to 50 to 75 mile wrecks in this vessel.   Captain Dave Bogan Sr. later operated the "JAMAICA" and was then followed by Captain Joe Bogan.   The boat was sold in the late 1980s and sailed as the commercial long-line fishing boat "DAWN" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ until 2007 and was dismantled.  PARAMOUNT, Brielle, NJ – 1962  The first steel hulled "PARAMOUNT" circa 1962.   Built by the Blount Marine Corp. at Warren, RI, the 95 foot "PARAMOUNT" was initially operated by Captain John Bogan III and then operated by Captain Dave Bogan Sr. until 1976.   The boat was then renamed the "JAMAICA II" with Captains Joe Bogan and John Bogan III at the helm.   The boat is presently sailing as Captain Dave Paris' "CAPT. DAVE III" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.  CLAUDIA JO, Brielle, NJ – 1985  Captains Dave and Paul Bogan's "CLAUDIA JO" from Brielle, NJ.   Built in 1982 at Groton, Connecticut, this 50-foot boat was used for "clams, scallops, sand eels, whiting, squid and whatever else we wanted to catch".   The boat was named after Paul's wife and Dave's youngest daughter and they operated it until 1995 and then sold it.   Captain Dave really liked the boat… "What a great little 'big' boat!"  "Paul and I took great pride in that the way we fished, clammed and scalloped; we did it in a way to virtually eliminate by-catch.   We had a low mortality rate for unwanted species!"  Picking Clams Aboard the CLAUDIA JO – 1985  Dave Bogan Sr. and Paul Bogan sort through a load of clams on the deck of the "CLAUDIA JO".   "Someone had to get a picture of me picking clams!   On my left is Cousin Paul's rear end." 
BRIELLE BASIN, Brielle NJ – 1986  A view of the Brielle Basin fleet at Brielle, NJ circa 1986 showing the party boat "PARAMOUNT" and the commercial clam/bait boat "CLAUDIA-JO".   Captain Dave Bogan Sr. operated both vessels and rumor has it that he really enjoyed it.