SEA PIGEON–MAJESTIC Fare Ticket – 1970  A common fare ticket used by the Perth Amboy, NJ party boats "SEA PIGEON" and "MAJESTIC" circa 1971.   The "SEA PIGEON" was skippered by Captain Marty Haines Sr. and the "MAJESTIC" by Captain Marty Haines Jr.  MISS MOORE and TEAL Fare Ticket – 1973  A common fare ticket used by the party boats "MISS MOORE" and "TEAL" circa 1973.   Both boats sailed from Shoals Dock, Great Kills, Staten Island, NY.   Fare ticket courtesy of Ken Ekberg.  CAPT. WAYNE Fare Ticket – 1960  A fare ticket from Captain Wayne Westerlind's 'Little Red Boat', the "CAPT. WAYNE", Captree, NY circa 1960.   This 50-footer was built in 1955 at Deltaville, VA .   Photo and ticket courtesy of Lee Westerlind.  SPRAY II Fare Ticket – 1960  She was built in 1914 at Brooklyn, NY as Captain John Michaels' "AMERICA" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   In 1948, Captain Pete Saro Sr. purchased her and moved her to Belmar, NJ.   In 1961, Captain Fred Kern purchased the "SPRAY II" and continued to sail her from Belmar, NJ under the same name.   Ticket courtesy of Captain Fred Kern.  HURRICANE Fare Ticket – 1965  A 1965 fare ticket from Captain Joe Galluccio's "HURRICANE", Neptune, NJ.   The "HURRICANE" was the first party boat that Captain Joe purchased.   She was originally Captain Ralph Pennel’s "COCK ROBIN" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. 
ANNA M III Fare Ticket – 1970  A 1970 fare ticket from Captain George W. Mahr's "ANNA M II" from Captree, NY.   Photo and ticket courtesy of Captain George W. Mahr.  BETTY W II Fare Ticket – 1961  A 1961 fare ticket from Captain Ken Wright's "BETTY W II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   Built in 1959 by the Scott McBurney' Boat Yard at Brooklyn, NY, she later became the "SUNSHINE III".  GERTRUDE H Fare Ticket – 1966  A 1966 fare ticket from Captain Hugo Harms' "GERTRUDE H" from Belmar, NJ.   Captain Harms hand-built the "GERTRUDE H" in 1946 at Toms River, NJ and she was one of the largest (65' x 22') and the most heavily built party fishing boat of her time.   (She was built like a battleship!)   Ticket courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  PARAMOUNT III Fare Ticket – 1939  A 1939 fare ticket for the "Paramount III" from Manasquan River Yacht Basin, Brielle, NJ.   Captain John Bogan Jr. operated the "PARAMOUNT III" until the end of World War II.   Johnson Brothers Boat Works built this boat for the Bogan family in 1939 at Bay Head, NJ.   After a fire aboard her at the dock in 1947, she was renamed the "FALCON" and Captain William Egerter Jr. took over the operation of the vessel.  DIANA Fare Ticket – 1970  A 1970 fare ticket from Captain Bob Zeigler's "DIANA" from Brielle, NJ.   She was built in 1931 on the banks of the Raritan River in New Brunswick, NJ. 
VIKING STAR Fare Ticket – 1972  A fare ticket from Captain Carl Forsberg's "VIKING STAR" from Montauk, NY circa 1972.  SEA KING Fare Ticket – 1963  A fare ticket from Captain Cliff Stonier's "SEA KING" from Shoals Dock, Staten Island, NY circa 1963.   Captain Stonier was a Blackfish specialist who expertly found tiny bottom spots along Sea Bright and the Shrewsbury Rocks by using shore ranges.  His mates, Ramsey Irons and Ritchie Pheiffer were very adept at catching these critters.   Ticket courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  IDEAL I Fare Ticket – 1966  A fare ticket from Captain Doug Macintosh’s "IDEAL I" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ circa 1966.   She was built in 1946 at Brooklyn, NY as Charlie Dodd's "OPTIMIST I" and later purchased by Captain Macintosh, a noted Fluke specialist.  CHAPPIE Fare Ticket – 1950  A 1950 fare ticket from the "CHAPPIE", Brielle, NJ.   The "CHAPPIE" specialized in Fluke fishing and was operated by Captain George Chapman Sr. and Captain John Chapman.   Ernest Fiedler built the "Chappie" in 1937 at Brooklyn, NY and she later became the "MISS MANASQUAN".  JAMAICA Fare Ticket – 1966  A 'Special Offer' fare ticket for Captain Howard Bogan Sr's "JAMAICA" from Brielle, NJ circa 1966.   Lord only knows what the 'Special Offer' was. 
JOHNNY'S LANDING Fare Ticket – 1962  Some party boat fare tickets were quite amusing like this one for Captain Bill Petrasek's "HIGHLANDER" from Highlands, NJ.   Artist Rich Corbett's whimsical cartoon shows anglers enjoying themselves with what could be flying Sea Robins.   Yikes!   Ticket courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.  HAPPY Fare Ticket, Leonardo NJ – 1963  A fare ticket from the "HAPPY" from Leonardo, NJ circa 1963.   This vessel would later sail from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.   Fare ticket courtesy of Captain Tom Buban.  GLORY Storm Ticket, Sea Bright, NJ – 1975  Ned Lloyd, a resident of Sea Bright, NJ at the time, recovered this storm ticket from the wreck of Captain John D. O'Leary's "GLORY" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.   The 105-foot "GLORY" ran aground on a stormy night in May 1975 and broke apart fifty feet from the seawall at Normandie Beach in Sea Bright, NJ.   Ned recovered this storm ticket from among the debris along the sea wall and kept it for over thirty years, and after discovering the history of the "GLORY" on this site, sent us this great piece of history.  Although her foundering was the result of a failed diesel engine, it marked the conclusion of an era.   The "GLORY" was the last of many converted luxury yachts that operated as party fishing boats in the New York Bight.  (The "GLORY" was built in 1896 at Weymouth, MA as the steam-powered luxury yacht "INDOLENT" and began party boat fishing in 1914.)   Storm tickets were handed out to passengers on party boats when fishing time was shortened because of bad weather.  It is indeed ironic that one of the last pieces of memorabilia from the "GLORY" is a storm ticket.  ACE Fare Ticket, New York, NY – 1952  With a length of 135 feet and a gross weight of 234 tons, the "ACE" from New York, NY, was billed as the World's Largest Deep Sea Fishing Boat.   The "ACE" sailed daily from the Jersey City Piers at 6:15 AM, and then picked up additional passengers at Battery Place, Manhattan at 6:30 AM and made a final stop at Brooklyn's 69th Street at 7:00 AM.   From there, it was off to the fishing grounds.   Back in 1952, it certainly was a big thing to have a TV set on board.  PALACE III Fare Ticket, Hoboken, NJ – 1954  Captain Ed Baletti's "PALACE III" was a converted World War II Subchaser that was converted to Party Boat Fishing.   As this 1954 fare ticket indicates, she sailed from Hoboken, NJ and picked up additional fares at the Battery in Manhattan.   Three daily pools were offered at 25¢, 50¢ and $1. 
ROAMER II Fare Ticket, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1957  Captain John Basnar's "ROAMER II" sailed from Johnny's Dock in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.   She was built in 1916 at New York, NY and originally sailed from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY.  REX Fare Ticket, Brielle, NJ – 1959  The "REX" was one of the many vessels sailing from Bogan's Basin at Brielle, NJ at the time.   She was built in 1944 at Solomons, Maryland as the US Army Transport Boat "T-180".   The Bogan family bought the boat and converted her for fishing in 1949.   Captains John Bogan III, Kurt Pretshnur and George Chapman also operated the boat along with Captain James Bogan Sr.   She was later sold and became Captain Norman Pearce's "CHAPPIE IV" also sailing from Brielle, NJ.  JERSEY Fare Ticket, Brielle, NJ – 1960  The "JERSEY" was another of the Bogan family's surplus military boats that they converted for party boat fishing.   She was originally built in 1945 as the World War II Higgins PT Boat "PT-305".  JUBILEE Fare Ticket, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 1965  Captain Bob Moffett's "JUBILEE" from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ was built in 1959 by the AC Boat Works at Atlantic City, NJ.   She is presently sailing as the "TORTUGA" from Chincoteague, VA.  CHIEF II Fare Ticket, Belmar, NJ – 1967  A fare ticket from Captain Ralph Mertinet's "CHIEF II" from Belmar, NJ circa 1967.   She was one of the many Price-built vessels to fish the Jersey Shore during this era.   Low profile boats like the "CHIEF" were a perfect platform for fluke fishing. 
AMERICA Fare Ticket, Sheepshead Bay – 1971  Captain Jackie Michael's "AMERICA" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY was one of the oldest names in fishing from this port.   The AMERICA vessels fished from Sheepshead Bay for over 75 years from 1914 to 1990.  DORIS MAE III Fare Ticket, Barnegat Light – 1972  The "DORIS MAE III" sailed from Barnegat Light, NJ and was owned and operated by Captain Charles Eble Sr.   She was built in 1960 By Gillikin Boat Works and rumor has it that she was one of the most beautiful vessels built by this famous boatyard.   Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate a photo of her.  BRAND X Fare Ticket, Point Lookout, NY – 1977  Captain George Porter's "BRAND X" was built in 1944 at New Orleans, LA as the US Navy PT Boat "PT-309".   She first sailed as a party fishing boat from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn as Captain Ira 'Sonny' Ether's "SHERRY ANN".   She later became the "BRAND X" and is presently undergoing a restoration that will return her to the original lines of the "PT-309".  THUMPER III Fare Ticket, Barnegat, NJ – 1978  Gulf Craft Inc. built Captain Ted Weeks' "THUMPER III" in 1973 and she is Mike's favorite Gulf Craft party boat.   Her high waist at the bow and small porthole windows at the front of the cabin made her a great winter offshore fishing boat.   She is presently sailing from Calabash, NC as the "HURRICANE II".  CAPT. JOE II Fare Ticket, Belmar, NJ – 1979  The "CAPT. JOE II" sailed from Belmar, NJ and was owned and operated by father and son Captains Joseph and Mickey Vassallo.   Captain Mickey Vassallo introduced late afternoon/early evening 'magic hours' Whiting (Silver Hake) fishing to the party boat fleet.   The Whiting, the "CAPTAIN JOE II" and Captain Mickey are all gone now, but the innovation of 'magic hours' fishing still continues to be a favorite among local anglers.