Mike's Maritime Memorabilia

Welcome to MIKE'S MARITIME MEMORABILIA pages, a tremendous collection of over 2,200 vintage (and some not-so-old) photos of New Jersey and New York Party Fishing Boats, Marinas, Fishing Piers, Lighthouses, Lightships and Maritime Memorabilia. Our collection spans over one hundred fifty-five years of saltwater fishing in the New York Bight... It is a notable tribute to our fishing heritage. We are adding more photos as time goes on, so come back often and enjoy our fishing trip down memory lane.

2023 Independence Day Edition

Welcome to the 2023 Independence Day Edition of Mike's Maritime Memorabilia! Over the last nineteen years we have posted more than 2,200 vintage photos for all…

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Party Fishing Boats

Vintage Photos of New Jersey and New York Party Fishing Boats. Enjoy our trip down memory lane

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A Tribute to the Captains and Mates of Party Boat and Charter Fishing Fleets

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Vintage Fishin'

Vintage Photos from Fishing Trips made Long Ago

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Vintage Fishing Memorabilia including Posters, Signs, Flyers, Advertisements, Brochures, Charts, Sinkers, Recipes

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Marinas and Piers

Vintage Photos of New Jersey & New York Fishing Docks, Piers, Marinas, Basins, Harbors, Anchorages, Landings, Stations

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Charter Boats

Vintage Charter Boats from New Jersey & New York including Frank Mundus' CRICKET II from Montauk, NY

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In Memoriam

In loving memory of the Fishing Boat Captains who have Crossed the Bar

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Fare Tickets

Fare Tickets from Vintage Party Fishing Boats

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Distant Waters

Vintage Photos of Party Fishing Boats hailing from Massachusetts to Florida

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The Queen of Brooklyn's Sheepshead Bay Fishing Fleet was Captain Jacob Martin's SACHEM

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Bobby II

In 1955, the Belmar, NJ fishing boat BOBBY II left for a day of fishing, but collided with a freighter later that day

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With their signature fine varnish work and distinctive Carolina bow flare, Gillikin boats were some of the finest party fishing boats ever made.

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Gulf Craft

Roaring diesels interrupt the countryside, followed by a large Gulf Craft Fishing Boat at full throttle

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Rack Cards

"Please take one"… Commonly known as Rack Cards, they replaced postcard & brochure advertising for Party Fishing Boats

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Morro Castle

In 1934, the liner MORRO CASTLE ran into a storm and a fire broke out; it drifted ashore at Asbury Park, NJ

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Anglers everywhere know that Lightships, Lighthouses & Buoys are not only for navigation, but great spots to fish

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All things to do with ships and the sea

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Stormy Weather

Vintage photos of storms, hurricanes, and plenty of weather related destruction and mayhem

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