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Mike's Maritime Memorabilia

We hope you enjoy viewing our collection of vintage boat and fishing photos, and our fishing trip down memory lane. And we thank you for your continued interest.

Along with lots of fishing, Mike's Maritime Memorabilia and Mels-Place.com are life-long hobbies for Mike and Mel. We don't sell anything, post any paid advertisements, or receive any fees, services or goods for our efforts. It's really a labor of love and in spite of the oh-so-many hours we spend working on the site, we get a big kick out of it.

Want to contact Mike and Mel?

Send us a message at mmm@mels-place.com and let us know what's on your mind.

We really enjoy hearing your comments about our collection of vintage photos.

Share Your Vintage Photos! Many of the vintage photos you see on Mike's Maritime Memorabilia come from our viewers. We hope our next update can include a few of yours!

Do you have any vintage photos you'd like to share?

Great! We're always on the lookout for 'new' material for the Mike's Maritime Memorabilia pages. Take a look through your shoebox of old photos and if you find any that you think are in keeping with what we have on the web site and LET US KNOW.

What do I get for sharing my vintage photos?

You won't get rich or famous, but if we think your photos are good stuff, you get to see them posted on Mike's Maritime Memorabilia, arguably the largest and best collection of vintage boat and fishing photos on the Internet. The photo captions will include your name and you also get edited, high-resolution versions of your photos. Plus, you get our undying gratitude.

How do I submit my vintage photos?

Easy, just send us an email message at mmm@mels-place.com. Let us know what you have and how we can contact you and we'll work out something that suits you.

What if I don't have electronic versions of my vintage photos?

No problem. We can scan and digitize them for you.

What if my vintage photos are in poor shape?

No problem. We are good at digitally restoring old photos and can wash away many of the ravages of time. We work on a digital copy and never touch your original photo. We have the necessary digital editing tools and we provide the blood, sweat and tears.

Many of the vintage photos you see on Mike's Maritime Memorabilia come from viewers like you. We hope our next update includes a few of yours!