SACHEM, Brooklyn, NY – 1941 "The Queen of the Sheepshead Bay Fleet!" This colorized postcard depicts Captain Jacob 'Jake' Martin's diesel yacht "SACHEM" sailing from Pier 9, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY and is dated 1941. The Pusey and Jones Corporation built her in 1902 for Mr. J. Rogers Maxwell as the steel-hulled luxury yacht "CELT". After exchanging ownership several times and being acquired by the US Navy for service during World War I, she was sold to Captain Martin in 1932. The "SACHEM" sailed as a party fishing boat until the start of World War II when the federal government appropriated her (a second time) for the then tidy sum of $65,000. The US Navy again converted her to an armed yacht and used her to patrol the waters off the Florida Keys and New York under the name "PHENAKITE". At the end of World War II, the US Navy returned the "SACHEM" to Captain Martin, who promptly sold her to the Circle Line in New York City. She was modified to carry up to 492 passengers on two decks and renamed the "SIGHTSEER" (she later became the "CIRCLELINE SIGHTSEER" and "CIRCLE LINE V") and ran sightseeing trips around Manhattan until 1977. During that time, she was the flagship of the Circle Line fleet and their fastest vessel.