SACHEM, Brooklyn, NY – 1932 The "SACHEM" is shown underway at 'full steam' in this spectacular photo. In the midst of the 'Great Depression', Captain Jacob 'Jake' Martin and several other savvy party boat captains capitalized on the poor economy. During this period, many beautiful private yachts once owned by the rich and famous were being sold for a fraction of their original cost, and would soon be operating as party fishing boats from several local ports. During these hard financial times, fishing was still a recreation for some folks, but a absolute necessity for others. With a $2.00 fare and huge fishing pools aboard these vessels, an angler could feed his family (and even the neighbors) with fresh fish, and have a chance at winning a boat pool that was often well over $100. The fishing was very good and the party boat industry flourished while most other businesses suffered. Besides offering daily local fishing trips, the "SACHEM" was one of the many steam yachts that often sailed from Sheepshead Bay to the fishing grounds off Atlantic City, NJ. The fare for these special trips was about $5.00; they departed at 12:00 midnight and returned late in the afternoon of the same day. Massive catches of Black Sea Bass and Porgies were the norm on these trips, which made spending the few extra bucks a very good investment. The photo is courtesy of Captain John Bogan Jr.