ADA L, Brooklyn, NY – 1919 The "ADA L" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1919. In 1919, Captain Adam 'Eddie' Doll returned from duty in World War I and desperately wanted to return to the fishing industry, so he purchased the "ADA L". She leaked badly and took seas over the bow at anchor (the gent shown sitting in the bow probably got pretty wet later on in the day.) Later that year, he sold the boat to Captain John 'Candy' Keefe for $400. Captain Doll told Captain Keefe about all of her shortcomings, but he bought the boat anyway, fixed her up and did well with her. Captain John Michaels' "AMERICA" is in the background (she later became Captain Pete Saro's "SPRAY II" from Belmar, NJ.) Captain Doll's son Bill later became one of the oldest active party boat skipper in the area and Captain Keefe later went on to own the "TAMBO". The photo is courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.