MISTLETOE, New York, NY – 1899 The "MISTLETOE" was a sidewheel steamboat built in 1872 at Chester, Pennsylvania. At the time of this photo, she was owned by the United States Light-House Establishment and operated as a Light House Tender bringing supplies to light houses. She was later sold and at some point began taking parties of anglers from Manhattan's Battery to the fishing grounds. On May 5, 1924 she caught fire while underway to the fishing grounds off Far Rockaway, burned to the waterline and sank. Captain Dan Gully, who owned the "MISTLETOE", was in command of the vessel at the time with 74 passengers aboard, all of whom were safely transferred to other fishing vessels before she went down. Known by local fishermen as "The East Wreck", she still produces various types of bottom fish to this day.