MISS MOORE, Great Kills, NY – 1959 The "MISS MOORE" from Shoals Dock, Great Kills, Staten Island, NY circa 1959. She was skippered by Captains Everett "Evie" and Freddie Moore. This was the first "MISS MOORE" and was a converted 63-foot World War II Air-Sea Rescue boat built in 1943 at Miami, FL as the U.S. Navy ARB "C-16505". She was previously named the "SUDS III" and sailed from Atlantic City, NJ and after sailing as the "MISS MOORE" became Captain Ron Santee's second "FISHERMEN" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ. After that, she sailed as John Larsen's "DEEP ADVENTURES" from Point Pleasant, NJ, and then as the "PECONIC STAR" from Greenport, NY, and last sailed as the "ALMA" from Wisconsin. The photo is courtesy of Ken Ekberg.