FREESPOOL, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 1997 This wonderful aerial photograph taken from a helicopter during the 1997 Mako Mania Tournament shows the charter boat "FREESPOOL" underway. A 33-foot Bertram Yacht built in 1980 at Miami, FL, she sailed from Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor, Atlantic Highlands, NJ from 1994 to 2006. Operated by Captains Scotty Vigar and Danny Seich, the "FREESPOOL" primarily targeted Striped Bass in the New York Bight along with occasional offshore Shark and Tuna trips. She also won the Mako Mania Tournament twice and placed in many other local shark tournaments. The "FREESPOOL" was considered one of the area's premier Striped Bass boats and one of the pioneers of the modern-day Sandy Hook Striped Bass fishery. Photo courtesy of Captain Scotty Vigar.