Captains Ed Keefe Sr. and Jr., MISS TAMBO, Brielle, NJ – 1967 Captains Ed Keefe Sr. and Jr. aboard the "MISS TAMBO", Brielle, NJ circa 1967. Captain Ed was the operator of the charter boat "TAMBO V" from Brielle, NJ and took over the helm of the "TAMBO III" from his Dad, John 'Candy' Keefe in 1956. In 1962, the Gillikin-built "MISS TAMBO" replaced the "TAMBO III" and the family business continued for another generation. Ed Keefe Jr. worked the deck of the "MISS TAMBO" along with his Dad until entering the US Navy. In 1984, Captain Ed retired, sold the "MISS TAMBO" and moved to Florida where he continues to enjoy the warm climate and the good life. Photo courtesy of Ed Keefe Jr.