Captain Charles VanDerVoort, EFFORT, Brooklyn, NY – 1963 Captain Charles VanDerVoort is shown here at the helm of the "EFFORT" in 1963. Captain VanDerVoort was the son-in-law of Captain Fred Wrege and took over the helm of the "EFFORT" when Captain Fred passed away in 1961. Captain VanDerVoort was a World War II veteran and served as a Staff Sergeant in 'E' Company of the elite 5th Ranger Battalion. He saw action on D-Day at Omaha Beach in Normandy and participated in the Battle of the Bulge. Captain VanDerVoort passed away in 1965 marking the end of the "EFFORT" party boats that were a fixture at Sheepshead Bay for over 50 years. Photo courtesy of the Captain Fred Wrege and Captain Charles VanDerVoort Families.