Captain Fred Wrege, EFFORT III, Brooklyn, NY – 1944 Captain Fred Wrege at the Helm of the "EFFORT III", Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NJ circa 1944. Captain Fred was one of Sheepshead Bay's noted 'Wreck Masters'. While the Martin brothers specialized in wreck fishing to the south along the New Jersey coast and off Atlantic City, NJ, Captain Wrege's forte was fishing the wrecks to the east off Long Island and Fire Island. Captain Wrege was one of the last 'old time' fishing Captains who relied on his compass, watch, and shore ranges to locate his wrecks, and not fancy electronics. He was a physically large man that was as tough as nails and was highly respected by the party boat community (and he still is to this day.) Sadly, Captain Fred Wrege passed away on March 6, 1961 at the age of 66. Photo courtesy of the Captain Fred Wrege and Captain Charles VanDerVoort Families.