Cfood Buying - A collection of links for purchasing live, fresh, smoked and prepared seafood including lobster, crabs, clams, fish, oysters, mussels, salmon, tuna, squid.   Also included are links for seafood recipes, seafood nutrition & health information

    According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), more than 90% of the seafood Americans consume is imported (a trade deficit of more than $14 billion) and half of that is farm raised.   And of those imports only 2% is FDA inspected.   The glut of cheap imports has obviously hurt our American fishermen and their ability to stay in business, and there are concerns about the safety of these foreign imports since much of it is raised in countries with little or no health guidelines, regulations or inspections.   Mislabeling and misbranding of these imports are also present.

    Take your pick... One can certainly think that fish caught locally, or perhaps fresh overnighted from some interesting place, are worthy table fare, as opposed to those that are, say, flash frozen, shipped to China, thawed, processed, refrozen, and shipped back to a container port for distribution and re–thawing prior to cooking.

    There is growing consumer awareness and desire for eating local U.S. caught seafood that is fresh, safe to eat, and responsibly and sustainably harvested.  We are increasingly interested in the path our seafood takes from boat to plate.   And if the latest reports from NOAA are correct, we will have healthy fisheries that will sustain American fishermen and wild seafood lovers for many years to come.

    To help lovers of wild–caught seafood find the delicious goodies they crave, we have assembled a list of regional organizations that promote locally caught seafood.   They primarily consist of branding and marketing programs that promote traceable local seafood from sustainable fisheries, but also include information about the various fisheries, the fishermen and the gear they use, wonderful recipes, and educational resources for kids and adults alike.

    Alaska Seafood
    Alaska Seafood – Wild, Natural and Sustainable.   50% of U.S. seafood is produced in the pristine waters of Alaska, and Alaska is the only state that has written conservation laws into its Constitution.   Wild–caught Alaska seafood offers superior flavor and texture and is prized around the world.   Alaska's Responsible Fisheries Management certification crogram is based on widely accepted international Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) guidelines and ensures that you are getting the unique flavor, health benefits, and sustainability of the Alaska fisheries – Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI), Juneau, Alaska
    American Albacore Fishing Aassociation
    American Albacore Fishing Association – The AAFA is a non–profit organization representing commercial pole and troll vessels.   AAFA seeks to ensure responsible fishery management practices and the participation of vital fishing communities.   It supports education regarding responsible fishing methods and promotes the health benefits of tuna consumption along with environmental benefits of sustainable fishery practices.   AAFA strives to ensure the economic viability of pole and troll fisheries now and into the future – Bonita, CA

    Fresh from Florida Seafood
    Florida Gulf SafeFresh from Florida Seafood – Florida fishermen help keep seafood sustainable.   Florida fishermen are required to follow federal and state laws when harvesting seafood.   That is not the case for seafood imported from other countries, so always buy Florida seafood.   This site includes information about the wide variety of seafood produced in Florida waters, seasonal availability, consumer information, delicious recipes, and lots of stuff for teachers and kids – Florida Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing, Tallahassee, FL

    Gulf of Maine Responsibly HarvestedGulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested Program – This branding program acknowledges consumer preferences for responsibly harvested products that are from a known place.   The program empowers consumers to support seafood products they feel good about by identifying products that meet the standard's criteria with the Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested seal.   All of the products that carry the seal are verified by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute against criteria around responsible harvest.   Further, all products achieve third–party verification that products are traceable to the Gulf of Maine region – Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland, ME
    Gulf Wild

    Gulf Wild – Created by environmentally conscious, working Gulf of Mexico fishermen, Gulf Wild™ involves a unique suite of sustainability, seafood safety, tracking, and marketing solutions under a single label.   They're the first to provide real–time tracking of Gulf of Mexico seafood back to its original suppliers, thereby ensuring the safety and authenticity of wild–caught finfish in the Gulf.

    Jody & Jodee's Fishery – Family owned and operated for 35 years and proud to serve the Jersey Shore the best fresh fish and shellfish available.
    Not in the mood to cook... no problem!   They offer a wide variety of fresh steamed and fried seafood meals as well.   Dine with them or take it home and enjoy.   They also have fresh shrimp and seafood platters perfect for any party or occasion – Route 35 South, Neptune, NJ

    Lobsters on the FlyLobsters on the Fly – We're more than just a bumper sticker telling you what to think.   We believe in sustainability of the ocean, the fish, local fishing communities and commercial fishermen.   Lobsters on the Fly is a grassroots marketing initiative supporting and advocating for Maine's seafood and commercial fishermen.   We work with other local businesses and groups to ensure that seafood is a part of the discussion when talking about local food, nutrition, supporting our community and local producers.   Lobsters on the Fly creates and holds events, cooking classes and other educational opportunities to educate and create awareness in the community about our seafood and fishing heritage.   Our message is to buy local seafood.   If you are worried about sustainability, health or catch methods the best solution is to buy local.   You'll be supporting a family fisherman, your community and have the peace of mind of knowing where your seafood comes from and how it got there.
    Louisiana Seafood
    Louisiana Seafood – Louisiana seafood is a sustainable resource.   The seafood producers of Louisiana work hard to provide nourishing, fresh product while protecting each species for future generations.   If you buy Louisiana seafood managed under a US fishery management plan, you can be assured it meets 10 national standards that ensure fish stocks are maintained, overfishing is eliminated and the long–term socioeconomic benefits to the nation are achieved – Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board, New Orleans, LA

    Maine LobsterMaine Lobster – The World's Finest Lobster Comes from Maine.   Maine Lobster harvesters know that by protecting the Maine Lobster resource today, they are protecting their livelihood and this valued ecosystem for tomorrow.   You can feel good about Maine Lobster, knowing that you are enjoying high quality seafood from a well–managed, sustainable, pristine marine resource.   The Maine Lobster industry is the model of a well–managed fishery and ensuring that both the lobster resource and the environment are protected for generations to come – Maine Lobster Promotion Council, Portland, ME
    Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association

    Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association – Established in 1963, a member–driven organization that accepts and supports the interdependence of species conservation – Scituate, MA

    Maine Lobstermen's Association
    Maine Lobstermen's Association – Founded in 1954, the Maine Lobstermen's Association works hard to protect the lobster resource, our traditions and way of life.   Maine lobstermen know how to conserve the resource and how to keep our industry healthy.   But what makes sense to us often does not make sense to fisheries managers, scientists or politicians.   For nearly half a century, the MLA has been fighting for common sense solutions such as the maximum gauge and v–notching, ensuring that resource conservation is balanced with economic survival – Kennebunk, ME

    NC SeafoodNC Seafood – Your on–line source for seafood.   North Carolina harvests some of the finest fish and shellfish available anywhere in the world.   From the highest peaks of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains to the elegant shores of our Outer Banks, freshness from North Carolina waters is a treasure to be shared – North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Marketing, Raleigh, NC

    Outer Banks CatchOuter Banks Catch – The Outer Banks is known for so many wonderful things.   Among them is their commercial fishing heritage.   Throughout Currituck, Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell Counties, there are many 2nd and 3rd generation commercial fishermen who earn their living bringing fresh, seasonal seafood to your table.   Their program promotes and educates seafood lovers about the numerous advantages of requesting what's in season and locally caught.   For their fishermen, it's a hard day's work getting even harder with increasing regulations, but it's also their heritage and means everything to the working watermen and local economy.   But what does it mean to you?   You deserve nothing less than the safest, healthiest, most delicious seafood available.   So when you dine or shop for seafood, ask for Outer Banks Catch by name – Manteo, NC
    South Carolina Seafood Alliance
    South Carolina Seafood Alliance – A not for profit trade organization promoting the sustainable catching and/or production of seafood in state waters and from the adjacent ocean waters.   The Alliance was formed in 2000 to provide a central forum for promoting, educating and informing South Carolinians and all those who value, support and promote local consumption about the State's aquatic food industries – Charleston, SC

    Southern Shrimp AllianceSouthern Shrimp Alliance – A non–profit alliance of members of the shrimp industry in eight states committed to preventing the continued deterioration of America's domestic shrimp industry and to ensuring the industry's future viability.   SSA serves as the national voice for the shrimp fishermen and processors in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas.   Founded in 2002, the SSA works to ensure the continued vitality and existence of the U.S. shrimp industry.   The livelihoods of U.S. shrimpers are threatened by cheap, unfairly traded imported shrimp.   The U.S market has become a dumping ground for shrimp that are turned away from other major seafood importing countries.   Proposed restrictions on shrimp fishing and rapidly increasing costs of doing business also loom over the industry.   The SSA is committed to preserving the long term viability of one of our nation’s most valuable fisheries, which for decades has been a foundation of the economy and social structure of countless coastal communities throughout the Gulf and Southeast regions – Tarpon Springs, FL

    2 Sisters Alaska Seafood – Wild Alaskan seafood.   Products include wild King, Sockeye and Coho salmon, King Crab Legs, Alaskan Halibut, Kodiak Scallops and Prawns.   Free FedEx overnight shipping on 8 or more pounds of seafood – Kenai, AK

    The Abalone Farm – Featuring California Ocean Rose Abalone.   Fresh Abalone are harvested from nearby tanks that mimic a natural tide pool environment.   They are cleaned, tenderized and vacuum packed.  Your Abalone steaks arrive with cleaned shells and an easy to prepare recipe suggestion.   1 pound and 2.5 pound packs available – Cayucos, CA – Brought to you by the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) and its members to provide you with seafood recipes, nutritional and health information about seafood.   The NFI is the nation's leading advocacy organization for the seafood industry.   Its member companies represent every element of the industry from the family fisherman at sea to the national seafood restaurant chains – McLean, VA

    Alaska Seafoods Direct – Offers Alaskan seafood delivered to your door.  Products include Chinook, Coho and King Salmon available as frozen filets, hot smoked, cold smoked.   Alaskan Halibut available as filets, hot smoked and canned.  Frozen Alaskan King Crab and giant Sea Scallops.   Full service sportfish processing also available – Custom Seafood Processors , Soldotna, AK

    American Soft Shell Crab Company – Superior quality and unbeatable prices for live soft and hard blue claw crabs – Dameron, MD

    American Tuna Company – Troll–caught Albacore Tuna, with nothing added, in 7 3/4 ounce and 4lb cans.   Their tuna is cooked only once to preserve the healthful omega–3 oils and the delicate albacore flavor.   A family operation with a love of the fishery and a commitment to quality, their albacore tuna are caught by American fishermen in American waters, delivered to American ports, canned in America, and intended for American consumers – Petaluma, CA

    Bayley's Lobster Pound – For over 90 years, the Bayley family has been catching fresh lobster.   Live Maine lobster shipped fresh overnight.  Order direct from their lobster pound where they get lobsters fresh off the boat, or order fresh Maine seafood – Pine Point, ME

    Billy's Stone Crabs – Along with a famous restaurant specializing in Florida Stone Crabs, you can also get these tasty treats shipped to you – Hollywood Beach, FL

    Brady's Oysters – Fresh shucked oysters by the half gallon.  The oysters are harvested, shucked, then packed in Styrofoam boxes with Gel–Ice and sent FedEx right to your door – Aberdeen, WA

    Cajun Flip–N–Fry – The best way to coat everything you fry.   Works great for breading: Fish, Shrimp, Oysters, Crawfish, Soft Shell Crabs, Vegetables, Chicken, Veal Cutlets, anything you bread before frying – Baton Rouge, LA

    Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. – Fresh Live Maine Lobster, native Maine shrimp, Maine clams, Maine mussels, Maine scallops and Maine haddock shipped to your door – Cape Porpoise, ME
    can be – Highlands, NJ

    Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends – Chef Paul's original Blackened Redfish Magic® Seafood Magic® were introduced in 1983 and are relied on by home cooks and professional chefs worldwide for their quality, consistency and distinct flavor profiles. They're as easy to cook with as salt or pepper, so you can use them in all your seafood recipes – New Orleans, LA

    The Crab Place – It isn't just about buying crabs, it's about giving them as gifts... Say it with seafood.   They offer the freshest products available: world–famous crabs, hard and soft, to fresh crabmeat and crab cakes, fish, clams, oysters, shrimp, scallops, lobster and a whole lot more – Crisfield, MD

    Dave's Gourmet Albacore – Quality gourmet seafood straight to your door.  Products include hook & line caught fresh fish, canned wild Chinook, King & Sockeye Salmon, canned shellfish, smoked salmon and tuna, salmon jerky – Santa Cruz, CA

    Ducktrap River of Maine – Producers of the finest smoked seafood available anywhere for over 30 years.   Using the best modern European smoking technology, combined with traditional, time–consuming curing and smoking methods, their smoked fish products contain no artificial coloring or flavoring.   Products include hot and cold smoked salmon, trout, mackerel, whitefish, haddock and catfish – Belfast, ME

    FDA Seafood List  – "The Seafood List" is a compilation of existing acceptable market names for imported and domestically available seafood as well as scientific names, common names, and known vernacular or regional names – U.S. Food & Drug Administration

    Fish Brothers Smoked Fish – Producing fine smoked seafood products on the north coast of California since 1984.   Products include three styles of Lox (traditional Atlantic, Premium Nova, and premium Wild Alaskan Sockeye), and hot smoked delicacies such as wild Sockeye salmon, wild Alaskan salmon in three unique styles, salmon jerky and line caught albacore tuna – Blue Lake, CA

    Fishermen Direct – Fresh and frozen Oregon seafood direct from fishermen.   Products include Sable Fish, Petrale Sole, Ling Cod, Rock Fish, Yellowfin & Albacore Tuna, troll–caught Salmon, Oregon pink shrimp, fresh steamer clams and oysters, smoked fish and smoked Salmon – Gold Beach, OR

    Florida Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing – Consumer information about Florida seafood and aquaculture, the variety and availability of Florida products, recipes, festivals, food safety tips, and other information of interest to consumers – Tallahassee, FL

    FoodSaver® Vacuum Packaging System – Prevent those tasty filets from getting freezer burn – Jarden Corp., Rye, NY

    Fresh– – Information about every aspect of buying, cooking and enjoying fresh seafood purchased locally or online.   Learn about buying, cooking and enjoying fish, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, clams, oysters, mussels and other seafood.   Features include seafood information, recipes, news, events, seafood directory and more.

    Graffam Bros. Seafood Market – They have been shipping Lobsters to Lobster Lovers since 1946.   Fresh fish and shellfish are also available – Rockport, ME

    The Great Gourmet, Inc. – Specialty Seafood Online Sales.   From boat to you... the next day!  They supply only the finest – and hard to find – premium quality seafood available.   They feature an extensive product line of specialty seafood items and can ship directly from the boat, overnight to any location in the continental USA.   Products include Clam Chowder, Breaded Clam Strips & Calamari Rings and Stuffed Clams.   Whole, dressed & filleted Tilapia, Flounder, Grouper, Spanish Mackerel, Sea Trout, Snapper and Striped Bass.   Fresh Scallops, Conch, Soft & Hard Maryland Blue Crabs and Backfin Crabmeat  – Hebron, MD

    Harbor House Crabs – Our Maryland Blue Claw Crabs are always steamed to order which means they are steamed live the day we ship them.   This ensures that the crabs we deliver are as fresh as possible when they arrive at your doorstep.   Other seafood products offered include Soft Shell Blue Crabs, Crab Cakes, Gulf Shrimp, King Crab, Snow Crab, Clams, Oysters and Maine Lobster tails – Harrisburg, PA

    Hawaii Seafood Council – A nonprofit organization, the HSC provides consumer information about wild Hawaii fish, the sustainable Hawaii fishery, seafood & health and nutrition.

    Islamorada Fish Company – The freshest Florida seafood available.   Fish market & restaurants located in Islamorada, Dania Beach & Orlando, FL

    Jersey Seafood – From the garden state... it's a shore thing.   An informative site full of information about seafood, seafood preparation and storage, the seafood industry, aquaculture, projects and publications – New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Trenton, NJ

    J.O. Spice Company – Established in 1945, J.O. Spice is a Baltimore, Maryland based manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of seafood seasonings, spices, batters , breadings and soups.   If you have ever eaten traditional steamed Maryland crabs, you have probably already tasted J.O. Spice's famous recipe.   J.O. brand crab seasonings are used in almost every crab house and restaurant on the East coast that serves Maryland steamed crabs and is the preferred crab seasoning around the Chesapeake Bay area.   J.O. Crab Seasonings are custom blends using ingredients and a special salt, which adhere to the steamed crab – Baltimore, MD

    Joe's Stone Crab – Stone crab claws shipped overnight wherever you are in the continental United States and they'll arrive fresh, ice cold and ready for cracking.   Their complete package meals come with a mallet, a cracking board, cocktail forks, bibs, and instructions.   Joe's Claws are nothing but the best – Miami Beach, FL

    Klein's Fish – Offers the freshest seafood on the Jersey shore.   This Belmar institution opened as a fish market in the 1920s.   Klein's takes generous advantage of its location pleasing visitors with riverside alfresco seafood dining, raw bar and sushi bar – River Road at Main Street – Belmar, NJ

    Lodge Manufacturing Company – America's oldest and only domestic manufacturer of Cast Iron Cookware.   Fish simply taste better when cooked in a well–seasoned cast iron skillet or grill – South Pittsburg, TN

    Maine Lobster Direct – Ships only the highest quality, freshest, live Maine Lobster from the Gulf of Maine, caught by Maine lobstermen and women.   A family–owned and operated business since 1995 – Portland, ME

    Mel's Crabs – Serving the finest hard shell and soft shell blue crabs since 1988.   Hard shell crabs are available by the dozen or by the bushel (They give bushel discounts for half bushels.)   Available online is Mel's preferred crab spice; it goes perfectly with crabs as well as shrimp, crawfish, mussels, any seafood! – Rt. 4 North, Prince Frederick, MD

    Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program – What seafood to eat and buy.   The Seafood Watch program helps consumers and businesses make choices for healthy oceans.   Their recommendations indicate which seafood items are "Best Choices," "Good Alternatives," and which ones you should "Avoid" – Monterey, CA

    Old Bay Seasoning – There are two things you need to know about Old Bay Seasoning.   It's great on seafood and it's great on everything else.   For 60 years, Old Bay ruled the spice rack as the definitive seafood spice, with a world–famous blend of 18 herbs and spices.   Around the Chesapeake Bay, Old Bay is on every dining room table, nestled between the salt and pepper shakers.   Old Bay is a McCormick company – Sparks, MD

    Pike Place Fish Market – Located in an historic, open air market in the heart of Seattle, Washington, people come from all over the world to see their world famous crew of fishmongers throwing fish and having fun with customers.   They also come to buy some of the best seafood available anywhere in the world and have it shipped home – Seattle, WA

    Rooney's Oceanfront Restaurant – Offers year–round oceanfront dining at the Jersey shore.  Their specialties are seafood and their raw bar offers a wide variety of clams and oysters – Long Branch, NJ – One of the primary destinations for the seafood industry.   Their daily news service is recognized as the best in the industry.   They provide a trading board that is used by buyers and sellers around the world to move products.   They are also are one of the principal seafood consumer destinations on the web.   They provide companies that sell online directly to consumers an excellent means to increase their traffic and orders – Lexington, MA

    Sea Specialties – Quality seafood online at discount prices since 1998.   Thousands of hard–to–find gourmet seafood items – Miami, FL

    Seafood Network Information Center – Offers a wealth of consumer information for seafood of all types including recipes, health information, preparation, storage, sanitation and safety issues.   The SeafoodNIC is a service operated by the Sea Grant Extension Program at the University of California – Davis, CA – A seafood resource with articles on today's seafood, with cooking ideas, tips & techniques and recipes for healthy meals.  Plus an Editor's Letter provides all the latest news and insights on seafood products and consumer issues as well as a Market Report with each seasons best buys – Sunnyvale, CA

    Springfield Smoked Fish – Founded in 1934 in Springfield, MA to service the local area.   Maintaining its roots, it has been run by the Axler family for three generations.  Products include Salmon (Lox), Nova Lox, Kippered Salmon, Chubs, Sable, Whitefish, Mackerel, Trout, Kippers, Lemon Peppered Whiting, Herring in Wine, Herring in Cream, Schmaltz Herring, Herring Party Snacks, Whitefish Salad, Cream Cheese and Lox.   Outstanding service, custom pack orders, 24–hour delivery – Springfield, MA

    The Lobster Place – Retail and wholesale fish market offering only the highest quality finfish, lobster, shellfish, shrimp and sushi.   They sell nearly a million pounds of live lobster every year – Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY

    Wanchese Fish Company – One of the largest suppliers of raw and prepared fish and shellfish in the industry – Suffolk, VA