FIDUS, Brooklyn, NY – 1938 Captain Philip Wright's "FIDUS" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1938. The Elco Boat Works, Bayonne, NJ built the boat in 1917 as the US Navy Subchaser "SC-101". She first sailed as a party fishing boat with Captain Steve Wischerth from Canarsie, Brooklyn before relocating to Sheepshead Bay. In 1944, Captain Lester Baletti purchased the boat and she became his "PALACE II" from Hoboken, NJ. The boat later returned to Sheepshead Bay as the "WHITBY III". She was eventually taken out of documentation and then dismantled in 1970. An interesting note is that when Captain Tony 'Mo' Barbato was running night bluefishing trips on the "WHITBY III", he found the boat's logbook and it contained entries dating back to when she was the "SC-101". According to the log, the "SC-101" sailed completely around the world three times!