FISHERMEN, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2007  Captain Ron Santee's "FISHERMEN" is ready to leave her slip at Atlantic Highlands for a day of Striped Bass fishing.   Sailing daily for Striped Bass was unheard of until a few years ago and the fishery remains one of the few 'bright spots' for recreational anglers.  TAMPA VII, Belmar, NJ – 2007  Captain Gene Becker pushes up the throttles of his charter boat "TAMPA VII" as she heads out from Shark River Inlet.   Built in 1994 by Alex Willis Boat Construction at Harkers Island, NC, she first sailed as the "WINDEE VI".   In 2010, the boat was sold and is presently sailing as the as the "CAPT LEROY V" from New Bedford, MA.  PROWLER V and SEA HORSE, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2007  Homeward bound... Captains Al, Scott and Glenn Hilliard's "PROWLER V" and Captains Ed Bunting Jr. and Ed Bunting III's "SEA HORSE" pass Sandy Hook, NJ in July 2007 after a day of Fluke fishing in the channels.  MIMI VI, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – 2007  The crews of Captain Jeff Gutman's "VOYAGER" and Captain Kenny Namowitz's "MIMI VI" exchange some 'goodies' during a tuna trip at the Hudson Canyon in early September 2007.  SEA HAWK, Perth Amboy, NJ – 2007  The summer of 2007 ended with a new addition to the local party boat fleet.   Captain Michael Russo's "SEA HAWK" sits at her new berth at the Perth Amboy Marina in September 2007.   Outer Banks Boat Works (Gillikin) built this sturdy vessel in 1970 as the "SEA ROBIN II"; she later sailed as the "SEA SPORT" and was most recently sailing as the "CAPT. HOOK".   Welcome aboard! 
CAPT. WAYNE, Captree, NY – 2008  The hull of the "CAPT. WAYNE" awaits a fresh coat of paint (or three) prior to the beginning of her maiden season at Captree, NY.   The boat was built in 1972 by East Bay Boat Works at Harkers Island, NC.   The boat is presently sailing as Captain Walter Czekaj's "FISHFINDER II" from Captree, NY.   Photo courtesy of Captains Lee and Wayne Westerlind.  MARILYN JEAN II, Brooklyn, NY – 2008  Captains Tony Santella and Ryan Smith's "MARILYN JEAN II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY heads out for an evening of Striper fishing in early June 2008.   Built in 1964 by A.C. Boat & Engine Works at Atlantic City, NJ, she originally sailed as the "MIJOY" from Waterford, Connecticut.   She later operated as the "ROYAL FLUSH" from Wildwood, NJ and as the "LADY SHERYL" from Freeport, NY before joining the Sheepshead Bay Fleet.   The boat was destroyed in 2009.  ROYAL FLUSH, Wildwood, New Jersey – 2008  Captain John Royles' "ROYAL FLUSH" from Wildwood, NJ circa 2008.   Built 1977 by Will's Boat Works at Harkers Island, NC as the "CAROLINA PRINCESS", she is powered by two V-12 GM Detroit Diesel engines.   She was purchased in 1987 by Captain Bob Sidorski and became his "SATELLITE" from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.   She later underwent a full restoration (the deckhouse was redesigned and the wheelhouse relocated topside.)   She later became Captain Dom Vitolo's "SKIPPER" from Belmar, NJ.   She is presently sailing as the "ISLAND LADY" from Port Canaveral, FL.  ANGLER, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2009  Captain Jeff Gutman's new "ANGLER" prepares for her debut as she sits 'high and dry' at Tottenville Marina, Staten Island, NY.   Since her construction in 1973, this 75-foot aluminum vessel previously sailed from Atlantic Highlands, NJ as Captain Donald Hagar's "SEA FOX".  ANGLER, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2009  Captain Danny Seich puts on the final touches to the stern of the new "ANGLER". 
ANGLER, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2009  Captain Danny Seich adds some color to the new aluminum nameplate of the "ANGLER".  DOROTHY B, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2009  Captain Kevin Bradshaw standing in the bow of his "DOROTHY B" at Atlantic Highlands, NJ in August 2009.   A long-time boatman from Sheepshead Bay, Captain Kevin enjoyed a short hiatus from the party fishing boat business after selling the "DOROTHY B VIII".   He then purchased the "DOROTYHY B", the ninth vessel to bear this name in the long list of vessels owned by the Bradshaw family, and began sailing her from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.  The "DOROTHY B" was built in 1990 by the Alex Willis Boat Yard at Harkers Island, NC and previously sailed as Captain Kevin Seldon's "NANCY ANNE" from Lynnhaven Inlet, Virginia Beach, VA.  FISHERMEN, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2009  Captain Ron Santee's "FISHERMEN" sits on blocks at the Tottenville Marina, Staten Island, NY as she undergoes her spring maintenance for the 2009 season.  LITTLE HAWK, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2009  Captains Joe Occhipinti Sr and Jr's 52-foot Harker's Island charter boat "LITTLE HAWK" takes on a new black hull color for 2009.   For the last several years, the hull was painted white or a pastel tint.   The "LITTLE HAWK" sails from Atlantic Highlands, NJ.  LITTLE HAWK, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2009  The "LITTLE HAWK" shows off the fine woodwork of her stern as she sits in the yard at Tottenville Marina, Staten Island, NY. 
LYDIA GIRLS, Staten Island, NY – 2009  Captain Ron Santee's "FISHERMEN" and Captain John Connell's "CAPTAIN JOHN" sit side-by-side at the Tottenville Marina, Staten Island, NY in anticipation of the upcoming fishing season.   They are nearly identical vessels built by Lydia Yachts at Stuart, Florida.  MARILYN JEAN IV, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY – 2009  The "MARILYN JEAN IV" hauled out at Tottenville Marina, Staten Island, New York in April of 2009.   She was built in 1975 by Lydia Yachts and after 40 years, is a testament of quality design and construction.  ROYAL MISS BELMAR, Belmar, NJ – 2009  Captains Alan and Dave Shinn's "ROYAL MISS BELMAR" from Belmar, NJ sports a fresh coat of bottom paint at the Brielle Marine Basin, Brielle, NJ as she gets ready for the 2009 season.   The "ROYAL MISS BELMAR" was built by Lydia Yachts in 1982 and has been renamed as the "TROPICAL ADVENTURE" and now sails from Fort Lauderdale during the winter months and Belmar, NJ during the summer.  ROYAL MISS BELMAR, Belmar, NJ – 2009  The "ROYAL MISS BELMAR" shows off her triple screws.   Varoom!  SEA HUNTER, Atlantic Highlands, NJ – 2009  Captain Rob Semkewyc's "SEA HUNTER" joins the scrape, chip, sand, and paint crowd at the Tottenville Marina, Staten Island, NY.   She was built in 1996 by Aqua Bay Marine at Panama City, FL and sails from Atlantic Highlands, NJ. 
CAPTREE STAR 3, Captree, NY – 2010  Captain Charlie Buser's "CAPTREE STAR 3" from Captree, NY.   Built in 1978 by Lydia Yachts, she first sailed as the Captain Pete Pearson's "KLONDIKE VII" from New Rochelle, NY.   She later moved to Florida where she sailed as the "MYSTERY" and later returned to the area when she sailed as the "MISS BELMAR II" from Belmar, NJ.   In 1991, she became the "FREDDY-C" from Leonardo, NJ and in 2009 she was purchased by Captain Charlie Buser.  HEL-CAT II, Groton, CT – 2010  Captain Brad Glas' "HEL-CAT II" from the Thames River at Groton, CT.   This well constructed 114-foot custom steel vessel was designed by Captain Brad and built by the Glas family in 1985, and is the largest party boat operating in New England.   Even though this photo was taken in the dead of winter after a long season, she is well maintained and looks as sharp as a tack.  ISLAND CURRENT III, City Island, NY – 2010  Captain Chris Cullen's "ISLAND CURRENT III" was built 2003 by Performance Marine (formerly DMR Yachts) and originally sailed as the "SEA OTTER V".   This speedy 76 foot vessel sails from Wakefield, RI during the winter months and she is seen here Cod fishing off Block Island in February 2010.  LADY FRANCES, Point Judith, RI – 2010  Captain Frank Blount's "LADY FRANCES" is seen here Cod fishing off Block Island, RI in February 2010.   She was built in 1991 by Lydia Yachts at Stuart, FL.   At 105 feet in length, she is one of the longest boats built by Lydia Yachts.  NICE DAY TOO, New Bedford, MA – 2010  Captain Tommy Chen's "NICE DAY TOO" is shown Cod fishing off Block Island, RI in February 2010.   This 62 x 22 foot aluminum catamaran was built in 2007 by Geo Shipyard at New Iberia, LA. 
PECONIC STAR II, Greenport, NY – 2010  The "PECONIC STAR II" out for a day of fishing in 2010.   She was built in 1944 at Nyack, NY as the World War II Patrol Vessel "P-444".   She then sailed as the sightseeing vessel "BIG FLAMINGO" from Wildwood, NJ and after that as the novelty boat "PT-109".   She was later sold and began party boat fishing as Captain Jeff Stewart's "BUCCANEER" from Wildwood, NJ before becoming Captain Dave Brennan's "PECONIC STAR II".  PECONIC STAR EXPRESS, Greenport, NY – 2010  Captain Dave Brennan's "PECONIC STAR EXPRESS" at her dock in 2010.   This aluminum boat was built by Gulf Craft in 1974 as the "SUPER SPRAY II" from Belmar, NJ.   She later sailed from Freeport, NY and then sailed from Captree, NY as the "SUPER SPEEDY EXPRESS".  ROSIE, Center Moriches, NY – 2010  Captains James and Fred Russo's "ROSIE" from Center Moriches, NY.   She was built in 1960 by Stowman Shipyards at Dorchester, NJ as Captain Bill Wolff's "VIVIAN II" from Barnegat Light, NJ.   She later sailed as the "SEA QUEEN II" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY and then as the "HOLIDAY" also from Sheepshead Bay, before making her way to Center Moriches.  SUNBEAM EXPRESS, Waterford, CT – 2010  It's just before sunrise on a cold day in February 2010 and Captain Bob Wadsworth's "SUNBEAM EXPRESS" is Cod fishing off Montauk, NY.   This 100-foot aluminum boat was built in 1979 by Swiftships at Morgan City, LA.  TAILS OF THE SEA, Plymouth, MA – 2010  Built in 1994 specifically as a whale watch excursion vessel by Gulf Craft at Patterson, LA, she first sailed as Captain Joe Miller's "WHALE WATCHER" from Barnstable Harbor, MA.   In 1999, Captain Miller upgraded to a bigger and faster Gulf Craft and sold this boat to the Capt. John Boats fleet.   Today, she sails to Stellwagen Bank from Plymouth, MA under the name "TAILS OF THE SEA".