M.J.R. II, YANKEE DOODLE and ADA L, Brooklyn, NY – 1914 The "M.J.R. II", "YANKEE DOODLE" and "ADA L" from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1914. The "M.J.R. II" was one of the first party boats to sail from Sheepshead Bay. Captain Fred Wrege (who also was the Captain of the "EFFORT") built the "M.J.R. II" in 1912 for Martin J. Rouche, (hence the name M.J.R.). Mr. Rouche operated the MJR Restaurant on nearby Emmons Avenue, but for reasons unknown, Mr. Rouche never took possession of the "M.J.R. II", so Captain Wrege kept the boat. Th photo is courtesy of Tom Whitford.