A collection of links for saltwater terminal tackle including fishing weights, sinkers & shot, snaps, swivels, split rings, bobbers, floats, popping corks, crimps & crimping tools, stainless & monel wire leader material and cable, fishing rigs

Terminal Tackle:

AMB – Lead Sinkers and Fishing Weights.   Plombs pour la PÍche.   Check out their export prices! – France

American Fishing Wire – Terminal Tackle and accessories including Snaps, Swivels, Split Rings, Thimbles, Single and Double Barrel Crimping Sleeves, Crimping Tools, Cutting Pliers – West Chester, PA

Ancient Mariner Tackle – Custom saltwater fishing tackle for sportfishing, trolling and bottom fishing.   Joe Bielawski is a retired commercial fisherman and his tackle is crafted with the many years of knowledge and experience he has acquired.  Joe offers a line of jigs, lures, bottom rigs and other goodies, and includes very helpful tips on how to best use them – Lake Monroe, FL

Anchor Tackle – Fishing weight and split shot specialists – Warminster, England

A.O.K. Tackle Company – Manufacturer of Custom Lures and Rigs, Sand spikes, Cooler/Rod Racks, Lead Weights and other fine saltwater fishing tackle.  Proudly Made in the U.S.A. – Bristol, PA

Aqua-Clear Tackle – Manufacturers of single and double hook bottom fishing rigs made with clear shot molded components that are tangle free and ready to use right out of the package – Turnersville, NJ

Aquateko – Their InvisaSwivel clear plastic fishing swivels are made from fluorocarbon material and are invisible in water and easy on your fishing rod guides.    InvisaSwivels are available with ratings from 12 to 55 pounds.   Also offered is Knot 2 Kinky nickel titanium fishing leader wire.   Made from a super elastic alloy, it can be stretched and bent at least ten times more than ordinary steel leaders without permanent deformation.   These leaders are offered in 15 and 30 foot coils with ratings from 25 to 65 pounds – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Berkley Fishing – Terminal Tackle and Tools including Steelon Nylon coated wire, Snaps, Swivels, Wire Leaders, Crimping Tools, Crimping Sleeves, Stainless Downrigger Line – Spirit Lake, IA

Breakaway Tackle & Development – Terminal Tackle & Rigs for Long Distance Casting – Corpus Christi, TX

Bullet Weights Inc. – Fishing Sinkers.   At the heart of our new product lineup is Ultra Steel 2000... the environmentally smart solution that takes sinker performance to a higher level than ever before, without the high price – Alda, NE

Capt. Jax's – Super Planer Kits, Snatch & Recall Release Clips, Turbo Dog Offshore Handline and X Zac Release – R. J. Tackle, Inc., Ft. Myers, FL

Capt. John's Crabsnares – Easy to store and use crab snares attach to your fishing line.  Three sizes available – Cottage Grove, OR

Caribou Lures – Rigs, Lead Sinkers, Terminal Tackle & Accessories – Montreal, Canada

Collins Customs – Shawn Collins offers custom, semi-custom and standard mold products for saltwater jigs, sinkers, soft plastic lures and more.  All molds are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet stock and include durable and heat resistant phenolic plastic handles mounted with stainless steel studs – Smithfield, VA

Comal Tackle – Manufacturers of over 3,000 styles, sizes, and colors of fishing floats, bobbers, corks, stringers and more – Buda, TX

Do-It Molds – Lure Molds, Sinker Molds, Fishing Tackle, Jigs, Sinkers, and Tackle Making Supplies – Denver, IA

Du-Bro Products – Quality tools and accessories for saltwater and freshwater fishing as well as marine use.  Du-Bro products include: Knot tying tools, leader making tools & wire straighteners, release clips, jig & lure holders, rod holders, rod storage and more – Wauconda, IL

Eagle Claw – Terminal Tackle including Swivels, Sinkers, Floats, Nets, Tools, Kits, Rigs and more – Wright & McGill Co., Denver, CO

Four Seasons Rigs – Rigs for the fisherman who cares.  Ready-made fishing rigs for Spot, Croaker, Blackfish, Black Sea Bass, Fluke, Black Drum, Mackerel, Grouper, Pompano, Winter Flounder, Cod, Whiting, Ling – Hubert, NC

Gemini Tackle Co. Ltd. – Gemini System Casting Sinkers, Rigs and Accessories

Grateful Lead Sinker Company – Lead fishing sinkers by the 10-pound bag.   Egg, Bank and  Deep Drop Stick Weights in a wide variety of sizes – Panacea, FL

Hilts Molds – Quality fishing jig, sinker, and specialty molds plus tools & accessories – Anaheim, CA

Invisible Sinker – Fishing sinkers made from lead crystal glass.   These ecologically friendly and practically invisible sinkers are available in 1-ounce and 3-ounce weights in clear or disappearing pink colors – Gulfport, FL

Krok Swivels – Manufacturers of all stainless steel construction swivels with a black nickel finish and compact size – Sea Striker, Morehead City, NC

Leadertec – Terminal tackle and rigging supplies.  Products include crimping sleeves, big game fishing hooks, ball bearing swivels, leader monofilament, 49-strand wire, rigging tools and accessories – Staines, England

Lee Precision Products – Electric Melters, Lead Pots, Ingot Molds and Ladles used for making Fishing Sinkers – Hartford, WI

Light & Strike – Electronic popping cork with a built-in light for attracting bait and game fish.  It will illuminate your bait for up to 12 hours of LED light from a single AAA battery.   Made from Lexan® plastic, the Light & Strike popping cork attaches easily to your fishing line, floats upright and includes a green and a white lens – Houston, TX

Malin Company – Manufacturers of the highest quality stainless wire leader material.  Products include BOA No-Kink Titanium shock leader, precut Straight Leader, Hardwire coated & uncoated stainless steel leader, Rigging Wire, Monel and Stainless Trolling Wire, Malin-7 & Malin-49 Stainless Cable, and Single & Double Barrel Sleeves – Brook Park, OH

MidCoast Products – Manufacturers of innovative Fishing Corks, both tame and extreme.   They offer seven models of excellent popping corks that help you catch fish and cast long distances – Needville, TX

ProFishCo – Magnum Ring & Grommet terminal connectors provide a fail-safe connection and easy attachment of snap swivels – Brielle, NJ

Redi Rig Tackle – Their patented RediRig Release Float systems let you set lures or baits with precise depth control.   Easy to use, these snap-on floats are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit the weight of your bait – Northfield, OH

Ringer Swivels - These swivels have changed the circle hook marlin fishing industry by providing 360 degree hook rotation and quick hook/bait swaps that an O-ring provides.   Ringer Swivels are commonly rigged with ballyhoo and the O-ring is perfectly sized to accept industry standard circle hooks - Turner Tackle LLC, Chestertown, MD

Rite Angler – Terminal Tackle, Snap Swivels, Rigging Kits, Rigging Crimpers, Pliers, Tools & Supplies, Rigging Accessories Fort Lauderdale, FL

ROSCO – Split Rings, Swivels, Ball Bearing Swivels, Snap Swivels, Jump Rings.  American Made Terminal Tackle – Rome, NY

Sampo Swivels – The Last Word in Terminal Tackle.  Ball Bearing Swivels, Beads & Wire Leaders – Barneveld, NY

SinkerStore.com – Hand poured lead sinkers.   Bank, Flat Bank, Bell, Cannonball, Egg and Pyramid style sinkers are offered in a wide variety of sizes.   Fifty pound minimum order – New Egypt, NJ

Speedy MacTwist – Wire Rigging System.  Quickly makes haywire twist and barrel wrap knots in light or heavy wire leaders – Jacksonville, FL

Spro Corporation – The Shape of Things to Come. . . Terminal Tackle

Stabor Line Lock – Eliminate Knots, Snaps, Swivels and Rings with the Line Lock System.

Stonze™ System – Offers a natural alternative for the humble lead weight.   Environmentally friendly fishing weights made from… rocks.   Both swivel and inline versions are available in weights from about 1-ounce up to 5-ounce.   Since they are porous, you can soak them in a fish attractant – Pallatrax, Pallington, England

Suntop – Manufacturers of a full line of Terminal Tackle including Swivels, Snaps, Stainless Fishing Wire and Leader, Aluminum & Copper Crimp Sleeves – Jeongwoo Industrial Co., Pusan, Korea

Tactical Anglers – A small company made up of innovative designers/avid fisherman.   Their focus is on creating innovating and cutting edge products of the highest quality to help anglers catch their trophies.   Tactical Anglers Power Clips are strong fishing clips that allow for fast and easy changing of lures.   Made from a single thick stainless steel wire to provide maximum strength and durability, TA Power Clips have a slip-proof design.   Available in four sizes: 50, 75, 125 and 175 lbs – Lindenhurst, NY

Tamer Products Inc – Innovative and affordable fishing tackle.  Products include fresh and saltwater fishing hooks, offshore lures, teaser systems, terminal tackle and more – Coral Springs, FL

Terminal Tackle Co – Quality fishing tackle and supplies since 1985.   Specializing in terminal tackle, their products include a very extensive selection of hooks, a wide variety of lure and rig making components including molds and tying materials, fishing line, leader material, fishing tools, snaps and swivels – Kings Park, NY

Terminator – Titanium Leader Wire.  Known for always returning to its original shape and its extreme flexibility.  It doesn't kink like stainless and it's corrosion proof too – Tulsa, OK

Tournament Cable – Designers and developers of high-end terminal tackle since 1996.   Products include Shark Rigs, Tuna Traps, Double Hook Cable Rigs, Ballyhoo Rigs, Soft Combo Rigs – Burleigh, NJ

TyGer Leader – Nylon coated braided stainless steel leader that can be tied.  Tie directly to your hook or your line, by using the same favorite knot that you use with monofilament.  Available in several colors and test strengths from 2 to 120 pound test – Bonners Ferry, ID

Water Gremlin Co. – America's Favorite Fishin' Sinker Since 1949 – Bull Shot, Snap-Loc, Split Shot, Rubbercor, Pinch-Grip, and Egg Sinkers

Wolverine Tackle – Super strong split rings for the fishing tackle industry.   The three coil design and special heat treating process make them the strongest rings around for die-hard fishermen and lure craftsmen – Bartlett, IL