A collection of links for saltwater fishing reels including conventional reels, spinning reels, casting reels, offshore reels, deep drop reels, electric reels, two-speed reels, lever drag reels, jigging reels, trolling reels, center pin reels, custom reels, level-wind reels, line-counter reels, star drag reels, baitcast reels, reel clamps, replacement bearings, drags & parts


Abu Garcia – Fish Hard with the Highest Quality Spinning and Casting Rods and Reels – Pure Fishing, Spirit Lake, IA

Accurate Fishing Reels – Manufacturers of the highest technology dual-drag system fishing reels.  Products include seven blue water Platinum TwinDrag™ models and twelve light tackle Boss Magnum TwinDrag™ models.  Other products include reel-conversion components, AccuPlates, AccuFrames and AccuKits, for upgrading Penn fishing reels, and other reel accessories – Corona, CA

Alutecnos – Manufacturers of top-line big game fishing equipment including Albacore™ single-speed and two-speed offshore fishing and trolling reels.   Eighteen models are available in classes from 12 to 130, and in right-hand and left-hand versions.   Fabricated from bar stock aluminum, they include stainless steel gears and bearings, anodized finish and a carbon composite drag system.   Other Alutecnos products include Roller Guides with removable roller assemblies, aluminum Rod Butts, aluminum Fighting Belts and Fighting Chairs – Montselice, Italy

Alvey Reels – Manufacturers of single action, center-pin sidecast fishing reels since 1920.   An absolute minimum of  moving parts make these reels extremely durable and offer the capability of casting so far, you might set a world record – Carole Park, Queensland, Australia

Alvey Reels USA – E. A. Brandner Distributors are the U.S. agents for Alvey Reels, Australia – Gainsville, FL

Antique and Classic Fishing Reels – A site dedicated to the reel collector as well as people who are just interested in finding out more about their old fishing reels.   Identify your reel, assess the condition, age, and try to determine the value of your old reel.   There are also comprehensive lists of manufacturers and lots of old photos of reels – Jupiter, FL

Atlas Reel Co – This new reel company offers the Atlas Legend 200 saltwater fishing reel and Legend 400 saltwater fishing reel.  Both of these lever drag reels have a solid, one-piece aluminum frame and side plate, six stainless steel bearings and a large power handle with oversized grip.   Additional products are expected.  Admirably, Atlas donates a portion of its profits to fishing organizations such as the Recreational Fishing Alliance – Hoboken, NJ

Avet Reels – Manufacturer of maintenance-free conventional single-speed and two-speed fishing reels.   Precision machined from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum with durable type 2 anodizing, a one-piece rigid frame, a planetary gear system, and all stainless steel ball bearings.   An oversized carbon fiber drag system combined with stainless drag plates provides an ultra smooth drag with the ability to free spool at a full drag setting!   Avet Reels are proudly designed, machined and assembled in the USA – Chatsworth, CA

Backbone Fishing Products – Backbone reel clamps are available in six colors and two sizes to fit many reel models from Penn, Pro Gear, Newell, Accurate, Shimano, Daiwa and Okuma and Avet JX and LX reels.  Other products include custom quality chrome-plated brass mounting hardware kits –  Costa Mesa, CA

Barum Reels – Offers precision centre pin fishing reels for saltwater, lake and river fishing.   Each reel is hand built to order using only manual machine tools.   T6061 aluminum is used in the back plate, spool and reel seat mount, and the shaft, springs, pawl, ratchet gear, spool nut and ratchet cam are made with 316 stainless steel.   All brass parts such as the reel seat, pawl arm, spring anchors and handle spindles are gold plated to avoid corrosion.   Bearings are stainless steel ceramic hybrids (ABEC7) with non-contact seals – Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Boca Bearing Company – Offers replacement bearings for most major brands of fishing reels including Shimano, Abu Garcia, Newell, Penn, Daiwa and many more.   All fishing reel bearings are rated at ABEC #5 or #7.   If you cannot find your particular model listed, you can search by dimension or send your old bearings directly to Boca and they'll find what you need – Delray Beach, FL

Bouz Drag Checker – The world's first drag measurement device.  The Drag Checker measures line tension and is available in three models with capacities up to 33-lbs (15 kg).  This is not a spring balance!   (Japanese language web site)

Cal's 2 Speed – Products and services include 2-speed reel conversions, custom reel blueprinting, left hand conversions, low speed gears, high speed gears, custom long handles and knobs, and Cal's drag and reel grease.   Cal's drag and reel grease offers maximum corrosion protection, is fortified with PTFE and polymers, little or no drag acceleration, baby-bottom-smooth drag operation, superior heat and wear resistance, is safe on all metals and plastics, and reduces gear train friction for easier cranking.   It's the only grease you'll ever need for reels and is used by dozens of reel manufacturers – Fallbrook, CA   Get yourself a trick reel today!

Canyon Reels – Lightweight and powerful jigging reels, two-speed jigging reels and two-speed trolling reels are their specialty.   New for 2016 is Canyon Reels HS-20, the first 3-speed lever drag jigging reel on the market.   The HS-20 has 2.8:1, 4.1:1 and 6.8:1 retrieve ratios, a line capacity of 650 yards of 65-pound test braid and weighs 27 ounces.   All Canyon Reels are capable of very high drag settings, are available in several colors and come with a 1-year warranty.   Products include the HS-15, HS-16 and HS-18 high-speed jigging reels (lefty and two-speed models available), EX-16 and EX-30 two-speed trolling and stand-up reels, and four high power spinning reel models – Brick, NJ

Captain Clyde's Reel Filler – All you need is a standard drill and you can spool and re-spool  your reels – Warren, OH

Center Pin Fishing Reels – Manufacturers of traditional center-pin "knucklebuster" reels for sea and river fishing.   Models include the Maple Leaf Drifter Reel, Magnum Blue Center-Pin Trotting Reel, Magnum Black Special Center-Pin Trotting Reel, Swift Center-Pin Trotting Reel, Leeds Center-Pin Fishing Reel, Leeds Classic Center-Pin Fishing Reel, Quest Center-Pin Fishing Reel, and Scarborough Center-Pin Sea Fishing Reel – Fort Fareham, UK

Daiwa Corporation – Manufacturers of baitcasting reels, spinning reels, saltwater conventional reels, power assist reels, linecounter reels, levelwind reels, spincast reels, fly reels and mooching reels – Cerritos, CA

DeepDrop.com – The website that will feed your addiction for deepwater fishing and the monster fish pulled from the depths.  Here, you will be able to educate yourself on the best deepwater fishing units and accessories known to man (and fish).  You can see photos, short video clips, book charters and buy the best deepwater bottom fishing gear available in the world – Griffin, GA

Dolphin Electreel – Manufacturers of Whisenhut® Fishing Reels.  They combine a quiet 12 or 24-volt electric motor and a manual handle override system with a classic Penn reel.  All components are rust and corrosion resistant, with a rugged steel gear and chain drive.  The hardware is available in kit form, to retrofit your Penn reel, and as a ready-to-fish unit, complete with Penn reel and Power Pro line – Bradenton, FL

Duel Reel – Manufacturers of precision single-speed and two-speed big game fishing reels.  Duel reels have a carbon fiber drag system, gears sealed in an oil bath, a quick change spool, and the fastest shifting, two-speed gear box on the market.   Also available is the 'Speedy' aluminum single-speed casting reel – ANTAL srl, Padova, Italy

ELEC-TRA-MATE – Producers of electric fishing reel drives for Penn reels.  Sportsman, professional and handicapped models are available.  Other products include deep drop booms, spinning reel drives, Diawa reel drives and more – Greensboro, NC

Electric Reel Repairs & Accessories, Inc – Authorized Kristal Fishing electric reel warranty and repair center.   They also offer Kristal Fishing accessories including Spools, Rod Holders, Mounts, Levelwinds, Line Counters, Rigging Cases and Reel Covers – Doral, FL

Everol USA – Manufacturers of Italian-made, finely machined single-speed and two-speed lever drag fishing reels since 1958.   All models have a Anticorodal UNI 3571 machined aluminum frame and spool, a unique 'pre-set' drag system, sealed stainless ball bearings and a carbon fiber multidisc drag – Mobile, AL

Fin-Nor – Legendary tackle since 1933.   Manufacturers of conventional and spinning fishing reels and rods.   Reels include the MegaLite® inshore spinning reel, the Ahab® IGFA-rated spinng reel, the Offshore™ large capacity spinng reel, and the Offshore™ conventional star drag reels – W.C. Bradley Corporation, Tulsa, OK

Fish Winch – Super quiet electric fishing reels.   At $299, the Fish Winch electric fishing reel drive is the best value available.   They quickly and easily convert 41 different Penn, Daiwa, and Shimano reels into powerful electric fishing reels.   The Fish Winch is made for bottom fishing (deep dropping) but can also be used as an electric kite reel, electric trolling reel, electric teaser reel, or an electric downrigger – Lagerstone LLC, Wilmington, NC

Gull Fishing Reels – Committed to providing party boats with dependable fishing reels, rods and service along with good prices.   They have been developing their open-face conventional reels and solid fiberglass fishing rods with the cooperation of a host of New York and New Jersey party boats to provide a tested product that is fit for daily service duty – West Islip, NY

Hooker Electric – Manufacturers of the ultimate electric fishing reel.   They offer the most innovative electric products for recreational anglers, commercial fishermen and the fishing industry including kite-reels, electric reels for deep-drop and swordfish, hi-flow bait pumps, and bandit reels used by commercial and green stick fishing – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hot Rods Marine Care Products – Manufacturers of tackle care lubricants including Competition Reel Grease and Big Bob's Lightning Fast Reel Oil.  Both products are 100% synthetic lubricants specifically designed to keep all reels performing at their peak regardless of the weather conditions – North Branch, NJ

Krystal Fishing – Manufacturer of 12 and 24 volt electric fishing reels, fishing systems and accessories.   Kristal reels feature a modular design that allows the components to be interchangeable and used for more than one type of fishing such as bottom fishing, trolling, buoy & dredge puller and kite fishing.  Their reels have a low current draw and pulling powers from 400 to 1,500 pounds.   Krystal Fishing electric reels are distributed by Blue Water Power Reels – Lighthouse Point, FL

Lever Aid – Reel Handles that provide quick change between power and speed settings.  Models available for Penn and Shimano reels – Sumo Tackle, Oceanside, CA

Lindgren Pitman – Manufacturer of high capacity electric fishing reels for over 30 years.   Two 12V and 24V DC models are available along with conversions for most Penn and Shimano big game reels including International and Tiagra – Pompano Beach, FL

Mark Forest – Creator of passions and maker of front drag and rear drag spinning reels – Avignon, France

MAXEL Fishing Tackle – A world leader in the design and manufacture of single-speed and two-speed lever drag big game aluminum fishing reels.   From the heaviest offshore trolling reels to the lightest jigging and livebait reels, there is a Maxel reel to suit your fishing needs.   All Maxel reels are assembled by skilled Chinese machinists using carefully selected materials from the USA, Germany and Japan – DongGuan City, China

Mike's Reel Repair – A place to find all your reel schematics, reel parts and all sorts of neat upgrades.   The site also includes forums to keep you up to date on the latest repair tactics – Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Mitchell Reels – We've built top-quality fishing reels since 1948, the year we invented the world's first spinning reel and changed the face of fishing forever.  Saltwater products include several models of spinning and conventional reels – Pure Fishing America, Spirit Lake, IA

Miya Epoch – The pioneer of electric fishing reels since 1967.   More than just motorized conventional reels, Miya Epoch reels and motors are built as one unit, factory engineered, balanced and assembled.   Products include a wide selection of deep-drop, trolling and teaser reels including the first wireless controlled reels – Technotren, Torrance, CA

Newell Reels

Okuma Fishing Tackle – Manufacturers of a wide selection of lever drag reels, two-speed reels, casting reels, level-wind reels, line-counter reels, trolling reels, spinning reels and fly fishing reels – Ontario, Canada

Omoto Fishing Tackle Co. – Manufacturers of OMOTO trolling, baitcasting, spinning and fly fishing reels for over 30 years.   Also included are single-speed lever drag and star drag reels and two-speed lever drag reels for offshore fishing – Taichung City, Taiwan, China

Penn Custom Shop – Offers fully customized International V and VSX reels in seven eye-catching anodized colors and custom engraving – Philadelphia, PA

Penn Fishing Tackle – The biggest name in fishing!   International® two-speed and single speed big game lever drag reels, Formula™ lightweight graphite lever drag reels, GS Series high performance graphite casting reels,  Senator® heavy duty star drag reels, Spinfisher SS®, Slammer®, Live Liner® and Power Graph III® spinning reels.   Penn also offers a complete line of fishing rods, rod and reel combos, downriggers, parts and service – Philadelphia, PA

PennParts.com – Buy Penn fishing reel parts on-line with no hassle.   This site, operated by Scott's Bait & Tackle offers a selection of over 6,000 Penn fishing reel part numbers – Mystic Island, NJ

Pflueger Fishing Tackle – Manufacturers of baitcast, spinning, ultralight spinning, trolling and lever drag fishing reels.   A Shakespeare company – Columbia, SC

Precision Auto Reels – Fish-Ng Accessories, Inc. manufactures quality electric fishing reels and accessories.   Tony Ng's Precision Auto Reels are one of the finest electric reels available for the commercial or recreational angler.   Electric drives are available with or without Penn or Daiwa conventional reels – Winterville, NC

Qualia – Offers several lines of spinning, baitcasting, spincasting, conventional inshore, and single-speed and two-speed offshore fishing reels – Memphis, TN

Quantum – Tools for fishermen.   Quantum offers a line of baitcasting, spinning, ultralight spinning and conventional fishing reels for both fresh and saltwater – A W.C. Bradley company, Tulsa, OK

Reel Colors – Spruce up your fishing reel with a custom color and get your name, boat name or other special sentiment engraved on the side plate.   Reel Colors provides custom color anodizing and custom engraving for your fishing reels.   Other products include 8-inch and 10-inch powder-coated Pancake Teaser Reels (with optional quick-release mounting plate).  Also available are Z-Rod stand-up fishing rods with the unique patented Z-GRIP, and Strong-Arm power handles for your Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, Everol, Alutechnos and Okuma reels – Deep River, CT

Rhino Fishing – Engineered like no other fishing reels in the world, and built with even greater durability.   Included in the product lineup are spincast reels, level-wind baitcast reels, and spinning models – A W.C. Bradley company, Tulsa, OK

SEiGLER Fishing Reels – Manufacturers of conventional Lever Drag, Star Drag and Fly Fishing Reels that are among the lightest, strongest, and most competitively priced in the industry.   All SEiGLER reels have a lifetime warranty and are proudly made in the USA – Burgess, VA

Shakespeare Fishing Tackle – Over 100 years of excellence in fishing tackle.  Products include spinning, baitcasting, conventional and fly reels – Columbia, SC

Shimano – Manufacturer of Baitcasting, Spinning and Conventional fishing reels – Irvine, CA

Silstar/Pinnacle – Manufacturer of a wide selection of spinning, baitcast, level-wind and conventional fishing reels – West Columbia, SC

SMOOTH DRAG – Can stop anything!   Offers an extensive selection of replacement drag washers for Penn, Penn International, Daiwa, ABU, Fin-Nor and Shimano reels.   Products include a choice of 'Smoothie', 'Xtreme Smoothies' and Carbontex drag washers, ground and lapped stainless steel metal washers, a variety of drag greases, lubricating oils and maintenance tools – Oak HilIs, CA

South Bend Fishing Tackle – Manufacturers of spinning, conventional, trolling, baitcasting and fly reels – Northbrook, IL

South Chatham Tackle – Motorized reel winders/spoolers for all re-spooling needs.   South Chatham offers complete re-spooling stations or individual components – Sanford, NC

Team Reel Block – Solid anodized aluminum Reel Clamps for all popular Penn, Shimano and Daiwa saltwater reels.   Ringed models also available – Fountain Valley, CA

TGM Marine – Manufacturers of low profile big game teaser reels, teaser reel accessories, and bait trays.   Teaser reels are available in 7" and 10" diameters in either powder coated aluminum or stainless steel and include a mounting kit – Hammonton, NJ

TG's Rocket Fuel – High-speed reel oils, greases and ceramic reel bearings for long distance casting – Lowestoft, England

Tiburon Engineering – Manufacturer of Smart Shift® reels, the world's only automatic shift two-speed lever drag fishing reels.  Tiburon also offers the single-speed Quick Change™ reel with a gear system that allows you to easily change the gear ratio.  Other products include one-piece anodized aluminum Reel Frames designed to enhance the performance of your Penn and Shimano Reels to the max.   Also available are MK-II T-BAR™ and T-BAR Lite™ articulated reel handles – Santa Ana, CA

TICA – Manufacturers of saltwater fishing reels, fishing rods and accessories.   Models include a wide variety of spinning reels, baitcasting reels, level-wind reels, single speed star and lever drag reels, and dual-speed lever drag offshore reels – Ever Winner Industrial Fishing Tackle Co., Shanghai, China

TSUNAMI Reels – Tsunami Reels are built to exacting standards to deliver smooth operation and durability cast after cast after cast.   Precision machining of gears and spools, materials selected for durability and corrosion resistance and the functional features that make sport angling easier and more fun are blended into each family of spinning or conventional reels.   Available products include Tsunami Star Drag Reels, Tsunami FORGED Lever Drag Reels, Tsunami Shockwave Pro Reels, Tsunami Classic Reels, Tsunami Shield Reels, Tsunami Bait System Reels and Tsunami BFR Series Reels – Bimini Bay Outfitters, Mahwah, NJ

Van Staal – Manufacturers of precision spinning and fly fishing reels.  The frame, rotor and spool are precision machined from billet aluminum for strength.  Internal parts are stainless steel and titanium and include an oversized hardened stainless steel main gear and a patented waterproof maintenance-free drag system – A W.C. Bradley company, Tulsa, OK

Zebco – Zebco – Manufacturers of light tackle baitcast, spinning, spincast and triggercast fishing reels for fresh and saltwater – A W.C. Bradley company, Tulsa, OK

ZeeBaaS – Saltwater spinning reels with both innovative and time tested features.   Dual line roller, single line roller and manual bail models are available and all are constructed from aerospace grade billet aluminum, 6AL-4V Titanium, and 304 / 316 marine grade stainless steel – Stratford, CT