A collection of links for saltwater landing nets, cast nets, seine nets, bait nets, trammel nets, hoop nets, bait scoops, dip nets, netting material, fish traps, minnow traps, crab traps and related supplies

Nets – Bait, Casting, Landing, Seines:

Adventure Products – Offers a full line of nylon and rubber mesh landing nets, extension pole landing nets, wade nets, cast nets, and bait dipnets – Macon, GA

AHI USA – Manufacturers of quality Cast Nets, Sabiki Bait Catcher Rigs, Landing Nets, Bait Scoop Nets, Crab Traps, Wire Traps, Baskets – Torrance, CA

Beckman Fishing Nets – Manufacturers of a wide variety of landing nets, net covers, replacement bags, replacement handles and more.   Net loops and handles are made from aluminum and are available with treated/untreated, knotted/knotless bags.   American Made With Pride – Madison, WI

Black Pearl Cast Nets – Top notch quality cast nets that are designed to open larger, sink faster due to higher quality thinner resin material combined with heavy lead weight ratio, and be STRONGER at the cast net's stress points.   Their six panel nets are offered in three model lines based on the lead weight per foot and are available in sizes from 6 to 11 feet in diameter with 1/4 to 5/8 inch mesh sizes – Punta Gorda, FL

Calusa Cast Nets – Home of Calusa & Cracker Cast Nets.   Their nets throw easily, open flat and sinks fast.   They are hand made from their own high-quality copolymer monofilament.   Hand cut and hand sewn six-panel nets with 1 lb. of lead weights per foot – Fort Myers, FL

Cast Nets.com – Bait catching cast nets from Calusa, Cracker, Bait Buster, Betts, Fitec – Naples, FL

Cast Net World – The Largest Selection of Fishing Cast Nets On the Web.   Brands include Bait Buster, Betts, Calusa, Cracker and Fitec – Brooksville, Fl

Christensen Net Works – Fish Netting, Nets, Seines, Dipnets, Net Pens – Lynden, WA

DotLine Marine and Tackle – Manufacturer of Landing Nets, Weigh Scale Nets, Collapsible Nets, Wire Nets, Minnow and Bait Nets, Molded Rubber Nets and Gaffs – Kenosha, WI

East Coast Nets – Charlie Kay provides custom made cast nets for the serious and professional angler.   Each cast net is made to fit your own individual needs and specifications including size of mesh, length of net, amount of weight and length of line – Staten Island, NY

Ed Cumings, Inc – Manufacturer of specialty nets and accessories.   Products include fish cradle nets, bait collection nets, bait well nets, bucket dip nets, wading staffs, and other specialty nets – Flint, MI

EGO Cast Nets – Maximum performance six panel monofilament cast nets.   Available in diameters from 4 to 12 feet and 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch mesh sizes.   Rapid sink models also available – Adventure Products, Macon, GA

E-Z Catch Saltwater Traps & Tackle Co. – Manufacturers and Suppliers of Saltwater Traps.   They also custom-build fish, lobster or any trap to your specifications.   They are exclusive distributors of PVC-coated and galvanized Riverdale wire – Staten Island, NY

FinnSeeker – Manufacturer of a wide variety of sportfishing equipment.   Included in their product lineup are fixed handle landing nets and landing nets with collapsible and telescopic handles – Dana Point, CA

Fitec – The world's largest manufacturer of cast nets, has been producing fine quality cast nets since 1984.   They offer a variety of affordable and well-built cast nets to meet the needs of the first time recreational user to the serious, guide series professional.   Models include the SUPER SPREADER™, the EZ THROW™ and the XTREME SPREADER™ 1500 (100% handmade from Dyneema) – Memphis, TN

Frabill – A leading manufacturer of a wide variety of fishing tackle.   Their Landing Net model lines include PowerCatch premium nets, Pro Tech nets for catch and release applications, Tru-Trax telescopic nets and Pro-Formance professional grade nets.   Also available are Deluxe Baitfish Traps and Minnow Seines – Jackson, WI

Lee Fisher International – They warehouse a huge selection of monofilament, nylon, and polyethylene netting material, ready to ship anywhere in the US.   They also provide their own line of quality cast nets, from economical to professionally hand-made, that meet all budget and skill levels.   Cast net models include the Bait Buster, Joy Fish, and Mako (formerly Suckers) – Tampa, FL

Memphis Net & Twine – Founded as a fish net company in 1962 and has been a source of fishing netting, fishing nets, rope, twine and fishing supplies ever since.   Some of their products include Fish Nets, Seine Nets, Gill Nets, Trammel Nets, Champion Cast Nets, Dip Nets, Landing Nets, Hoop Nets, Fish Netting, Trawls, Twisted & Braided Rope, Twine, Net Coatings and net making supplies – Memphis, TN

ProKast Perfect Circle Net Thrower – A unique, patented device that permanently attaches to any 5 to 8-foot radius cast net.   Once installed, it will allow you to throw your net like a Frisbee and make perfect circles at every toss – Austin, TX

Promar – Manufacturers of fishing nets and accessories for over 50 years.   Products include landing nets, bait nets, bait hotels, dip nets, crab and lobster nets, live bait nets, gaffs and more – Gardena, CA

Riverdale Mills – Aquamesh is the world’s first choice for lobster and crab trap construction and aquaculture trays, cages and pens.   Their PVC-coated or Galvanized After Welding (GAW) meshes are available in square, hexagonal and rectangular patterns with half-inch to two-inch openings – Northbridge, MA

StowMaster – Traditional landing nets are long and wide and clumsy; tough to stow in any boat or vehicle.   Tournament Series Precision Landing Nets™ can be telescoped and folded into a convenient, stowable size.   Their rubber-dipped nylon nets are knotless, meaning fewer tangles and hook snags.   Hoop sizes range from a handy 14" X 18" to a greedy 44" x 46" (among the largest you can find.)   The smallest net extends to 38" and the largest to 11 feet – Albert Lea, MN

Tackle Factory – Offers a variety of landing nets, minnow traps, minnow keepers, crab traps and accessories – Fillmore, NY

West Coast Nets by TACO – Manufacturers of Classic Pro, True Spread and Magnum Cast Nets for all of your live bait needs.   Inshore and offshore nylon monofilament models available for Sardine, Ballyhoo, Menhaden, Glass Minnow, Shrimp and other baits – Miami, FL