A collection of links for saltwater fishing lures including casting lures, inshore trolling lures, offshore trolling lures, hard body lures, soft lures, wood lures, hand-made lures, custom lures, popper lures, swimmer lures, needlefish lures, iron jigs, bucktails, squid jigs, bunker spoons, yo-yo jigs, umbrella rigs, dredges, jerk baits, soft baits, tins, fishing lure components

Lures and Jigs:

9er's Lures – Offers custom-made umbrella rigs available in assorted effective colors and sizes.   Products include custom umbrella rigs, shad umbrella rigs, squid umbrella rigs, replacement packs, rigged shads, non-rigged shads, rigged mackerel stingers, non-rigged eels, non-rigged squid, and lead heads – Taunton, MA

AA's Worms – The finest hand poured soft plastic fishing baits for fresh and saltwater – Temecula, CA

Acme Tackle Company – Manufacturer of the world's finest metal fishing lures.   Brand names include Kastmaster, Fiord Spoon, Little Cleo, Wob-L-Rite, Side-Winder, Need-L-Eel, Slim Jim, Thunderbolt, Trophy Spoon and others.   Over 1,200 different types, sizes and color combinations are available – Providence, RI

AC Shiners – Handmade balsa and cedar lures for Stripers and other gamefish – Okeana, OH

Ahi USA – Manufacturers of squid jigs with luminous glow-in-the-dark bodies.   Their squid jigs are available in various body styles and have more and stronger high quality razor sharp hooks and are available in 2, 3, or 5 hook models – American Maple Inc, Gardena, CA

Afterhours Custom Plugs – Handcrafted wooden saltwater casting plugs by lure maker Don Guimelli.   Built one plug at a time, each plug line is turned from Alaskan yellow cedar, painted, and assembled by hand.   All plugs are thru-wired with stainless steel wire and use high quality hardware including VMC hooks, Wolverine SS Triple split rings, and Krok swivels – Barrington, RI

Al Gag's Custom Fresh & Saltwater Fishing Lures – The Whip-It Eel will catch every game fish in the USA or abroad.   Its life-like action is second to none.   Made with the finest alloys, PVC rubber and Mustad® Ultra Point hooks.  Can be cast, trolled or jigged.

Allure Fishing Lures – Big Game Trolling Lure line consisting of a variety of models ranging in length from 10-1/2 to 16 inches.   Many different skirt color combinations and replacement skirts are available.   Lure heads are made of a durable polyester resin featuring large movable eyes.   All head designs are handcrafted and hand-polished to provide a quality lure – Xochimilco, Mexico

Ancient Mariner Tackle – Custom saltwater fishing tackle for sportfishing, trolling and bottom fishing.   Joe Bielawski is a retired commercial fisherman and his tackle is crafted with the many years of knowledge and experience he has acquired.  Joe offers a line of jigs, lures, bottom rigs and other goodies, and includes very helpful tips on how to best use them – Deltona, FL

A.O.K. Tackle Company – Manufacturer of Custom Lures and Rigs, Sand spikes, Cooler/Rod Racks, Lead Weights and other fine saltwater fishing tackle.   Proudly Made in the USA – Bristol, PA

Aqua Blue Maui LLC – Producers of trolling and casting lures with fine Paua (Abalone) shell heads.   Offshore models include the Slammerhead, Paua Play and Seafire Jetheads – Kula, Hawaii

B17® Swimsuit Fishing Lures – Hand-painted, light spinning lures for use with fly rods.   The most unique line of flies, lures and ultra-lights made for fresh water, saltwater, and warm water – Redford, MI

B2 Squid – Soft plastic fishing lures.   The versatile B2 Squid lures are offered in four sizes and in a variety of colors including Triple Glow, one of the best glows on the market.  They offer their B2 Squid bodies ready for you to rig, or pre-rigged with hook or jig head – Eureka, CA

Bagley Bait Company – Manufacturer of fishing lures since 1954.   Over three dozen models are available in a variety of weight and colors – Naples, FL

Ballyhood International – Producers of big game trolling lures since 1992.   They specialize in Tuna, Marlin, Shark and Wahoo trolling lures, but also offer a variety of casting and trolling lures for inshore species.   Other products include personalized lures, bird teasers, daisy chains, deep drop rigs, cedar plugs, and lure and jig cases – Santa Ana, CA

Bass Assassin – A family-owned manufacturer of soft plastic fishing lures.   Products include a wide variety of soft plastic baits, BLURP scented soft plastic baits, jig heads, and fish attractants – Mayo, FL

Bass-Wood Lures – Custom, hand-crafted cedar wood lures by Gary Garenza.   Designed specifically for Striped Bass.  They swim slightly below the surface with a tail dance that would make Fred Astaire turn over in his grave... – Toms River, NJ

Berkley Fishing – Along with their line of Gulp!® baits, Berkely produces a wide variety of soft bodied and hard bodied saltwater lures designed for saltwater.   Products include Frenzy® hardbaits, Johnson® casting spoons, PowerBait® soft plastic baits.   Trolling lures include SevenStrand® Green Machine, Hex Heads, Kona Clone, Tuna Clone and others – Spirit Lake, IA

Big Bite Baits – Makers of quality plastic fishing lures that have been proven to catch fish.   They offer a large selection of worms, lizards, grubs, craws, tubes, frogs, shads, minnows and more – Eufaula, AL

Big Hammer – Manufacturer of premium swimbaits, soft plastic lures and Hammer Heads™ jig heads.   Hand poured with a unique square tail design that provides an unparalleled vibrant swimming action – Sunrize Tackle Inc, Goleta, CA

BigWater Lures – High quality, handmade casting plugs by lure maker Gary Soldati.   Each lure is turned from northern white cedar, has glass eyes from Germany, custom stainless-steel lips made by Gary to get the desired action, through-wired for extra strength, and VMC treble hooks – West Stockbridge MA

Billy Hurley Lures – Home of the Striper Magnet, a soft plastic jerk bait.   Also available are soft plastic sand eels and cod teasers, weighted hooks and jig heads – Northampton, MA

Black Label Plugs – A small New Jersey lure manufacturer catering to surf fisherman who are looking to catch that once in a lifetime fish.   They specialize in handcrafted wooden swimming plugs predominately for large saltwater game fish.   Constructed of the finest cedar and equipped with top of the line hardware, each lure is individually tested to run true – Forked River, NJ

Bomber Lures – Fishing Lures built to dominate.   Offers hardbaits with super-duty components, strong polycarbonate construction and super-sharp saltwater grade hooks – Fort Smith, AR

Boone Bait Company – Manufacturer of soft and hard casting lures, soft baits, bucktails, jigs, trolling lures, teasers, lure skirts, ready-made rigs, terminal tackle, stainless steel tools and accessories – Winter Park, FL

Braid Products – Marauder Wahoo lures, Wahoo bombs, tuna plugs, plastic and metal jigs, offshore trolling lures, trolling teasers, inshore and offshore casting lures, ready-made rigs, fishing tools, lure bags and other accessories – Cocoa, FL

Broadbill Custom Lures – Producer of hand made trolling lures that are fully balanced to prevent roll over and dichromatic to enhance color flash.   Custom made head shapes and color combinations are available on request – Penrose, Aukland, New Zealand

BucktailBoys – Selling BTB's Bucktails, Spro Bucktails, S&S Rattletail Bucktails by Stanley Gola, Teasers and Bucktails by Anthony Palmer, rods, reels, apparel, Gulp baits, Fluke rigs, teaser hooks and more – Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

C&B Custom Jigs – Design your own jig and have it sent to your front door.   Every jig they produce is crafted after your order is received.   They also offer Jig Heads, Inshore/Pier Jigs, Offshore/Boat Jigs, Weights & Sinkers, Tying Materials and other accessories.   From unpainted jig heads weighing 1/16 ounce to large jigs weighing a full pound, you'll find what you need – Pensacola, FL

C&H Lures – Makers of the highest quality, fish producing lures and accessories for the saltwater offshore and inshore angler.   Products include trolling lures, casting lures, jigs, rigs, tackle bags, fish bags, belts and harnesses, accessories and apparel – Jacksonville, FL

Caribou Lures – Home of JIG-A-JO, Jig Heads, Soft Baits, Hard Baits & Spoons, Rigs, Lead Sinkers, Terminal Tackle & Accessories – Montreal, Canada

Carolina Lures – Light Tackle Jigs & Lures, Offshore Lures, Terminal Tackle and Accessories – Carolina Jets, Wahoo Buster, Enticers, Tuna Busters, Sea Rage Chains, Spreaders & Dredges and Yummee Flying Fish soft plastic lures and teasers – Blairsville, GA

Castaic Softbaits – Producer of premier soft plastic fishing lures that look and swim like the real thing – Trophy Technology, Trenton, TX

Chaos Lures – Manufacturers of high quality fishing equipment at a reasonable cost.   Saltwater trolling lure models include jets, feathers, tuna sticks, bullets and daisy chains – Pompano Beach, FL

Choopy Lures – Handcrafted wooden casting lures.   Products include a variety of needlefish, darters and metal lip swimmers hand-made from red cedar, maple and birch hardwoods and quality stainless steel fittings – Wall, NJ

CS Coatings – A provider of specialty paint for the fishing tackle industry and hobbyists.   Products include a wide variety of Vinyl Paints, Air Brush Paints, Powdercoat Paints, UV Paints, Epoxy Paints, Super Glow Paints, Electreflect Paints, Finish Coats, Glitter, Dips and a wide variety of application tools – Wausau, WI

Corky Lures – These lures are the first of their kind to incorporate a stainless steel wire, surrounded by cork, and then covered in soft plastic – B&L Manufacturing, Houston, TX

Creek Chub – The baits that have been setting world records since 1910.   Saltwater lures include a wide variety of topwater, popper and trolling lures – Pradco Outdoor Products, Fort Smith, AK

Creme Lure Company – Manufacturers of the original soft plastic worm (established 1949).   Products include a variety of soft plastic baits, swimbaits, tube jigs, lures and other soft critters – Tyler, TX

Culprit Lures – Producers of soft plastic baits including worms, grubs, shad bodies, tubes and accessories – Classic Fishing Products, Inc., Clermont, FL

Cultiva Lures by Owner – Premium hard baits with fine-tuned actions and complemented with top quality construction, beautifully painted foil finishes, internal rattles, exclusive Living Eyes and Owner’s exclusive Cutting Point treble hooks – Costa Mesa, CA

Deadly Dick Classic Lures – Their casting and jigging lures are made of nickel plated solid brass with a shiny, bright finish.   The included nickel swivel, stainless steel split rings and 'Seaguard' protected Eagle Claw hooks make these lures almost indestructible and rustproof – Campbell River, BC, Canada

DEMON Jigs & Deep Water Lures – Jigs and other lures by Steve Badman, Master Jig Builder – Port Vila, Vanuatu (South Pacific)

D & J Plastics – Specialists in the manufacturing of soft plastic fishing lures such as worms, grubs, frogs, lizards, shads, minnows, and many other designs in bulk for fishing retailers – Georgetown, GA

Dick Nite Spoons – Manufacturer of thin-bladed spoons for trolling and casting since 1940.   Over 250 varieties are available in sizes from 1.5" to 7.25" and in many color combinations – Lake Stevens, WA

DJ's Lures – Producer of the 'Googly Eyed' series of trolling lures, flashers, spinners, hootchie beads for Salmon, Trout and Halibut – Port Hardy, BC, Canada

Draggin Eyes – Chrome over brass bullet trolling lures with an interchangeable screw-in skirt system and lifetime eyeball replacement guarantee.  Available as components, complete lures and pre-rigged – DB Marine MFG, Royal Palm Beach, FL

D.O.A. Lures – Maker of soft plastic fishing lures impregnated with real shrimp.   Developed by hard-core fishermen to resemble shrimp, crabs and a variety of baitfish – Stuart, FL

DOL-Lure Saltwater Lures – Offshore trolling lures with a patented shape that allows the lure to wobble beneath the surface leaving behind a trail of bubbles – Winter Haven, FL

DT Lures – Offers handmade swimming lures made from the best wood, wire, hooks and finishes available.   Several models and colors are available.   Custom paint and refinishing services are also available – Brick, NJ

DUO International - Over 20 Years of Japanese Lure Making artistry and craftsmanship.   DUO manufactures over 300 high quality lure models and sells more than 20 million units every year - Yaizu, Japan

Eat Me Lures – Manufacturer of offshore fishing lures.   Products include a wide variety of trolling lures, tuna feathers, teasers, bird teasers, jet heads, cedar plugs, replacement lure skirts and lure bags.   Custom lures and lure restoration services are also available.   Eat Me Lures are proudly made in the USA – Salem, OR

Eddy Lures – In production for 20 years, their lures simulate a wounded baitfish perfectly, with actions varying from super wide wobbles to a tight shimmy, with other models providing irresistible sways.   Purpose designed with a head-down attitude so that the lures immediately dive down to the strike zone when retrieved – Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Eddystone Sportfishing – Unlike many plastic lures on today's market, Eddystone Sand Eel Lures exhibit a swimming motion when pulled through the water – Plymouth, UK

ESCA – Blue and green lure lights that mimic marine organisms.   Uses no batteries; it generates its own energy in salt water.   Combine one of these light units with your favorite lure or rig – Miller Place, NY

ExtremeLures.com – They sell fishing lures; good ones that catch fish.   That's about it – Torrance, CA

Eyecatcher Lures – Producer of offshore trolling lures, teasers, spreader bars, leaders and rigging – Edenton, NC

Fat Girl Outfitters – Custom hand poured big game trolling lures, titanium spreader bars and daisy chains – Patchogue, NY

Fish On Lures – The Spine Eel was designed to throw and fish like a hard plastic, but with the action of a ultra soft plastic lure.   The patented design has a flexible yet strong polymer plastic backbone running the length of the lure.   The backbone makes the Spine Eel stronger than other soft rubber baits on the market.   It is extremely tear resistant and prevents the hook from pulling out of the lure – Mattapoisett, MA

Fish Trap Lures – Manufacturer of custom hand-poured soft plastic swim baits – San Diego, CA

FoodSource Lure Corporation – The only molded fishing lures made entirely of ingredients that fish can eat and want to eat.  Available in a variety of colors and shapes, they can be easily cut to the size and shape you want.  100% real food, they are not plastic, include powerful scents, and are biodegradable – Birmingham, AL

Frenzie Lures, Inc. – Makers of custom, handcrafted and personalized high speed trolling lures.   Their lure heads are individually hand poured and polished one at a time and are equipped with the highest quality skirts from Yo-Zuri, Yamashita and Boone – Melbourne, FL

Gambler Lures – Manufacturers of soft plastic lures, worm baits, tube baits and jigs – Global Anglers, LLC, Pompano Beach, FL

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits – Home of the Senko Worm and other Saltwater Tough Soft Plastic Baits – Page, AZ

Gibbs Lures – Makers of quality hand-crafted wooden casting lures.   Stan Gibbs began this company in 1946 when he first whittled unique wooden plugs that had the ability to attract fish.   This family owned business carries on the tradition of creating plugs from wood and other natural components with careful attention to details.   Models include the Danny Deep Diver, Danny Swimmer, Needlefish, Darter, Pencil Popper, Polaris Popper, Skipper, and Stan Gibbs Popper – Cumberland, RI

Gibbs/Nortac Industries Ltd. – Established in 1908 by Rufus Gibbs, we are Canada's largest manufacturer of fishing lures, landing nets, sinkers and accessories for both saltwater and freshwater use.   Gibbs manufactures such legendary lures as: BMW Troll, Croc, Cod Jig, Floorwalker, Gator, Gypsy, Highliner Flasher, Hockey Stick,  Ironhead, Koho, Kit-A-Mat, Minnow, Mudraker, Stewart, Toronto Wobbler, Wedding Band & Willow Leaf Troll – Delta, BC, Canada

Greenpoint Tackle Company – Producer of "Sharp Eye" lures that are fashioned after realistic baitfish profiles in varying sizes ranging from 1/2 ounce to 3 ounces.   Made primarily from Alaskan yellow cedar, they are fully sealed, through-wired with stainless steel, have stainless steel, custom hand-cut or laser cut lips, equipped with VNC hooks, and every lure is water tested prior to shipping.   A wide variety of styles and colors are available – Brooklyn, NY

G-Tek Lures – Designers and manufacturers of Spreader Bars and Teasers with a fresh and innovative design.   Their spreader bars are made from transparent and durable Lexan™ plastic and looks very natural in the water.   Available in three sizes up to 60 inches – Danbury, CT

Guides Choice Tackle – These are the very finest lures, developed by professional Captain Frank Crescitelli and his team of captains and local 'sharpies'.   Lure models include the Bunka Boy, the M-80 Popper, the No. 2 Pencil, the Old School Swimmer, and the Striper Slider.   Guides Choice Tackle is dedicated to developing conservation-minded gear and practices, and has pledged 5% of pre-tax sales to conservation – Staten Island, NY

Guppy Lure Company – A premier maker of classic wood lures for the topwater.   Models include poppers and pencil poppers in a variety of sizes and colors.   All lures feature VMC 4X hooks with Wolverine super rings – Randolph MA

Hab's Custom Plugs – Finest quality handcrafted wooden fishing plugs handcrafted from the finest woods and using the best hardware components.   Every plug is sanded for a smooth finish showing no wood grains and use the best available paints for a hard, durable finish that will last.   All lures are equipped with VMC 4X treble or siwash hooks – Smithfield, RI

Halco Tackle – Australia's foremost and biggest lure manufacturer.   Products include metal lures, plastic lures, wooden lures, jigs and lure accessories – Fremantle, Australia

Hawaii Lure – Fishing Lures and Tackle.  Featuring Custom Hawaiian Lures including: Big game trolling lures by Futa; Lead weights by Island Lead Sinkers; All-around poppers by Pacific Lures Hawaii; Saltwater lures by Vibra Lures; Big game trolling lures by Hawaiian Opihi Shell Lures; Trolling lures by Hawaii Lure Plugs – Kaneohe, HI

Head Start Lures – A quick-rigging system for trolling ballyhoo, flying fish, squid and other bait fish.   Gives dead bait a very natural swimming action which attracts game fish strikes at a variety of trolling speeds.   Molded of polycarbonate, it has a unique through-the-eye locking system that ensures that the bait does not spin – Zephyrhills FL

HighRoller Fishing Lure Company – Solid Wood Top-Water Fishing Lures for Stripers, Redfish, Mackerel, Speckled Trout & others.   Rigged with VMC PERMI-STEEL Saltwater Ready Hooks and Saltwater Hardware. – Gainesville, FL

Hogy Lures – Hand poured soft baits that were originally designed to catch big Stripers, but have since proven successful with Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Cobia and more – Falmouth, MA

Hollowpoint Lures – Makers of hand-crafted trolling lures and teasers that are unique in quality and ability to catch fish.   Also available are lure bags and custom hook rigging – Wauchope, NSW, Australia

Hopkins Fishing Lures – Manufacturers of stainless steel jigs and casting and trolling lures.   Models include the famous NO=EQL, Shorty, Smoothie, and Smoothie Split Prism Lures – Norfolk, VA

Hughes Custom Painted Baits – Providing the fishermen a unique opportunity to design custom  paint schemes on any style of hard bodied lure.   They also offer their custom paint schemes that are proven tournament winning colors.   Just send in your baits and they'll take it from there – Reeds Spring, MO

iland Lures – Manufacturer of big game trolling lures.  The lures have unique gold eyes that intimidate, provoke and challenge, and lustrous nylon fiber skirts that provide brilliance, natural motion, indestructibility and lure stabilizing qualities – L&S Lures, Largo, FL

Iron Man Fishing Lures – Makers of metal fishing jigs including surface iron jigs, medium weight yo-yo jigs and heavy weight yo-yo jigs.   Available in about 100 different colors and equipped with either siwash, terble or fixed hook  – Bight Fishing Products, Huntington Beach, CA

Jamfab Jigs and Custom Lures – Handmade lures and jigs for Wahoo, Dolphin, Kings, Grouper, Snapper and Tuna.  Lures are manufactured using a special process to treat the heads, followed by three color coats and then an extremely durable topcoat and glitter mix, which gives them a very durable high gloss shine – Lynn Haven, FL

JC Jigs – Manufacturers of fine fishing jigs since 1987.   All models have a powder-coated finish and include the Bugeye Jig, Spearhead Jig, Hatteras Superbug and Hatteras Doodlebug and are available in weights from 1 to 8 ounces – Indiana, PA

Jersey Jay's Tackle – Offer a variety of their own metal spoons and jigs for inshore and offshore saltwater fishing.   Available in chrome or colored finishes – Flemington, NJ

Jigs, Rigs and Stuff – A small tackle manufacturing company specializing in metal jigs, jigheads and bucktails.   Products include diamond jigs, hammered finish jigs, cod jigs, tuna jigs, fluke jigs and a wide variety of bucktail jigs – Corning, NY

JigSkinz – Jigs that perfect the art of Fish Imaging.   Their NLO (No Line Out) lures use JigSkinz as a finish as well as totally different patented imaging system.   A wide variety of NLO jig shapes, sizes and colors are available – Hilton Head, SC

J.N-SKI Custom Plugs – John Niedzielski offers individually handcrafted custom casting plugs designed for Striper fishing.   His plugs are made from Alaskan yellow cedar and are available in a variety of models including the Peanut Bunker, Chunky Needle, Slope Head Jr., Suicidal Surface Swimmer, Back Bay Peanut Pencil, Squimmer and Bullet Pencil – Miller Place, NY

Juicy Jigs Tackle Company – Manufacturers of Squid Jigs.  Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors.  Snag a squid today! – Bremerton, WA

Kokoda – Offers a wide variety of Australian-made soft and hard lures, trolling lures, jigs and diving lures for both inshore and offshore fishing – Caringbah, New South Wales, Australia

Krippled Fishing Lures – A unique baitfish rig developed in the salmon rich waters of British Columbia, Canada.  What makes these lures so effective is the spiral rolling action, which mimics crippled baitfish swimming from a predator – Sooke B.C., Canada

Laceration Lures – Custom handmade  trolling lures for all types of offshore gamefish.   Available in small, medium and large models, the heads and skirts can be mixed and matched with either hair or rubber skirts and customized with the boat or angler's name imprinted on the acrylic head.   Proudly manufactured by Joe Massey and made from all-American materials – Raleigh, NC

Larry's Lures – Great lures for Stripers, Weakfish, and Bluefish.   Models include the Whippet swimming jig that resembles a small bait fish or sand eel, and the Tube Eel that resembles an eel or sea worm – Center Moriches, NY

L.B. Huntington Company Inc – Home of the ORIGINAL DRONE SPOON and DRONE PLANER since 1918.   DRONE trolling spoons are offered in over a dozen sizes and colors, with or without reflective prismatic tape that's available in fifteen colors.  DRONE Planers are designed to get your lures down deep without much weight, so that you can fight the fish and not the terminal tackle – Norfolk, VA

Lazer Fishing Lures – Metal lures for saltwater and freshwater fishing.  Lazers can be jigged, trolled or used for high speed spinning.  The rear weighted design allows the lure greater casting distance – Javelin Lure Company, Southport, Queensland, Australia

Legend Lures – Offers Captain Roddy Hays' range of big-game trolling lures.   His careful customization of skirts is what sets him above many other manufacturers.   A Legend Lure can be put straight in the water with no need for further tuning – Jupiter, FL

Lemire's Plugworks – Offers handcrafted wooden saltwater and freshwater plugs for striper fishing and other types of game fishing.   Models include a full line of swimmers, needlefish, and top water plugs, including the Sea Fly, the first thru wired, salt water rigged wobble bait.   Made one at a time, their plugs are equipped with 4X VMC hooks, Wolverine triple wound stainless steel split rings, Krok super strong stainless steel swivels and nickel plated grommets to protect the surrounding wood – Clayville, RI

Light & Strike – Electronic popping cork with a built-in light for attracting bait and game fish.  It will illuminate your bait for up to 12 hours of LED light from a single AAA battery.   Made from Lexan® plastic, the Light & Strike popping cork attaches easily to your fishing line, floats upright and includes a green and a white lens – Houston, TX

Lindgren-Pitman – Electralume LED fishing lights are proven effective for swordfish, grouper, snapper, halibut, and other species that are attracted to light.  They are available in a variety of colors including Green, Blue, Aqua, Purple, Red, White and multi-color.   The included Lithium battery has a life up to 500 hours.   Also available are water activated Duralite strobe lights – Pompano Beach, FL

Lively Lures – Makers of hard bodied casting lures.   Deep diving and shallow runner models are available in eight body styles.   The lures are made of polyurethane which provides a stronger end product that is solid bodied with all components built in – Caloundra, Queensland, Australia

Lordship Lures – Custom made wood saltwater fishing plugs for Striped Bass and Bluefish, including Needlefish, Surface Spooks, Metal Lipped Swimmers, Pencil Poppers, and other fine saltwater fishing lures – Stratford, CT

Lucky Craft – Manufacturers of hard bodied casting lures.   Models include top water swimmers, jerk baits, crank baits, poppers, swim baits and divers – Costa Mesa, CA

Luhr Jensen & Sons, Inc. – Manufacturers of fishing tackle and fishing accessories.   Their many Jigging / Casting / Trolling Lures include the Crippled Herring, B-2 Bomber Squid, B-2 Cruiser Squid, Accetta Pet Spoon, Tony Spoon, Krocodile, Coyote Spoon, Needlefish, Barracuda Reflecto Spoon, Hotrod Wobbler, Diamond King Spoon and Javelin – Hood River, OR

Lunker City Fishing Specialties – Manufacturers of soft plastic baits, jig heads and lure weights.   Popular saltwater models include the Slug-Go, Fin-S Fish, Fin-S Shad, HydroTail  and Shaker soft plastic baits – Meriden, CT

LureMaking.com – Canada's leading supplier of lure making parts, components and supplies for the manufacturer, tackle shop and angler.   They have thousands of parts and components in stock and their staff is focused on solving all of your lure making problems – Real Pro's SportFishing, Hepworth, Ontario, Canada

Lurenet.com – The official web site of Pradco Outdoor Brands fishing division, the world's largest lure manufacturer with great brands like Rebel, Bomber, Cotton Cordell, Heddon, Arbogast, Creek Chub, XCalibur, Lazy Ike, Yum and more – Fort Smith, AK

Lures International – Makers of the famous FOUNTAIN trolling lures for over 20 years.   Jet, bullet and popper models are available in a variety of sizes and colors – Rolling Bay, WA

Martinetti Squid Jigs – Largest selection of Squid Jigs available in the USA.  Martinetti squid jigs are made according to the highest standards in sport and commercial squid fishing industry.  Models include a wide variety of luminous, cloth covered, soft body and hard body squid jigs – Distributed by Colman's Fishing Supply, Auburn, WA

Marukyu – Manufacturers of Ecogear© and FishLeague© soft plastic baits, squid jigs and scents – Okegawa, Japan

MBT Lures – The Lures that Catch Fish and not just fishermen.   Models include the Psycho, Long Demon, Rodent, Hurricane, B-52, Marlin Magic, Apollo and Metal Bullet Head – Tewantin, Queensland, Australia

Matzuo America Inc. – Hard plastic Fishing Lures, Jigs & Spinners with holographic bodies, 3-D eyes, pure resin dive lips and chemically sharpened hooks – Denver, CO

MidCoast Products – Manufacturers of innovative Fishing Corks, both tame and extreme.   They offer seven models of excellent popping corks that help you catch fish and cast long distances – Needville, TX

Mike Shaw's MS Slammer – Hand Crafted Lures for Giant Stripers, Lake Trout, Salmon and Bass.   Each plug is individually waterproofed and hand painted with an ultra-realisitic trout or kokanee finish.   Premium VMC 9649 BZ Model hooks are used on all of their lures – Cedar City, UT

MirrOlure by L&S Bait Company, Inc. – A Fishin' Tradition.   Hard body casting and trolling lures – Largo, FL

Mister Twister, Inc. – Makers of the original curly tail grub and other soft plastic lures and jigs – Minden, LA

Mizmo Bait Company – Manufacturers of the finest tubes and soft plastic lures available.   Try their 4-inch Big Boy bass tubes the next time you go Striper fishing – Jonesboro, AR

Mold Craft Products – Manufacturers of a wide variety of trolling lures, teasers, daisy chains, spreader bars, dredges, soft bodied squids, lure skirts, trolling rigs and accessories since 1971 – Pompano Beach, FL

MP Lures – Trolling lures made in the USA from the highest quality materials available, machined on CNC lathes and mills.   Lures are available in anodized aluminum, electro-polished stainless steel, and chrome-plated brass.   Most of their lures are available in three sizes with a wide choice of skirts – Jensen Beach, FL

MX Plugs – Handcrafted wooden lures that are hand painted and custom designed help you catch more fish.   Each of their plugs is unique in color, shape, size, and action.   Their fishing lures are made from a variety of selected woods including Alaskan yellow cedar, pine, oak and others.   Each lure is wired with VMC® or Mustad® hooks, and heavy duty swivels and split rings – Stem, NC

Mystic Tackleworks – The BioPulse™ lure provides the appropriate natural stimuli to the various sensory systems (vision, hearing, taste, smell, mechanoreception) used by fish to locate prey.   Several nodels are available as a kit that includes the lure, attractant and cleaner – West Mystic, CT

Nemire Lures – Maker of casting lures including the "Red Ripper", "Spoon Buzzer" and "Spoon Buzzer".   All of these lures have a patented metal rattle and some come in 24K gold or sterling silver plated finishes – Tempe, AZ

NJ Tackle Company – Offering a wide collection of saltwater fishing tackle including the exclusive product of Diamond Tackle – BLOCK TIN's!  Made from 98% pure tin, these block tins are the best we've seen since the old days when they were cast using bronze molds.  Other products include: Unfinished wood plug blanks; wood plug building kits and supplies; lead eel skin jigs, shad head jigs & jig heads; and terminal tackle – Point Pleasant, NJ

Ocean Saltwater Lures – A leading edge manufacturer of saltwater lures, bluefish lures, striped bass lures, tuna lures, tarpon lures, pitching lures and many other ocean saltwater lures – Newburyport, MA

Ocean Tackle International – Advanced performance saltwater tackle, specializing in Japanese style jigging and popping rods, lures, line and accessories targeting tuna, amberjack, wahoo, mahi-mahi, grouper, and many other big game species – Corpus Christi, TX

Omniglow – Makers of Easy Light™ and Max-Catch™ chemiluminescent lightsticks for attracting deep sea fish such as tuna and swordfish.   Their lightsticks come in a variety of sizes and colors – Indian Orchard, MA

Optimum Baits – Offers over 15 different styles of soft plastic baits ranging from 2 inches to 16 inches in 50 different colors to make sure there is a lure for every fishing condition – Temecula, CA
Otter Lures
Otter Lures & Tackle – Captain Bruce Millar has been operating the charter boat OTTER from Groton, CT for over forty years.   During that time he has designed and tested a line of unique and effective lures.  Captain Bruce's OTTER TAILS are the first truly superior alternative to the pork rind.   They provide strike stimulating scented action, last longer on the hook than plastic or pork, are available in vibrant colors, and have unlimited shelf life.   They come in sizes to fit all presentations including Otter Long Tails, Otter Short Tails, Otter Tiny Tails, Otter Action Leeches, Otter Tubes, and Otter Bunker Spoons.   All Otter Lures are made in the USA – East Hampton, CT

Pakula Lures of Australia – Peter Pakula off a wide variety of skirted and skirtless offshore trolling lures, Dojo Pesche big game hooks, teasers, rigs and accessories – Ingleburn, NSW, Australia

Palmer's Lures – Tony Palmer offers the best Bucktail jigs found anywhere, Fluke rigs designed for our area, and specialty jigs and rigs.   All of Tony's products are high -quality and handcrafted in house and available at fair and reasonable prices.    His most popular items are the Squid Jigz, Fluke Bomb, and Doormat Fluke Squid Rigs – Nesquehoning, PA

Pelagic Lures – Manufacturers of the world's first, lead-free, high-speed, planing-head lure.   Their Modulure® "Wahoo Magnet" has a steel skeleton with interchangeable colored and luminous shells, and can be trolled from 1/2 knot to well over 22 knots – Stockholm, Sweden

PILI Lures – Producers of tough surface poppers designed to imitate wounded fish.   Models include the Floating Pili, the Sinking Pili, the Mr. Pili and the Kagami Mr Pili.   Owner Mark Santiago makes each PILI lure by hand – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Play Action Products – Offers a variety of inshore and offshore trolling lures including the Big Kahuna, Bowling Pin, Flock-O-Birds, Hawk, Mini Bird, Humming Bird, Mirror Mate and Sparrow teasers – Titusville, FL

Predatek Lures – Maximum Efishency trolling and casting lures made Downunder – Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Predator Offshore Tackle – Manufacturers of high quality daisy chains, spreader bars, birds, squids, trolling lures, lure kits, lure bags and other accessories – Clearwater, FL

ProFishCo – Manufacturers of professional quality fishing tackle and accessories since 1986.   Products include trolling lures such as the Grander Slam, Silhouettes, Tu -Nobs, Hoo-Nobs, Jet-Nobs, Bullet-Nobs, Munchie, Fishskin Flyer and Fishskin Bugs.   Other products include a variety of vertical drop jigs, fishing tools and other accessories – Brielle, NJ

Pro-Soft Lures – Makers of soft head offshore trolling lures since 1995.   Their lures are available in six styles to cover all angling environments, from the 17-inch,  19-1/2 -ounce Grand Master to the 8-inch,  3-ounce Scupper.   All lures are double-skirted, with aluminum or stainless steel inserts, depending on the model and are offered in 32 color combinations – Irvine, CA

R&S Lures – Manufacturers of inshore and offshore trolling lures, Grouper jigs, dredges and rigs.   Each lure is lathe-cut for balance, and heads are hand polished and can be ordered bare or pre-rigged – Florida City, FL

Raider Trolling Spoons – American made metal trolling spoons available in a wide variety of color combinations and in two sizes – Bob's Outdoors LLC dba Raider Spoons, Davisburg, MI

Rapala VMC – More world record fish have been caught with Rapala lures than any other in the world.   Rapala offers an astounding selection of casting lures – Helsinki, Finland

Rat-L-Trap® – Bill Lewis' popular and productive sound and action lures.   They understand there's a lot more to Sound Fishing than just making noise.   After all... they invented it.   Larger, heavy-duty models are available for offshore trolling – Alexandria, LA

Red Gill – Two styles of Red Gill fishing lures are currently available, the Pilchard and the Sand Eel, both available in a variety of different colors.   The Pilchard is also available with a number of different sized integral weights, and the Sand Eel in a variety of lengths – Mevagissey, Cornwall, UK

Reidy's Lures – Makers of a variety of hard-bodied saltwater casting and trolling lures.   Casting models include swimmers, deep divers and surface poppers – Humpty Doo, N.T., Australia

Rhode Island Poppers – Makers of high quality, hand-crafted saltwater lures.   A wide variety of wood and acrylic casting and offshore models are available.   Casting models include poppers, pikies, jointed swimmers, needlefish, swimmers, slant heads, darters, torpedoes and more.   Offshore models include swimming lures, daisy-chains, tuna-heads, spreader bars and custom acrylic heads – Woonsocket, RI

RipTide Lures – Manufacturer of soft plastic lures, baits, critters and jigs specially designed for saltwater angling – Clermont, FL

River2sea – Manufacturer of a wide variety of fishing lures including casting plugs, worms, soft plastic lures, metal jigs and hooks – Richmond, CA

S&S Bucktails – A family run business that offers the best quality Bucktail Jigs and Lures on the market.   They are the only ones that make a rattling Bucktail Jig.   Their jigs are coated with a paint that will not chip, crack or peel and are available in many colors, and use real deer tail.   All of their products are made in the USA – Belmar, NJ

S2 Instruments – Manufacturers of electronic fishing lures.   The Magnet series of "active" fishing lures uses the natural way of attracting game fish.   Game fish survive by locating their natural bait fish by pressure waves given off by the swimming movement or erratic movement of a wounded fish.   The Magnet lures duplicate the pressure waves of a wounded meal.   The Mako Magnet is specifically tuned for the Mako, while the Tuna Teaser duplicates a school of their favorite meal, and the Marlin Magnet also does the same – Andover, MA

Salas Fishing Lures – Salas produces a number of Iron Jigs in both lightweight and heavy models.  The light jigs are used to target Tuna, Yellowtail, Barracuda, Bass, Wahoo, and Bluefish feeding near the surface on a medium retrieve.  The heavy models weigh from 4 oz. to well over 1 lb. and are great for tuna, yellowtail, and Amberjack on a vertical retrieve – South Gate, CA

Salty's Fly & Lure – Featuring custom handmade wooden saltwater fishing lures and surf plugs for Stripers and Bluefish.  Models include Pencil Poppers, Bottle Poppers, Needlefish, Darters, Swimmers, Toona Bombs and Mega Minnows.   Hard to find lure hardware is also available – Watertown, MA

Scylla Lures – Customizable skirted trolling lures featuring abalone heads and high-quality eyes over weighted inserts.  Thirteen models are available in sizes from 5 to 17 inches in length and with a variety of head shapes – Stuart, FL

Sebile USA – Innovative fishing lures created by Patrick Sebile.   Available lure models include the Magic Swimmer, ACAST Minnow, Slim Stick, Bonga Minnow, Bonga Jerk, Flatt Shad, Ghost Walker, Koolie Minnow, Onduspoon, Splasher, Stick Shadd and Crankster – Monument, CO

Skipperspride Lure Co – Manufacturer of the patented Turbo Rattler fishing lures, bait rigs and trolling lures.   The Turbo Rattler creates sound and vibrations that mimic the distress signal of injured bait fish and trigger strikes on all striking fresh and saltwater game – Marshville, NC

Skippylures – Serious cedar casting lures for Stripers, Snook and Redfish.   Custom made one at a time by Skip Smith.   All lures are through wired with .043-320 stainless steel, knotless western red cedar, 4x Owner hooks, hand tied bucktails on Mustad® stainless steel tail hooks.   Some lures are airbrushed and some are hard brushed for custom one-of-a-kind finishes.

Skyline Fishing Company Skyline Jigs – Maker of high quality, custom fishing jigs at affordable prices.   Everything from Snook Flare Hawk Jigs to Bucktails Jigs, Cobia Jigs, and Jig heads.   They use the highest quality and strongest hooks, and everything is made by hand – Port Charlotte, FL

Slimers™ – Wet, inorganic flesh baits for saltwater or freshwater fishing.   These baits need no refrigeration, won't spoil, readily absorb scents and colors, and have lifelike movement and texture.   Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors and they are legal to use worldwide – Merchantville, NJ

SnakeBite Custom Fishing Tackle – Manufacturers of hand poured soft plastic baits, worms, tubes and other critters – Moscow, ID

Snapper Slapper Lures – An offshore lure that goes from casting to bottom jigging, and then to game fish trolling by simply putting the boat in gear.  Simulates a squid on the prowl having a phosphorescent head, planing wings and a stinger hook that's deadly to short striking fish – Texas City, TX

Specialized Baits – Manufacturer of premium light tackle casting lures and jigs hand made in the USA – Manassas, VA

Sperry Fishing Lures – Maker of skirted and skirtless inshore and offshore trolling lures – Reporoa, New Zealand

Spro Corporation – The Shape of Things to Come... Hard and Soft Lures, Jigs, Bucktails, Spoons, Minnows – Kennesaw, GA

Stamina Quality Components – Make your own lures!   We offer an unparalleled selection of lure building supplies.   With over 10,000 different items in stock you'll find everything you need to build top quality fishing lures – Brooklyn Park, MN

Stillwater Lures – Manufacturer of saltwater and freshwater fishing lures.   All lures have BB's located within specially designed chambers that create an effective rattle that attracts all types of gamefish.   Made in the USA – Lititz, PA

Stingofish – Dave Stingo's PBJ jigs and OXG Star jigs feature a scale like pattern finish, red 3D eyes and forged stainless steel hooks fitted with a ball bearing swivel.   Can be used with most any jigging style such as vertical jigging, yo-yo jigging and speed jigging – Middletown, NJ

Storm Lures – Always think like a fish.   No matter how weird it gets.    Storm is a manufacturer of hard and soft bodied lures.   Hard lure models include the Wiggle Wart® , Hot ‘N Tot®, Chug Bug®, ThunderCrank® and ThunderStick® – A subsidiary of Rapala VMC

Strike King Lure Company – Manufacturer of 3X soft baits, top water lures, crankbaits, jerk baits, jigs, titanium leader material – Collierville, TN

Strike Pro America – Manufacturer and importer of saltwater and freshwater lures with over 30 years of experience.   Over 500 models and 300 different color patterns to choose from.   Included in the product line are cedar wood lures for tuna, wahoo and surf fishing – Galveston, TX

Strike Zone Lures – Australian manufacturer of casting lures, trolling lures, teasers and rigs – The Gap, QLD, Australia

Striper Spoons – The most effective trophy striper lure ever!   Heavier than any other bunker spoons of similar size, their unique patented weighting system gives them incredible action.   The added weight allows anglers to use less wire line to get to a specific depth.   The 9" model is made from stainless steel, available in eight colors and weighs 1 lb 9 oz – Port Washington, NY

Sumo Iron Jigs – Manufacturer of yo-yo style fishing fishing jigs that are excellent for deep water jigging.   Available in sizes from 2-oz. to 9.5-oz and a wide variety of colors including chrome and glow finishes – Sumo Tackle, Oceanside, CA

Swift Creek Lures – Bill Grossman's lures are "Art with a Hook".   His fishing lures and fish decoys are original designs and are completely handmade.   Only hardwoods such as walnut, cherry, mahogany and maple are used to ensure durability.  What separates Bill's work from other handmade lures is the painting.  Only the best quality paints are used and all lures are brush painted.   Most of his lures are one-of-a-kind, but occasionally Bill will make a few of one style – Midlothian, VA

TackleMaking, Inc. – The largest lure making resource and community in the world.   Lure Making Information, Products and Services – Natick, MA

Tactical Anglers – A small company made up of innovative designers/avid fisherman.   Their focus is on creating innovating and cutting edge products of the highest quality to help anglers catch their trophies.   Products include SubDARTER, BombPOPPER, SeaPENCIL, Crossover STALKER and Crossover POPPER smart lures that feature large recessed diamond eyes, through wire for extra strength, heavy clear coating for durability and extra shine, internal rattling chambers, a weight distribution system for distance casting and balance, and patent pending Vibrating Exterior System – side gills are reversed to disperse vibration.   Other products include stainless steel Power Clips that allow for fast and easy changing of lures and have a slip-proof design, and Assault Pouch 5" x 7" carry bag that has reinforced Velcro system for closure and is made to withstand saltwater conditions – Lindenhurst, NY

Tactical Tackle – Makers of the world's only "Live Plastic™" Fishing Lures.   Models include the Dancin' Dolphin and Holy Mackerel trolling lures and teasers – New Orleans, LA

TagnBrag Trading – Online fishing tackle and supplies from Wayne and Litsa Shelley.  Based in Australia, but they ship worldwide.  Their product line includes the whole Pakula Lure range in all colors and head shapes, plus hard to get rigging gear for marlin and tuna fishing.  TagnBrag is also the online distributor for Chaos Tackle deepwater jigs – Paradise Point, Queensland, Australia

Tamer Products Inc – Innovative and affordable fishing tackle.   Products include fresh and saltwater fishing hooks, offshore lures, teaser systems, terminal tackle and more – Coral Springs, FL

Tasmanian Devil Lures – Wigston's Tasmanian Devil® Lures are a unique Australian product designed for trolling, casting or jigging in fresh AND salt water.   The lure action is due to revolutionary winged technology that cause he lure to swim in an irregular manner, darting and diving, simulating the movement of a wounded fish – Derwent Park, Tasmania, Australia

Tattoo's Lures – American made wooden fishing lures for saltwater fishing and surfcasting.   Their lures are hand turned, custom painted, and individually inspected to meet exacting standards of excellence.   A mix of old world craftsmanship with the best modern day components produces a high quality lure that looks great and works better – Portsmouth, RI

Terminator Lures – Manufacturer of Spinnerbaits, Bucktails and Jigs made with a truly innovative nickel-titanium alloy.   Other products include braided, pre-rigged Titanium leaders and single strand Titanium leader wire – Tulsa, OK

The Old Man's Tackle Box – BIG bucktail and Spanko jigs.   OMT custom jigs are ideal for Tuna, Striped Bass, Fluke, Bluefish, Cod, Tilefish and many other species.   Hand made in the USA by a licensed captain who has been fishing for over 20 years.   OMT makes big Bucktail jigs not seen anywhere on the market including Spro style guppy jigs up to 32 oz. and that is a GIANT BUCKTAIL!   Some of OMT's other hard-to-find sizes are 10 oz., 12 oz., 14 oz., 16 oz., 20 oz. and 24 oz.   All OMT jigs are coated with the highest quality paint on the market, use top of the line synthetic hair, and Mustad hooks – Toms River, NJ

Thefishingnut – Manufacturers of quality lures at reasonable prices.   Products include crankbaits, softbaits, topwater lures and more – Girdwood Enterprises, Quispamsis, N.B., Canada

Tidaltails Lure and Tackle – Specializing in high quality saltwater bucktails and jigs.   Products include the Fluke-Rat'z jig, the Parrakeet'z bucktail and the Blackfish Jig'z, plus a variety of taperhead, flathead, ball head and open mouth bucktaills, and the Race Bullet deep water trolling bucktail.   Their bucktails and jigs have a specially mixed powder coat finish for durability – New Rochelle, NY

Tilsan Lures – Australian-made Tilsan Timber Lures are precision made using specially selected woods to ensure correct weight and buoyancy and have a centerline stainless steel frame – Halco Tackle, Fremantle, W.A., Australia

Tite-Line Trolling Lures – Custom-built big game fishing lures from Bob Zales' Zodiac Charter Fishing Fleet – Panama City, FL

TN-Tackle – Manufacturers of high quality fishing tackle at reasonable prices.   Their products include trolling lures, spreader bars, daisy chains, shark rigs, tilefish rigs, live bait and trolling rigs, and custom rigging services.   TN-Tackle products can be purchased on-line at this site and at New Jersey tackle shops – Parlin, NJ

Todd's Rigs & Lures – Founded in 1995 by Todd Tharp, Todd's Rigs & Lures, specializes in custom offshore trolling rigs, lures and related accessories – Montverde, FL

Tomic Lures – Makers of hand painted and hand assembled casting and trolling lures – Gold River, B.C., Canada

Tony Maja's Bunker Spoons – Custom Stainless Steel Bunker Spoons that are ready to use right out of the package.   They are made of extra heavy gauge stainless steel and work at a greater depth with less wire or line and with only one keel.   Several models are available and include a 9/0 stainless bucktail hook – Bayville, NJ

Tormenter Fishing Products – Offshore trolling lures and jet heads, bowling pin teasers and birds, deep jigs, inshore lures, lure kits, rigs, lure bags – Riviera Beach, FL

Tournament Grade Tackle Co. (TGT) – Manufacturers of superior and unique fishing tackle.   Products include TGT Bunker Spoons, two-tone powder coated stainless steel trolling spoons with mid-body and teaser hooks and rattle.   Hard core anglers will appreciate the attention to detail – Linden, NJ

Tournament Cable – Designers and developers of high-end terminal tackle since 1996.   Products include Daisy Chains, Titanium Dredges, Splash Bars, Spreader Bars, Spreader Chains and Teasers – Burleigh, NJ

Triple D Lures – Makers of trolling lures designed specifically for catching Mahi-Mahi – The Tackle Box, Marathon, FL

Trophy Rod and Lure Company – Products include a variety of brass trolling spoons, wood poppers and wood shad lures – Rutland, MA

Trophy Teasers – Tease fish with their durable and lightweight hologram lures, spreader bars, dredges, blankets, still fishing products, pocket baits, decals, leader teaser rigs and drift fishing products – Willow Grove, PA

Tufcore Fishing Lures by Netters Inc. – Makers of Tufcore series of hand-poured soft plastic baits, the toughest soft plastic baits for both freshwater and saltwater fish on the market – Gilford, NH

Tyee Tackle – Fishing tackle manufactured by Radiant Lures Ltd. and O'ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd.   Offering a superior line of saltwater trolling and casting lures since 1967.   Choose from a wide variety of octopus baits, squid baits, fishing hootchies, spinners, and other popular fishing accessories – Cobble Hill, BC, Canada

VooDoo Offshore – Manufacturers of offshore trolling lures with interchangeable skirts.   Their VooDoo Dolls stainless steel or plastic offshore trolling lures are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and their interchangeable trolling lure system allows anglers to 'Match the Hatch' and change skirt size and color while the lure is still rigged – Charleston, SC

Wild Rabbit Lures – Manufacturers of handcrafted, big game trolling lures, daisy chains and spreader bars – West Sayville, NY

Wittman Lures – Manufacturer of Z-Ray® multi-species casting, jigging and trolling lures – Tucson, AZ

Williamson Lures – Every lure is handmade to the highest possible standard and individually tuned on a lathe to achieve a perfect balance and to ensure straight running actions.   Dressed with custom painted skirts or premium feathers, every Williamson lure provides the angler with the best offshore product possible – A Rapala VMC subsidiary

Willy Fishing Lures – Manufacturer of jigging and casting lures – Mitchell, SD

Witchcraft Tape Products – Maker of decorative, holographic and prism tapes for your fishing lures – Coloma, MI

Worth Company – Manufacturer of quality fishing tackle and fishing lure components, including split rings, casting spoons, spinner blades, clevises, swivels, beads and lure bodies – Stevens Point, WI

Yamashita – A leading Japanese fishing tackle manufacturer.   Their product line includes a wide variety of high quality squid jigs – Miura, Japan

Yo-Zuri – A leading manufacturer of quality fishing lures for over 50 years.   Their products include innovative fishing lures and squid jigs including the popular Bonita, Flying Fish, Hydro Magnum, Surface Cruiser, Hydro Popper and Hydro Metal bluewater lures – Port St Lucie, FL