A collection of links for nylon monofilament, copolymer, fluorocarbon & braided dacron fishing lines, Spectra, Dyneema & Kevlar braided superlines, lead-core fishing lines, nylon & fluorocarbon leaders, wind-on leaders, top shots, wire leaders, braided cable, and splicing, crimping & cutting tools

    Is a thinner fishing line better?   All things being equal, yes it is.   For a Fishing Line Diameter Comparison of more than 100 popular monofilament, copolymer, fluorocarbon fishing lines and braided superlines in tests from 6-pounds to 600-pounds, see our 2016 Line Diameters page

    Fishing Line & Accessories:
    the Reel Seat

    Our friends at THE REEL SEAT Tackle Shop in Brielle, NJ carry many of the fine brands of fishing lines, leaders and wind-ons shown on this page.   Proprietor Dave Arbeitman and his staff can help you with line selection and spool your reels.   THE REEL SEAT is a full service tackle shop and online shopping is available.   You can also visit them on Facebook  The REEL SEAT - Brielle, New Jersey

    AFW-HiSeas-TripleFishAmerican Fishing Wire – The combined home of AFW and HI-SEAS.   For over 30 years, AFW and Hi-Seas have been providing freshwater and saltwater anglers with the finest quality line, leader, and rigging products.   American Fishing Wire continues to make stainless steel wire in their own United States factory located in West Chester, PA.  With the addition of Hi-Seas in 2004, they have become a premiere fishing line and leader company worldwide.

    AFW is the leading US wire leader producer and the originator the world’s first knottable leader wire.   They offer the industry's most complete line of wire products including Tooth Proof, Surflon, Surfstrand and 49 Strand.   AFW also offers a wide array of advanced products including kink-free and knottable wire, copper trolling wire and Mighty Mini 100% stainless steel tackle.

    Hi-Seas is the line of choice by many top anglers.   They offer a complete line of mono, fluorocarbon and superline products including Grand Slam, Quattro, Black Widow and Hi-Seas 100% fluorocarbon fishing lines.   Together, both brands offer a complete range of fishing gear ranging from line and leader to tools and gloves – Coatesville, PA

    Ande fishing lineANDE – The Line of Champions and holder of over 1,800 IGFA World Records.   For over 50 years, ANDE has been providing the finest in monofilament fishing line to anglers throughout the world.   ANDE offers six different monofilament line types including:

    ◦ Tournament (conforms to IGFA rules),
    ◦ Premium (most popular, medium soft excellent tensile and knot strength),
    ◦ Monster (the strongest monofilament ANDE has ever produced),
    ◦ Back Country (designed for smaller light-tackle reels, very low memory),
    ◦ Fluorocarbon (invisible under water, superb abrasion resistance),
    ◦ Ghost (same exacting standards as all ANDE products, with a lower retail cost),
    ◦ and a wide variety of Leader Materials plus their newest line type, ANDE Braid – West Palm Beach, FL

    ASSO – Manufacturers of high-quality monofilament, copolymer, fluorocarbon and braided lines and leader materials for commercial and recreational fishing.   Asso offers a wide range of fibers, colors and packaging including nylon monofilaments , PVDF (fluorocarbon) and braided PE (polyethylene) products in more than 45 colors with a range of diameters ranging from 0.05 mm to 3.00 mm – Gruppo DP s.r.l., Genoa, Italy

    Berkley fishing lineBerkley – Manufacturers of Nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon and superline braided fishing lines.  Their product line includes:

    ◦ Trilene® Big Game™ Nylon monofilament fishing line,
    ◦ ProSpec® Chrome copolymer monofilament line,
    ◦ ProSpec® Professional Grade copolymer monofilament line,
    ◦ Trilene®100% Fluoro Professional Grade™ fluorocarbon monofilament line,
    ◦ Vanish® fluorocarbon monofilament line,
    ◦ Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon XL™ fluorocarbon monofilament line,
    ◦ Big Game™ Braid braided Dyneema line,
    ◦ FireLine® Fused braided Dyneema line,
    ◦ FireLine® J-Braid X4 4-fiber braided Dyneema line,
    ◦ FireLine® J-Braid X8 8-fiber braided Dyneema line,
    ◦ Trilene® Braid – Professional Grade 8-fiber braided Dyneema line,
    ◦ ProSpec® Premium Saltwater Braid 8-fiber braided Dyneema line,
    ◦ ProSpec® 5X20 Metered Braid Dyneema line,
    ◦ ProSpec® Premium Hollow Braid Dyneema line,
    ◦ FireLine® Fused Tracer® metered braided Dyneema line,
    ◦ Trilene®Tracer® Braid Professional Grade metered 8-fiber braided Dyneema line,
    ◦ Trilene® Big Game™ Nylon monofilament leaders,
    ◦ Vanish® fluorocarbon monofilament leader material.

    Berkley is a Pure Fishing USA company – Spirit Lake, IA

    BHP Tackle Wind-On Leaders By BasilBHP Tackle – Wind-Ons by Basil offers wind-on leaders made with name brand monofilament,
    co-polymer, cable, fluorocarbon lines with hollow-core Spectra® backing.   Other products include long-range, trolling and IGFA topshots, deep drop swordfish wind-ons, short insert casting wind-ons , cutting tools, hollow splicing needles, serving tools, Spectra® adhesives, topshot cores, wind-on jigs and custom rigging – Harrington Park, NJ

    Blackwater International – Products include a variety of high-quality 100% fluorocarbon and nylon fishing lines.   Also available are polyethylene braided lines and a fluorocarbon shock leader specially designed for top shots.   Lines are manufactured by Toray, a leading producer of fishing lines in Japan – Rancho Dominguez, CA

    Cajun Line – The revolutionary red fishing line.   Products include Cajun Red Lightnin™ & White Lightnin™ abrasion resistant monofilament fishing lines, Cajun Advantage™ red co-polymer fishing line, and Cajun Red Cast™ & Clear Cast™ flexible monofilament spinning lines.  A Zebco brand – Tulsa, OK

    Captain Clyde's Reel Filler – All you need is a variable speed drill and you can quickly fill your reels.   Sizes available to fit many popular conventional reels – Warren, OH

    CLIMAX Fishing Lines – Manufacturers of nylon monofilament, Dyneema & HMPE braided and fluorocarbon fishing lines.   Climax 100% Dyneema & HMPE lines are available in floating, sinking and multicolor (depth control) versions – Ockert GmbH, Filament Technologies, Puchheim, Germany

    Cortland fishing linesCortland Line Company – For nearly a century, anglers around the world have come to know Cortland products for their exceptional quality and long lasting durability.   Products include nylon monofilament fishing lines, Spectra® braided fishing line, IGFA Dacron trolling line, Hi-Vis Big Game Dacron trolling line, lead core trolling line, fluorocarbon, braid & stainless steel leader material, and a wide variety of fly fishing lines – Cortland, NY

    Covema Filaments – Manufacturers of Flying Fisher™ premium copolymer sports fishing lines and Artic Strong™ monofilament fishing lines.   Lines are available from 2 to 240 pound breaking strengths in in various colors and packaged in hanks, small spools and bulk spools – Kerala, India

    DaHo Products – The best hollow core Spectra threading and splicing needle tools available.   DaHo offers three different types of hollow spectra needle tools: Hollow Threading Needles, Loop Splicing Needles, and Reverse Latch Splicing Needles.  All DaHo needle products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing or material defects for the lifetime of the product – Jerome, ID

    Daiwa fishing linesDaiwa – Along with a wide variety of fishing tackle, Daiwa offers fishing lines including J-Braid X4 4-strand braided line in 6 to 80-pound tests, J-Braid X8 8-strand braided line in 6 to 120-pound tests, Saltiga Boat™ braided line in 40 to 150-pound tests, and Samurai™ thin diameter braided line in 15 to 150-pound tests – Cypress, CA

    DCI – A leading global OEM manufacturer of fishing lines.   Products include nylon monofilament lines and leaders, floating monofilament lines, copolymer lines, fluorocarbon lines and leaders, and solid & hollow core high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) braided superlines – Dah Sen Monofilament Fabric Factory, Jiangmen City, Guangdong, China

    Diamond Fishing Products – Dedicated to providing anglers/fishermen with the finest quality fishing lines and terminal equipment available.
    Their product lineup includes...

    Diamond-Momoi fishing line◦ Momoi's Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament Line,
    ◦ Momoi's Hi-Catch Diamond Monofilament Line,
    ◦ Momoi's Hi-Catch I.G.F.A. Nylon Monofilament Line,
    ◦ Diamond Illusion Copolymer Fishing Line,
    ◦ Diamond Braid hollow core and solid core Spectra® Braided Line
    ◦ Diamond Presentation Fluorocarbon Line
    ◦ Momoi's Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon Leader
    ◦ Momoi’s X-Hard Nylon Monofilament Leader
    ◦ Diamond Wind-On Leaders and Top Shots
    ◦ Diamond Spectra / Dacron Splicing Needles & Tools
    ◦ Diamond Crimping Tools, Scissors & Cutters
    ◦ Diamond Silver Lock & Mini-Lock Crmping Sleeves
    ◦ Snap Swivels and Swivels

    Diamond monofilaments have earned the reputation of "The finest Monofilaments in the World" – Green Cove Springs, FL

    DSM Dyneema®DSM Dyneema® – The Dutch chemical company DSM made Dyneema® commercially available in 1990 and they are widely used in ballistic protection, defense applications, and medical devices.   Spun Dyneema® fibers excel as fishing line, since they have less stretch, are more abrasion-resistant, and are thinner than traditional Nylon monofilament line.   Find out more about this amazing Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) material – Heerlen, Netherlands

    Exsum fishing linesEXSUM – Manufacturers of premium quality sportfishing lines since 1994.   Products include

    ◦ Exsum Nylon Monofilament, a nylon copolymer monofilament line
    ◦ Exsum Fluoro Carbon, a 100% fluorocarbon monofilament line
    ◦ Exsum Braided P.E., a braided HMPE polyethylene line

    All lines are available in a variety of colors and spool sizes – Busan, Korea

    Ex-Tex Tackle – Quick-Shot™ wind-on leader needle sets that include seven 316 stainless steel needles for 50-pound to 650-pound test lines.   The Quick-Shot™ needles have a tubular design so the line travels the full 6.5-inch length of the needle for a secure hold.   Also available are 5-inch and 6-inch nickel plated bait rigging needles for bridling live bait and rigging dead bait – West Palm Beach, FL Fins fishing line

    FINS – Offers a variety of braided fishing superlines, each one produced with genuine Spectra fibers and manufactured in their Kentucky plant.  Their products include FINS 40G composite braided lines, original PRT 4-strand braided lines, original PRT IGFA braided lines, Windtamer compacted braided lines, FINS Shock Absorbing 75% Spectra and 25% Dacron braided lines, FINS Extra Smooth 8-strand braided lines, FINS Hollow-Core 16-strand braid and FINS Metered Colored braided lines – Erlanger, KY

    Gamma Lines – Manufacturers of high performance fishing lines and leader materials.   Gamma's molecularly altered filaments have an exceptional combination of flexibility, shock resistance, strength, abrasion resistance, and low memory compared to filaments of the same or similar material composition.   Products include braided Spectra fishing lines, copolymer fishing lines, fluorocarbon fishing lines and fluorocarbon leader material – Oil City, PA

    HI-SEAS – This is the combined home of AFW and HI-SEAS.  HI-SEAS manufactures braided, monofilament, copolymer and fluorocarbon fishing lines, fishing leaders and rigging accessories.  Brands include Grand Slam, Quattro and Black Widow – Coatesville, PA

    Honeywell Spectra®Honeywell Spectra® – More than 20 years ago, Honeywell scientists helped develop the first superlines.   Now, Honeywell's Spectra® is the #1 superline material found in the world's best fishing lines.   Spun Spectra® fibers excel as fishing line, since they have less stretch, are more abrasion-resistant, and are thinner than traditional Nylon monofilament line.   Find out more about this amazing Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) material – Colonial Heights, VA

    Izorline – Manufacturers of premium Monofilament, Spectra, Fluorocarbon, Dacron and Leadcore fishing lines, leaders and top shots.   Izorline brands include:

    Izorline fishing line◦ XXX Super Co-Polymer monofilament
    ◦ Platinum premium copolymer monofilament
    ◦ Izorline First String low stretch premium monofilament
    ◦ Izorline Fluoro-Carbon leader material
    ◦ Izorline "Brutally Strong" Spectra braided line
    ◦ First String Green-Spot premium Dacron braid
    ◦ First String leadcore line
    ◦ Platinum copolymer leader material
    ◦ Fluoro-Carbon, XXX & First String top shots – Paramount, CA

    Jerry Brown Industries – Manufacturer of the outstanding Line One Spectra® braided fishing lines.   Available in hollow core and solid core versions in 24 different pound tests and four colors – Gold Hill, OR

    Jinkai fishing lineJinkai – Sorry but there is no longer a Jinkai web site.   The sole American distributor, U.S. Seven Oceans, Inc at Mukilteo, WA, used to operate a Jinkai site, but it hasn't been online for the last few years.
    Given the popularity of Jinkai fishing line, go figure.

    Malin Company – Manufacturers of the highest quality stainless wire leader material since 1884.   Products include BOA No-Kink® titanium shock leader, Straight Leader® precut stainless leader wire, Hardwire® coated & uncoated stainless steel leader wire, Rigging Wire® in soft stainless, soft monel and copper, Trolling Wire® in monel and stainless, Malin-7®, Malon-7® & Malin-49® stainless cable, single & double barrel sleeves, crimping tools, cable cutters and other accessories – Cleveland, OH
    Maxima - The fishing line company
    Maxima – Manufacturers of high quality fishing lines, leaders and IGFA class lines.   Maxima Brands include Ultragreen green monofilament, Chameleon hue changing monofilament, Treazure copolymer, Maxima Fluorocarbon, Crystal Ivory monofilament, Fibre Glow high-visability monofilament, HV high-visability monofilament, Perfexion thin diameter, extra limp monofilament, and BRAID 8-strand round construction and triple coated braided line – Hillsboro, OR

    McCoy Fishing Line Company – Fishing lines made in the USA since 1935.   McCoy brands include Mean Green™ copolymer fishing lines, Super Braid™ Spectra® fishing lines, Xtra Clear™ co-polymer fishing lines, Clear Blue Fluorescent™ co-polymer fishing lines, and Fluoro 100™ premium fluorocarbon lines – A SAMCORP company, Lake Havasu City, AZ

    Nonpareil Wind-On Leaders and Top ShotsNONPAREIL – Their wind-on leaders and top shots are single or dual walled and made with either 50#, 100#, 130#, 200#, 300#, 500#, or 800# 16 carrier hollow core Super PE braid depending on the diameter of monofilament leader used.  The length of spliced monofilament is treated and polished to ensure there is maximum grip from the hollow core.  They use an exclusive Helical Dovetail™ compression serve at the connection point between the monofilament and hollow braid that provides a thin and smooth transition that will easily go through most guides and lay perfectly on the reel.   Products include Mono, Flurocarbon, Cable and Casting Wind-On Leaders, Mono Top Shots, Tuna Gear, Shark Gear and Fishing Rigs.  Custom Wind-ons are also available – Brooklawn, NJ

    OCAÑA Golden Fish – Manufacturers of Golden Fish nylon, fluorocarbon and blended nylon/fluorocarbon monofilament fishing lines, tapered fishing leaders and braided Dyneema fishing lines (Spanish language web site) – Cangas, Spain

    OMEGA Line Winder – The Omega Gear winder takes things to a whole new level, applying hydraulic pressure of 200-500psi to gain consistent line tension during spooling.   This professional grade fishing line winder and line spooler system is designed to spool today's high quality spectra and hollow core braided lines onto your reels with the proper tension to allow for better compaction and less line failure due to the line digging into the spool when under pressure from a big fish – Fishing Tackle Depot, Loxahatchee, FL

    PLATIL – In 1949, Dr. Karl Plate registered the first monofilament plastic-fiber fishing line under the trade name PLATIL, which became a well-known trademark all over the world and is now probably the oldest existing brand name for monofilament fishing lines.   Platil® monofilament and flourocarbon fishing lines include TAGARA™, SOUVERÄN™, STRONG™, MATCH™, XTRA™, MARINE™, GHOST™, ICE-LINE™ and UNIVERSAL™ – Monofil-Technik GmbH, Hennef, Germany

    Platypus fishing linePlatypus – Australia's strongest fishing line since 1898.   Platypus brands include:

    ◦ Platinum-Braid™ - A braid made from 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight PE fibres with
      a slick Silicon impregnated coating
    ◦ Pretest-Braid™ - An IGFA class braid made from 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight
      PE fibres
    ◦ Super-Braid™ - A slightly stiffer and colored braid made from Ultra High Molecular Weight
      PE fibres that does not suffer from fluffing
    ◦ Sinking-Braid™ - A braid made from Ultra High Molecular Weight PE fibres and denser
      high tenacity fibres and an engineered slow sink
    ◦ Jigging-Braid™ - A round eight-strand braid made from Ultra High Molecular Weight PE fibres marked and colored
      in 10 meter sections
    ◦ Super-100™ - A multi-polymer nylon monofilament
    ◦ Lo-Stretch™ - A three-layer co-polymer nylon monofilament that thinks it’s a braid
    ◦ Platinum™ - A co-polymer nylon monofilament
    ◦ Pre-test™ - An IGFA class three-layer co-polymer nylon monofilament
    ◦ Classic™ - A co-polymer nylon monofilament
    ◦ Game Leader™ - A multipolymer nylon monofilament leader material
    ◦ Hard Alloy Leader™ - A unique blend of specially selected nylon polymers to produce an ultra-hard leader material
      for the ultimate in abrasion-resistance
    ◦ Stealth Leader™ - A 100% Fluorocarbon leader material

    Platypus remains proudly owned and operated by the same McPherson family that established the company in 1898 – Brisbane, Australia

    P-Line fishing lineP-Line – Manufacturers of nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon and co-polymer fishing lines and leaders.   Products include Halo™ fluorocarbon co-fluoride fishing line, Hydrofloat™ thermal fused Spectra® fishing line, P-Line 100% fluorocarbon fishing line, CXX X-tra Strong™ monofilament, Floroclear™ fluorocarbon coated fishing line, CX Premium™ fluorocarbon coated fishing line, CFX™ fluorocarbon leader material, CXX X-TRA Strong™ leader material and P-Line Original™ leader material – Brisbane, CA

    Pokee Fishing Tackle – Manufacturers of a wide variety of premium monofilament, fluorocarbon and 100% Dyneema braided fishing lines.   Leader material and tapered leaders for surfcasting are also available – Tainan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    PowerPro fishing linePowerPro – They begin with ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber, and then use their Enhanced Body Technology™ to produce a rounder and more compact line that won't bury in the spool, ties more easily and holds knots better, spools and packs better on any reel, and picks up less water.   PowerPro options include:

    ◦ Original PowerPro – A braided Spectra line with a wide range of colors and available in
      pound test from 5 lb to 250 lb
    ◦ PowerPro Maxcuatro - A 4-fiber Spectra braid that is 25% thinner than regular PowerPro
    ◦ PowerPro Zero-Impact - Delivers 100% knot strength .  Simply tie your knot in one of the clearly marked
      black Termination Zones
    ◦ PowerPro Super 8 Slick -A silky smooth, 8-strand Spectra fiber braid with a slick surface that reduces friction,
      eliminates line noise and is great for casting
    ◦ PowerPro Hollow Ace - A 16-strand hollow core Spectra braid
    ◦ PowerPro Ice-Tec - Uses a special coating to repel water and reduce ice on your guides
    ◦ PowerPro Depth-Hunter - A metered Spectra braided line.  There are 4-colors; Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange
      with 25 feet of color per segment with a black indicator every 5 feet.

    A new PowerPro website is coming soon – Shimano, Irvine,CA

    Seaguar – The inventor and world leader in fluorocarbon fishing lines and leader material.   Seguar products include

    ◦ Fluoro Premier™ - Smaller diameters and incredible knot and tensile strength.   The perfect fluorocarbon shock leader,
      extremely soft, and with low memory.
    Seaguar fishing line◦ Blue Label™ - A fast sinking 100% fluorocarbon leader material.
    ◦ Pink Label™ - 100% fluorocarbon leader material
    ◦ Red Label™ - The world’s first 100% fluorocarbon leader, established in 1971.
    ◦ Threadlock™ - An ultra-strong, 16-strand hollow core braid.
    ◦ Smackdown™ - A sleek, ultra-strong 8-strand braid.
    ◦ Kanzen™ - A thin diameter, smooth casting braid

    Seguar also offers a variety of fluorocarbon fly fishing lines and leaders – Kureha Corporation of America, New York, NY

    Sea Striker – Manufacturers and importers of a wide variety of saltwater fishing tackle including monofilament and braided fishing lines.   Sea Striker lines include SHUR STRIKE™ and BILLFISHER™ premium quality monofilament fishing line at an economical price.  One of the smallest diameter monofilaments, per pound test, on the market, they offer high abrasion resistance, yet are soft and flexible.  Also offered are GOT-CHA BRAID™ and BILLFISHER BRAID™ low memory, four-strand PE braided lines – Morehead City, NC

    Silver Thread – Manufacturers of Silver Thread® Fluorocarbon™ fishing line, Excalibur™ abrasion resistant co-polymer fishing line, Super Silver Thread™ all-around co-polymer fishing line, Silver Thread AN40™ small diameter co-polymer fishing line and Super Silver Thread™ high quality, all around copolymer fishing line – Fort Smith, AR

    Soft Steel fishing lineSoft Steel USA – A long-time favorite on the long range fishing scene.   Soft Steel fishing lines include

    ◦ Soft Steel Ultra™ - A multi polymer formulation manufactured on an advanced ultramodern extruding machine creating a fishing line of consistent diameter that is stronger per diameter than any other monofilament on the market.   Available as top shots, coils and in 50, 100, 500
    and 1,000 meter spools.

    ◦ Soft Steel Super HT™ - A multi polymer formulation that offers superior break strength and toughness with outstanding knot strength and fishability.   Available in 300 meter and 1,000 meter spools.

    ◦ Soft Steel Invisible Fluorocarbon™ - Perfect for the angler looking for abrasion resistance and faster sink rate.   Available in top shots, coils and spools – Anaheim, CA

    South Chatham Tackle – Motorized reel winders/spoolers for all re-spooling needs.   South Chatham offers complete re-spooling stations or individual components – Sanford, NC

    Spiderwire fishing lineSpiderWire – The cutting-edge fishing line of choice for aggressive anglers who demand the highest quality and performance.   Their braided superline, fluorocarbon and monofilament lines include...

    ◦ Stealth™ - A fluoropolymer treated Dyneema® braided line
    ◦ Stealth™ Camo Braid™ - A fluoropolymer treated Dyneema® braided line colored for low-vis in all water conditions
    ◦ Ultracast® Ultimate Braid™ - An 8-strand High Molecular Weight PE braided line
    ◦ Ultracast® Invisi∙Braid™ - An 8-strand High Molecular Weight PE translucent braided line
    ◦ Ultracast® Fluoro∙Braid™ - Gore® fluorocarbon and Dyneema® fiber blend sinking braided line
    ◦ Ultracast® 100% Fluorocarbon – A thin diameter fluorocarbon monofilament line
    ◦ Ultracast® Ultimate∙Mono™ - An X-tra strong, X-tra thin, X-tra sensitive monofilament line optimized for baitcast reels
    ◦ EZ Mono™ - An easy casting, multi-purpose monofilament line
    ◦ EZ Braid™ - A super smooth Dyneema® braided line
    ◦ EZ Fluoro™ - A 100% fluorocarbon line

    SpiderWire is a Pure Fishing USA company – Columbia, SC

    Stren – Since it was created in 1958, this classic sport fishing line initiated the remarkable science of high-performance fishing line that continues uninterrupted today.  Stren manufactures of the most dependable fishing lines in the world.   Products include...
    Stren fishing line
    ◦ Stren Original™ - The standard of dependability in monofilament fishing lines
    ◦ High Impact™ - A shock resistant monofilament line
    ◦ MagnaThin™ - A thin diameter monofilament
    ◦ Power Knot™ - A monofilament line that can hold virtually any knot
    ◦ 100% Fluoro™ - The dependable fluorocarbon line
    ◦ Fluorocast™ A true fluorocarbon line that casts like a nylon monofilament
    ◦ Stren Braid™ - A round Dyneema® braided line with GlideCoat treating for smoother casts and less line wear

    Stren is a Pure Fishing USA company – Columbia, SC

    Sufix fishing lineSufix – Manufacturers of premium nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon, IGFA and co-polymer fishing lines and leader materials.   Sufix products include...

    ◦ 832 Advanced Superline – Features a patent pending construction of 8 fibers
      (7 Dyneema and 1 Gore Performance Fiber) and 32 weaves
    ◦ Metered Performance Braid -  A braided superline with 5 repeating colors metered in
      25 foot segments for precise depth management.
    ◦ NanoBraid® - A braided superline built with wide angle braiding technology that results in a tight weave and
      super strong, silky smooth line.
    ◦ Performance Braid - So easy handling it''s even compatible with spinning reels.   It resists wind knots and is ultra
      abrasion resistant.
    ◦ 832® Advanced Lead Core - The first to combine both Dyneema® and Gore® performance fibers wrapped around
      a high density lead core.
    ◦ Performance Lead Core – Features HTP (High Tenacity Polyester) braid for increased strength, abrasion resistance
      and faster sinking speeds.
    ◦ Elite – A monofilament line known for its all-around exceptional performance.
    ◦ Key Lime IGFA-Rated – A monofilament line developed to meet IGFA's standards and features maximum abrasion
      resistance and consistent tensile strength.
    ◦ ProMix – A high performance monofilament line the perfect balance of low memory, high tensile and knot strength,
      low stretch and high shock absorption
    ◦ Siege – A smooth, supple monofilament line that handles beautifully, yet is still exceptionally strong.
    ◦ Superior – A monofilament that got its name because of its high level of performance in all categories.
    ◦ Tritanium Plus - A copolymer monofilament that is the superstar of abrasion resistance.
    ◦ Castable Invisiline - A low stretch 100% Fluorocarbon line for fast, sure hooksets.   It also sinks fast.
    ◦ 100% Fluorocarbon Invisiline Leaders - Crystal clear and virtually invisible in the water.
    ◦ Wind-On Premium  Monofilament and 100% Fluorocarbon Leaders - Make quick knotless, loop-to-loop connections
      to your main line.

    Suffix is a Rapala VMC company – Minnetonka, MN

    Sunline America fishing linesSunline America – Established in 1977, Sunline produces every conceivable type of fishing line for every type of target and method.   Sunline is the largest line-only manufacturing company in the world.   Line materials include nylon, fluorocarbon, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) and metal.   A wide variety of Nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon and PE/braided fishing lines are offered – Gardena, CA

    Terminator – Manufacturers of Terminator™ single strand titanium leader wire.   Made from nickel titanium alloy, it actually stretches like monofilament and can be rigged with a simple clinch knot.   This leader returns to its original shape and it doesn't kink like stainless.   It is corrosion proof and has a low-visibility, non-reflective smoke black finish.   Available in 25-yard spools in tests from 20-pounds to 70-pounds.   Terminator is a Rapala company – Tulsa, OK

    T-Line – Manufacturers of nylon co-polymer fishing line for commercial and sport fishing.   T-Line Classic Line is available in tests from 3.3 to 104-Kg (8 to 230-pounds).   T-Line Titanium X abrasion resistant line is available in tests from 4 to 50-Kg (8 to 110-pounds).   IGFA pretest lines, leader material and stepped wind-on leaders are also available – Somerset West, Republic of South Africa

    Top Shot Tackle – Offers wind-on leaders, wind-on tool kits for hollow core Dacron® and Spectra® fishing lines, bait rigging kits and more – Hindmarsh, Australia

    Toro Tamer – Offers top quality braided and hollow core braided gel spun Polyethylene fishing lines.   Toro TamerProducts include...

    ◦ Toro Tamer® 4-strand Super Braid,
    ◦ Toro Tamer® 8-strand Super Braid,
    ◦ Toro Tamer® 8-strand Spliceable Hollow Core Super Braid,
    ◦ Toro Tamer® 12-strand Spliceable Hollow Core Super Braid,
    ◦ Toro Tamer® Ultra-Thin 16-strand Spliceable Hollow Core Super Braid

    Splicing needle kits, Spectra/Braid adhesive, and a braid cutter tool are also available – Huntington Beach, CA

    Tournament Cable wind-on and cable leadersTournament Cable – Manufacturers of handmade 25-foot long cable wind-on leaders (from 175 to 600-pound test), 25-foot long fluorocarbon wind-on leaders (from 80 to 400-pound test) and 25-foot long monofilament wind-on leaders (from 80 to 600-pound test).   Standard stock wind-ons are available with Momoi Hi-Catch monofilament, Momoi Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon or American Fishing Wire 49-Strand Bright cable and double spliced with Greenspot Dacron.   100-yard long monofilament top shots, splicing needles and hollow core braided line are also available.   Custom orders are always accepted – Burleigh, NJ

    TriangleSport – The global leader in linewinders.   For over 40 years the name Triangle has been synonymous with the best linewinding devices in the world.   Triangle models include:

    ◦ The MD100 Medium Duty bench linewinder for lines up to 80-pounds and is a perfect fit for fly reels as well as
      a wide range of freshwater and saltwater reels up to a Penn 30 or equivalent.

    ◦ The Super Control SC125 Standard Duty bench linewinder for lines up to 120-pounds and a wide variety of freshwater
      and saltwater reels up to Penn 70 or equivalent.

    ◦ The HD140 Heavy Duty bench linewinder is designed primarily to handle big game saltwater reels.  The HD140 is built
      to last and capable of handle any size fishing reel and any test fishing line.

    All models can handle conventional, baitcasting, fly and spinning reels.   TriangleSport linewinders are made in the USA and have a 2-year warranty and full technical support – Triangle Manufacturing Company, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ

    TUF-Line – Western Filament is a worldwide leader in high-performance braided fishing line and fibers.   Their Tuf-Line products pioneered the use of braided Spectra® fibers in fishing lines.   All of their braided fishing lines and accessories are manufactured at their U.S. facility and meet the highest aerospace standards for quality.

    TUF-Line fishing lineTUF-Line fishing lines include:

    ◦ TUF-Line 4ORCE – A premium 4-carrier braid of new TUF-X fiber for ultimate
      strength with an abrasion resistant coating.
    ◦ TUF-Line DOMIN8 – A premium 8-carrier braid of new TUF-X fiber for superior
      handling and incredible casting distance.
    ◦ TUF-Line SuperCast – A Spectra braid with an advanced coating for long casts and easy handling.
    ◦ TUF-Line HeviCore – A sinking Spectra line that is braided around a high-density core.
    ◦ TUF-Line XP - A Spectra line braided under high tension for more compaction of the fibers during the finishing process
      and a rounder profile
    ◦ TUF-Line XP Indicator - XP braid with changing and repeating colors every 10 feet.   Simply count the color changes
      to your desired length or depth.
    ◦ TUF-Line Guide's Choice - A hollow core, spliceable braided line.   Great for "top shotting" monofilament into the braid.
    ◦ TUF-Line Guide's Choice Indicator – Guides Choice hollow core line with changing and repeating colors every 10 feet.
    ◦ TUF-Line Classic - Their original "salt and pepper" Spectra braided line.   Has only a 4% stretch, repels water and
      won't swell in diameter.

    Also available are Braided Dacron® fishing lines, Braided Dacron® with Teflon® fishing lines, Braided Dacron® flyline backing lines, lead core trolling lines and braided nylon lines – Grand Junction, CO

    TyGer Leader – Manufacturers of the nylon coated braided stainless steel leader that can be tied.   Tie it directly to your hook or your line with the same favorite knot that you use with monofilament.   Available in a wide variety of colors and test strengths from 2 to 120-pounds – Turlock, CA

    Versitex – Offers Battle Line 100% braided polyethylene fiber fishing line.   Available in test strengths from 8 to 80-pounds and in several colors.   Versitex also offers braided Dacron fishing line in test strengths from 12 to 200-pounds – Spring City, PA
    Vicious Fishing line
    Vicious Fishing Line – Manufacturer of monofilament, copolymer, fluorocarbon and Spectra® braided fishing lines manufactured in the USA.   Ultimate copolymer mono filament manufactured in the USA with A.C.T. Technology which gives it very low memory, extremely low stretch, and high abrasion resistance.   Also available are Vicious Fishing 100% fluorocarbon, Vicious Fishing Pro Elite premium fluorocarbon monofilaments from 4 to 20-pound test.   Also available are Vicious Fishing and Spectra® braided lines made with a special process that allows for a better seal during the coating process and makes the line more resistant to abrasion, water absorption and UV rays – Dora, AL

    Yo-Zuri fisihng lineYo-Zuri – Manufacturers of Yo-Zuri Hybrid™, a 50/50 infused fluorocarbon and nylon copolymer fishing line that is 100% waterproof with the abrasion resistance and sensitivity of fluorocarbon but incorporating the flexibility and stretch of nylon.   Hybrid™ line is available in breaking strengths from 4 to 40-pounds.   Other products include Yo -Zuri H.D. Carbon 100% fluorocarbon leader material in strengths from 8 to 200-pounds – Port St. Lucie, FL

    the Reel Seat
    Our friends at THE REEL SEAT Tackle Shop in Brielle, NJ carry many of the fine brands of fishing lines, leaders and wind-ons shown on this page.   Proprietor Dave Arbeitman and his staff can help you with line selection and spool your reels.   THE REEL SEAT is a full service tackle shop and online shopping is available.   You can also visit them on Facebook  The REEL SEAT - Brielle, New Jersey

    Is a thinner fishing line better?
       All things being equal, yes it is.   For a Fishing Line Diameter Comparison of more than 100 popular monofilament, copolymer, fluorocarbon fishing lines and braided superlines in tests from 6-pounds to 600-pounds, see our 2016 Line Diameters page