A collection of links for fishing Downriggers, Outriggers & Rod Holders.   Downiggers allow the trolling angler to get their baits deep in the water column, while Outriggers allow the deployment of multiple fishing rods.   Rod Holders provide a convenient place to park your rod either while fishing or riding.   Most are made from aluminum or stainless steel and designed for larger boats, but some are for made for small skiffs, center consoles, kayaks and even the walkabout angler.

    Downriggers, Outriggers & Rod Holders:

    3rd Grip Products – The Ultimate Rod & Tackle Holders!   The 3rd Grip Pole Holster velcros securely around your lower leg, waist and float tube, giving you a safe and convenient place to holster your rod, pliers and knife or hook sharpener at all times – Ramona, CA

    Angler's Aluminum Products – Manufacturers of top-quality rod racks at a reasonable price.   Products include marine grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel bumper mount rod racks, fold-down receiver mounts, full basket rod and cooler racks, sand spikes, boat console rod racks, custom racks, installation kits and accessories.   Their new FISH-N-MATE® cart is the most versatile pier/beach cart on the market today – Wanchese, NC

    Big Jon Trolling Systems – They build trolling products that will turn your boat into the ultimate fishing machine.   Products include manual downriggers, electric downriggers, planer downriggers, rod holders and accessories – Traverse City, MI

    Birdsall Marine Design – Products include polished anodized aluminum and chrome on brass gunnel rod holders, rocket launcher rod holders, console rod holders, bolt-on rod holders, weld-on rod holders, Double Up™ 2-up rod holders, Trident™ 3-up rod holders, stainless steel outrigger systems, outrigger elbows, outrigger adapters – West Palm Beach, FL

    Cannon Downriggers – Leaders in controlled–depth fishing.   Products include manual and electric downrigger systems, Down & Out™ planer downriggers, trolling weights, downrigger booms, line releases, rod holders, mounting pads and swivels, Power-Troll™ downrigger rods, Speed-N-Temp™ sensor and monitor, and accessories – Meridian, ID

    C.E. Smith Company – Manufacturers of a wide variety of 316 stainless steel fishing rod holders.   Models include clamp-on rod holders, in–gunnel rod holders, transom rod holders and economy rod holders – Greensboro, NC

    Church Tackle – Manufacturer of fine trolling accessories including planer boards, trolling weights, downrigger clips and portable outriggers – Sodus, MI

    Down–East Sportscraft – Portable clamp-on fishing rod holders.   Single and double clamp models available.   All-metal construction.   Durable in even the coldest weather.   Time-tested quality since 1946 – Lewiston, ME

    Driftmaster – Leading the way in rod holder design.   With their Pro™ and Li'l Pro™ series rod holders and a complete complement of bases and stems, anglers have the opportunity to match rod holders to their specific boats and fishing requirements – A division of Black River Tools, Manning, SC

    Du-Bro Products – Quality tools and accessories for saltwater and freshwater fishing as well as marine use.   Du-Bro rod holders include horizontal rail rod holder, 50 vertical rail rod holder, and 30 vertical stanchion rod holder for rail diameters from ⅞" to 1" railings.   Gimbal plug inserts available for IGFA rods – Wauconda, IL

    Fishkatcher Industries – Manufacturers of gunnel mount outrigger kits, hardtop/cabin mount outrigger kits, scissor arm outrigger kits, center rigger kits, outrigger poles, anodized aluminum outrigger spears, stainless rigging kits, tag line kits, 15, 30 and 90 flush mount stainless steel rod holders, rail mount rod holders, adjustable rod holders, cluster rod holders, rocket launchers and clamp-on rod holders – Lindenhurst, NY

    FlatLine Enterprises – Their patented FlatLine Boom®, can be used either as an inexpensive outrigger on small boats, or as a secondary bait spreader on large boats.   Fits into existing flush mount rod holders and extends the beam of your boat 8 feet or (12 feet optional.) – Cape Coral, FL

    Invader Downriggers – Since 1973, they have created their downriggers using proven and dependable designs.   Products include a variety of manual downrigger kits with either pad mount or clamp mount options, replacement parts and Gator® line releases – Hudsonville, MI

    Kristal Fishing – Manufacturers of a wide variety of electric and manual deep water downriggers and electric reels – Verzuolo, Italy

    Lee's Tackle – A third-generation, family owned business and the world’s oldest manufacturer of quality fishing equipment.   Products include 15, 30 and 90 stainless steel flush mount rod holders available in medium and heavy duty models.   Also available is a swivel mechanism insert that is mounted in the base of the rod holder.   The amount of torque required to rotate the swivel is set by adjusting the pressure put on two nylon drag washers by a " stainless steel lock nut at the bottom of the rod holder.   Aluminum, clamp-on rod holders are available for rail/tube diameters from ⅞-inch to 2-inches.   Outrigger models include wishbone style outrigger holders, tower and fly bridge-release outrigger holders, T-top outrigger holders, sidewinder outrigger holders, and skiff style holders – Wilmington, NC

    L.J. Roemer Mfg. Inc. – Manufacturer of quality downrigger fishing accessories since 1979.   Products include the original Roemer Release™, the Roemer Liberator™, an adjustable lure positioner for "stacking" multiple lures on one fishing line, and the Roemer Bullet™, a convenient anti back-up device for side planer boards – Rochester, NY

    Malin Marine – Originated the outrigger rigging kit concept in 1984.   Prior to their rigging kits, it was difficult to acquire all the individual items necessary to rig the outriggers.   Now it is a one-step operation with one of the 19 outrigger kits offered.   Also available are a wide variety of rigging components and accessories such as the Quicklip outrigger clip, outrigger pulleys, Rockin Roller downrigger release, Quicklip flat line clip, shock cords, pulleys & snaps, rigging hardware, halyard pulleys, halyard tensioning system, halyard material – Brook Park, OH

    Marine Outdoor Products – Manufacturer of the HAL–LOCK™, the only locking outrigger pulley designed to eliminate halyard/line creep.   Available in three styles to fit your needs and each comes with a a 6, 9, or 12-inch shock cord and snap – Bolivar, MO

    NewDownrigger.com – Deepwater Release, the intelligent downrigger line release that releases your fishing line only when a fish strikes.   High sensitivity.   Simple and fast deployment. Fits all downriggers – Portoroz, Slovenia

    Ocean Fish Equipment – Big game fishing accessories.   Products include rod holders, outriggers, outrigger holders – Pesaro, Italy

    Off Shore Tackle Company – Products include manual and electric downriggers made from powder coated aluminum, planer boards and releases, dual planer board masts, hand line reel kits and more – Port Austin, MI

    Penn Fishing Tackle – Penn products includes the Fathom-Master® manual downrigger and accessories – Philadelphia, PA

    Precision Marine Hardware – Products include American made premium 15, 30 and 90 stainless steel flush mount rod holders, swivel base rod holders, and custom engraved rod holders.   The Maximizer™ extends the position of your outriggers from their original 45 position by adding 60, 75 and 90 positions and allows you to use your outriggers to their full potential.   The 12-foot Econoline Outriggers are affordable, high-quality outriggers for boats under 30 feet.   Premium Outriggers are available with pole lengths from 15 to 22-feet.   Rocket launchers and articulating rocket launchers are available for mounting on rails from ⅞-inch to 1-inches – Costa Mesa, CA

    RodMounts.com – The leader in fishing rod transport systems.   Products include fishing rod holders and racks for your car, pickup truck and boat – Bend, OR

    RUPP Marine – Over twenty years ago, inventor and sport fisherman Mickey Rupp set out to build "the finest outriggers you can buy".   Nearly a quarter century later, Rupp Marine’s mission statement remains the same.   Products include a wide variety of outriggers and top guns built of the strongest aircraft alloy aluminum and protected by the toughest anodizing.   Also offered are chrome plated brass flush mount rod holders, stainless steel flush mount rod holders, Pocket Rocket™ aluminum weld-on and clamp-on rod holders, Pole-Setter™ striking rod holders, Revolver™ swivel rod holders, rod and reel hangers, antenna mounts and accessories – Port Salerno, FL

    Scotty Fishing, Marine and Outdoor Products – Introduced its first downrigger over thirty years ago and now produces the most complete range of downriggers and accessories in the world.   Products include electric, manual and compact downriggers made with rugged non–corrosive materials.   Also offered are a selection of downrigger releases and a wide selection of rod holders – Sidney, B.C. Canada

    TACO – Products include Tele-Outriggers™ telescoping aluminum outrigger poles, Grand Slam™ adjustable and fixed angle top mounts, Striker Base™ gunnel outrigger mounts, rigging kits, and Cuda-Clamp™ aluminum clamp-on rod holders – Miami, FL

    Tite–Lok® – Manufacturers of rod holders, mount solutions, gunnel mount track systems, rod storage systems, net and gaff holders, and other fishing accessories – A division of Universal Consolidated Methods, Inc., Topeka, IN

    Tournament Grade Tackle Co. – Manufacturers of superior and unique fishing tackle.   Products include TGT Rod Riggers, a portable stainless steel outrigger system with reel rest and rod cradle system that allows removal of the rod with a twisting motion and Z Notch™ locking feature that secures the unit into the rod holder.   TGT Rod Holder Swivels, a solid stainless steel insert that drops into any flush mount rod holder and transforms it into a swivel-base rod holder.   TGT Bunker Spoons, two-tone powder coated stainless steel trolling spoons with mid-body and teaser hooks and rattle.   Hard core anglers will appreciate the attention to detail and dedication to producing only the best fishing tackle and accessories – Linden, NJ

    Walker Downriggers – A downrigger company committed to innovation, providing anglers with dependable, easy to use, easy to look at products with a comprehensive lifetime warranty.   They build the world's most dependable downriggers.   Products include manual downrigger kits, electric gear drive downrigger kits, and a large selection of downrigger accessories – Stayner, Ontario, Canada

    Z-Wing Downriggers – The Z-Wing downrigger system is a lightweight, 13" x 7" piece of virtually indestructible polypropylene plastic.   No more heavy lead balls.   The Z-Wing's design creates significant downward force which overcomes drag, allowing a constant depth to be maintained over a wide range of trolling speeds – Nekton Corp., Danville, NH