A collection of links for fighting belts, gimbal belts, day belts, shoulder harnesses, back-support harnesses, kidney harnesses, seatbelt style harnesses and the related accessories needed for stand-up style big game fishing.   Booyah!

    Belts and Harnesses:

    AFTCO Fighting Belts – Features a heavy-duty, gold-anodized, stamped aluminum front plate with a super-thick, closed-cell EVA foam back pad, molded glass-filled nylon gimbal pocket, 2-inch web belt with quick release snaps.   Belts are available in three sizes.   For fighting big game fish stand-up style, the AFTCO Maxforce™ harness is designed for 30-130 lb tackle.   Its combination of lumbar and sit-in pads distributes the load below the hips, allowing the lower body to exert maximum pulling leverage with comfort under heavy drag loads – Irvine, CA

    Alutecnos – Manufacturers of Top Line Big-Game Fishing Equipment.   Products include aluminum Fighting Belts, Standup Fighting Belts, "Soft" Fighting Belts, Harnesses, Harness Jackets, and "THE PRO" Fighting Harness with seat – Montselice, Italy

    Black Magic Tackle – The revolutionary Black Magic Equalizer gimbal and harness has become the stand up system of choice with sport fishermen around the world.   Made with the best materials available; high strength UV stabilized polyethylene, 316 stainless gimbal pin molded in, and polyester webbing belt and drop straps.   Sold separately or as a complete kit.   Accessories include a bent butt rod adapter and light tackle harness adapter – Auckland, New Zealand

    Braid Products – Dennis Braid is best known for the company that carries his name, Braid Products, and for the innovative big game fishing gear he designs and manufactures.   His stand-up belts and harnesses are the best selling in the world.   Products include the PowerPlay™ rod belt and harness, the Blue-fin™ harness and belt and the Brute Buster™ harness and belt – Palmdale, CA

    Canyon Products – Offers a full repertoire of equipment and gear for the fishing, sail and power boating industries.   Products include the Black Max Harness and Gimbal, Black Max Tuna Magic Gimbal, Lite Tackle Gimbal, and Economy Back Harness.   All Canyon Products are unconditionally guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase and best of all, they are 100% made in the USA – Bohemia, NY

    Get Strapped Fishing Tackle – GS Harness Bracket, the solution for lighter reels that aren't built with harness lugs.   Mounts onto the clamp screws on the underside of the reel.   It curves upward behind the reel and presents two openings for the harness to clamp on to.   Machined from a solid piece of 5052 aluminum alloy and then anodized – Pittsburg, CA

    Izorline Fishing Products – Products include battle tested kidney, shoulder, back-support, web and seatbelt style harnesses and regular, heavy duty and Taniguchi rod butt rests – Gardena, CA

    Ninja Fighting Belts – Anodized aluminum fighting belts with closed cell foam padding.   Several sizes are available and light tackle belts are also available.  Equipped with extra long Velcro belt, pliers pouch, and replacement nylon gimbal insert – Sumo Tackle, Oceanside, CA

    Ocean Fish Equipment – Big game fishing accessories.   Products include stand-up belts and harnesses – Pesaro, Italy

    Ocean Tackle Research – OTR produces the most advanced stand–up fishing harnesses and tackle anywhere on the planet.   The OTR stand-up harness allows the angler to exact the maximum pressure and leverage while ensuring a comfort that is unsurpassed.   Total Distribution of pull throughout the harness allows all the effort to be placed fighting the fish and not the harness – Hood River, OR

    Play Action Products – Their Fighting Belts and Rod Harnesses are used with great success for trolling, bottom fishing, stand-up fishing, live-baiting and flats fishing all over the world.   Constructed of space age polymers, their Power Grip rod belts are equipped with soft rubber padding, meaning that when pressure is applied, the belt will actually grip your clothing and not slip – Titusville, FL

    Rod Huki – Designed to attach to most stand-up, spinning and bait rods, the Rod Huki gives the angler leverage and control to help land their fish.   The Rod Huki is available in widths from 9-inches to 14-inches and gimbal diameters from 1-inch to 1-inch.   Handcrafted in the USA, the Rod Huki is designed to float, and is constructed from 6063 high strength aluminum with Armor flex padding for comfort – Bunnell, FL

    Smitty's Belts – Manufacturers of hand-crafted gimbal rod belts, harnesses and accessories.   Their belt models include the Smitty's Special, the Super Special, the Mini Special, the Big Game, the Long Range, the Day Belt, the Belly Button, and the Soft Pad.   Their product line also includes the Spyder Harness, the Smitty's Adjustable Shoulder Rest, along with a variety of rod belt and other accessories – S&S Products, Gold Hill, OR

    Viper Bob – The Fighting Gimbal™ is designed to allow anglers to fight big game fish without using a belt, harness or fighting chair.   The Fighting Gimbal™ is a stainless steel tube and pivoting gimbal assembly that fits into any standard rod holder on your boat.  Fully compliant with IGFA rules – Lake Worth, FL